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Evoplay often pleases gambling with original and vivid developments. The game Nuke World will send players to the distant future, where unusual creatures rule the world. In the struggle for vital energy resources, many tests will have to be passed. Use an unusual weapon operating on radioactive fuel. The clarity of hits and true solutions will be generously rewarded with large coefficients and numerous bonuses. An unrealistic number of opportunities will provide symbols of the game field. The best players will receive a real jackpot if they win in battle with the leader.

You can play the Evoplay slot machine in the online casino Leovegas.

Description of a slot machine

The game will begin with a small video review, where Captain Fox with weapons in his hands tries to defeat the battleship. Further, the situation on the screen remains the same: fictional heroes stand on the sides of the drums. Around you can see a clearing with tires covered with plants, hooks from the crane and a train that is about to fall into the abyss. Despite this, the picture in general looks rather bright, the developer offers to enjoy the animated graphics with animation and spectacular effects.


The slot machine attracts not only visually. The original playing field without visible lines and many pictures is immediately striking. The video slot contains special symbols, bonus games, respons with special possibilities of elements. The main feature is also a prize system guaranteeing players frequent winnings.

The functionality of the game

The game stands out according to the built -in option Match 3, which involves the coincidences of winning combinations in any sequence of adjacent icons. The latter should fall at least five. The game field consists of 49 cells, so there are many chances of prize coincidences on seven active lines.

The slot machine, like many developments of this provider, will please a wide range of bets, which allows you to regulate the chances of big victories or enjoy frequent minimal prizes. There are control keys in the lower part, buttons for familiarization with the rules and sound settings, speed, and other options. Rounds are launched in the usual and automatic version.

Bonus round at Nuke World

The gameplay will be unrealistic exciting due to many generous chips. First — This standard Wild in the form of a skull will replace characters with suitable for victorious spins.


Enrave rounds or respons are always launched when prize combinations gather on the drums. Winning lines disappear, and new icons appear in their place. In the upper part there is an indicator filled with fuel after each successful round. If 15 cells are filled, one of the bonus tours will open:

  1. Main character — Captain Fox will shoot at the center of drums to choose a random element that also explodes for new capabilities and prizes.
  2. The character will go diagonally, launching the reincarnation of characters to Vildy.
  3. Low -paid icons will be destroyed by a laser, in their place there will appear wilds or bombs.
  4. Six random elements transform into the symbols of the wild.

During the game, four bombs standing nearby will turn into one large explosives. In case of influence with winning chains, the multiplier doubles. If it collects 9 bombs, it is possible to get a multiplier x5.

The slot machine contains the main bonus where you have to fight with the leader in order to break the real jackpot for the victory.

How to play

The variety of cells can raise questions among beginners. In fact, the gameplay is as simple as possible:

  • It is necessary to set bets from 0.1 to 500
  • Launch start — A round key in the middle

There is also an option to activate automatic rounds by pressing the button to the right of the start. The table is opened indicating the number of spins and the money limit, which is displayed at will. In the process of rounds, the player can re -press the author’s button to stop the back if necessary.

There is always an instruction at hand that you need to familiarize yourself with before you start playing for free or with money.

Nuke World slot machine characters

Wound combinations will form precious stones. The value of the prize factor depends on the color:

  • Green stone will give a win from x1 to x25
  • Red stone — from x1.2 to x35
  • Yellow stone — from x2 to 50

The highest coefficients will provide combinations of 15+ icons. Multipleers in bonus rounds will increase a substantially prize balance.

RTP slot machine

The slot machine has an RTP 96%, which is quite suitable for profitable transactions. Each spin can become victorious, thanks to avalanche rounds, transformed pictures and numerous bonuses. Already today, players can go to save the future with Captain Fox in order to feel like a real winner.

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