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The game Midas Golden Touch has long been loved by many. She came out on April 10, 2019, but managed to become one of the most popular. The gaming device includes excellent gameplay and pleasant graphics. Anyone can play the game for free using demo-mode. Below, we will tell you more about what Midas Golden Touch is, and what this game fell in love with this.

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Description of the Midas Golden Touch slot machine

The Midas Golden Touch gaming device is based on the Greek myth and the tragic life of King Midas. Just like the king of Phrygia, Midas is obsessed with wealth and luxury. He loves an account and wants everything he touches to turn into gold. In the end, this desire came true. True, when he hugged his daughter, she also turned into gold. Then the king realized that his gift is actually a curse.

For the user Midas Golden Touch, the most important thing – This is not the meaning of the game, but the desire to win as much money as possible. Moreover, the slot machine provides the opportunity to break the jack-sow in the amount of one million dollars. You can also benefit from free rotations and a jocker with a multiplier. This symbol will increase the user winning to x32 at every rotation.

Midas Golden Touch Function

The Midas Golden Touch slot machine is quite attractive and largely surpasses its competitors. Although another could not be expected from such a famous developer company. The creators of the game do not experiment with the style of decoration of slots, but adhere to the already selected direction. Thus, the user gets into an already familiar environment and knows what awaits him.

Bonus round at Midas Golden Touch

Each user who read the myth of King Midas will immediately understand that the King Midas Hand symbol is a joker. He is able to replace all symbols except Skatter. The player can also benefit, increasing the value of the multiplier, depending on how many wild characters will be involved in a winning combination. All this looks as follows:

  1. «Wild” The symbol increases the value of your multiplier to x2;
  2. «Wild» symbols increase the value of your multiplier to x4;
  3. «Wild» symbols increase the value of your multiplier to x8;
  4. «Wild» symbols increase the value of your multiplier to x16;
  5. «Wild» symbols increase the value of your multiplier to x32.

The functionality of the Midas Golden Touch gaming apparatus

Designers worked hard on the design of the Midas Golden Touch gaming machine. The slot has bright shades. The following colors are included in the color scheme:

  • Gold;
  • Yellow;
  • Orange;
  • Blue;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Violet.

It is impossible to pass by the interface. The playing field is located in the center of the screen. The control panel is located at the bottom of the device.

The standard buttons include:

  • Cash – shows the state of the account;
  • Total Win – demonstrates the size of the winnings;
  • Bet – regulates the size of the rate;
  • Line – sets the number of active lines.

On the control panel is a button for launching simple and automatic rotations. Sound settings, graphics and transition to the main menu are located on the left. In the latter, you can familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and the table of payments.

How to play Midas Golden Touch

You can play Midas Golden Touch slot from a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The gaming device is adjusted to the size of the screen, which is quite convenient. In order to start playing for real money, the user must do the following:

  • Open the official casino website on which there is a Midas Golden Touch slot;
  • Pass registration and authorization;
  • Replenish the game account;
  • Open a slot;
  • Run the machine.

Do not forget about demo versions. She will help you get used to the game and not lose your own money.


Symbols of the Midas Golden Touch gamer

The game Midas Golden Touch would not be so interesting if not for numerous special characters. Particular attention should be paid to the pictures indicated below:

  1. Wild symbol. Presented by the king’s hands. During the loss, it changes other symbols and increases the winnings multiplier;
  2. Tsar Midas – This is the highest paid symbol. Its multiplier reaches x75;
  3. Skatter. The symbol looks like a stone building with columns and a gold door. During the loss, it activates a bonus game.

Users should pay special attention to these symbols, since it is they who help to increase the winnings several times.

RTP gamer Midas Golden Touch

Midas Golden Touch slot machine is characterized by high RTP rates – 97.5%. Thanks to this, the game gained such popularity. Many players have already managed to get a major win, and someone has to experience happiness. In any case, Midas Golden Touch makes it possible to get a large amount of money without leaving home.

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