Parrots Rock

Parrots Rock – A fascinating video slot with instant payments, large factors and a prize box. This is a classic 5-drum slot with three rows of pictures. Each of the images on the drums has its own value and brings a certain profit when the required number of characters coincides.


The slot machine gives free backs falling in Wilds groups and just tremendous winnings. The car really pays. The developers have allocated 30 payments, thanks to which the frequency of winnings sometimes exceeds losses. Great slot machine that relaxes well and gives a real opportunity to get a good profit.

Description of a slot machine

Parrots Rock slot machine has a classic performance. On the main screen is the drum on which the pictures are changing. In this case, they depict participants in a popular group – Utes in headphones that play on a synthesizer, drums and other tools. The rear background for the game is chosen light, namely, blue sky with lush clouds. This background symbolizes bird freedom, which indirectly reminds who is the main one here.

All controls are located below, as in all classic slots. On the left you can choose the size of the rate. The center has a button «Help» or calling a certificate, drum launch and automatic game. There is also a button for turning on and off the sound.

The functionality of the game

Parrots Rock slot machine or «Rock from parrots» Absolutely ordinary. In the machine, symbols are involved, when the user coincides, the user increases the rate by a specific number of times. Bonus characters also fall out during the game, which can lead to additional profit. Usually, when a bonus gets, the rate of the rate is doubled. He used to have a name «Risk game».


The user using buttons selects the rate of the bet and starts the rotation of the drums with an arrow. When you coincide in the line of payment of ordinary characters, the coefficient increases to 60. If wild characters fall out, for example, a drummer, a guitarist or a clanist, then the amount will double. If questions arise, then you can always find answers to them in the section «Help».

Bonus round at Parrots Rock

There is a bonus round in Parrots Rock slot machine. It opens when a special symbol falls out in an amount of 3 pieces. The bonus game usually consists in doubleting the winning amount, and the user must guess the subject. The slot ergonomically combines the usual rotation of the drums and additional functions. Dear characters fall in large icons 2×2 or 3×3.

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There is also Wild, which replace the missing in the row to form a prize combination. The loss of a bonus symbol on one of the drums brings instant winning. The more these characters will be, the greater the win, which will increase proportionally. There is also the opportunity to get free backs in the slot, which requires 2 characters Free Spins.

How to play

The game process is no different from similar automatic machines:

  1. User using buttons on the left on the panel selects the bet. He has a certain limit from 0.1 to 10 coins. Special game coins participate in the game, which exchange in the equivalent for real currency.
  2. When it is determined with the bet, it presses the button with the arrow, starting the rotation of the drums.
  3. Now you need to wait for a winning combination. The coincidence of ordinary symbols multiplies the rate to 60 times with a coefficient of 5x. When expensive characters fall out, the winnings amount increases even more, as a rule, twice.
  4. If a bonus symbol falls out, then the player receives a random prize without a coefficient. If many bonuses fall out, then a magic box with an additional prize will open, this is nothing more than a bonus game.

If the player has questions regarding the rules of the game, then they are lit in the section under the button «Help».

Parrots Rock slot machine characters

The following characters are involved in the slot that can be divided into several categories:

  • A, k give out the coefficients in the range of 15/30/60 when coincided from 3 pictures;
  • Q, j give 10/20/40;
  • Headphones and saxophone knock out coefficients 20/40/80;
  • Musculator parrots – 40/80/120.
  • The amount of maximum winnings in this slot reaches 2880 euros, and the minimum rate of 3 euros, but in fact you will put 300 euro centers, if you do not immediately increase the rate by maximum, and the maximum rate is limited to 15 euros. If a combination of three parrots knocks out with it, then the amount of the win will be maximum.

There is also a Wild symbol that replaces the missing line that is missing for the formation of a winning line and Free Spins, which gives free rotations.

RTP slot machine

The Parrots Rock slot machine is surprising to the numerous public has a relatively small percentage of payments. Its RTP is 94.5, but this does not affect the popularity of the machine. The slot is very in demand and is always busy in many online institutions. This can be connected as a beautiful design.

The main characters are feathered birds that look very funny. The presence of a bonus game and more than compensates for the lack of a return factor, so feel free to start the machine and start playing with the birds. If you are not in a hurry, you can catch good luck and get the treasured winning. Remember the bonuses that often fall out.

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