Marching Legion

Relax Gaming Game collection allows gambling as much as possible. Having launched the Marching Legion slot machine, the players will become real warriors and will be accepted into the ranks of the Roman army. Rest will be accompanied by bold soldiers, march, spectacular battles. But most players will attract profitable bonuses, special symbols, respins. Diversify the vacation is really at any moment by buying a bonus function. Profitable rounds are provided to everyone, which is easy to verify, playing for free on the sites of reliable casino.

Description of a slot machine

On the screen, players will notice Roman structures corresponding to the thematic direction. The graphics are made in a cartoon style, the picture looks pretty spectacular, the provider clearly drawn every detail. The gameplay will be accompanied by the musical track of the epic direction, which even more immerses in Roman history with military themes.

Relax Gaming

The playing field looks at the same time simple and original. The cells will be filled with pictures at which the player looks from above. There are no familiar wild and scatter in the slot, but there is a function of freespins, launching different modes for varying the chances of victory and organizing a comfortable game.

The functionality of the game

The game field is 5 drums with 15 cells. In the latter, the icons will appear, forming winning combinations, starting with three identical coincidences. Payments are possible according to 243 methods. Formation begins with the first left drum.

Almost immediately, even newcomers can join the Roman legion, thanks to a simple and understandable control panel. It contains the settings keys, informative data, the sound adjustment panel and parameters. Ordinary characters on drums are complemented by partial legionnaires who have prize capabilities.

Bonus round at Marching Legion

In each round, you can count on the appearance of partial warriors. They will push other icons, bringing the launch of a bonus tour. If such a picture is already present, the option does not work. As soon as the legionnaires take the entire field, a bonus tour with marches, respin and other prize capabilities launches:

  • Elements after each back move to one position to the left
  • A new picture that appears on the drums turns into a bonus

Rounds continue until partial legionnaires leave the playing field. Players can count on repeated respins and frispins.

Frispins are launched when the meter of collection of elements is filled. In the process of freespins, the player will play on average values ​​due to the casino. Free rounds pass in waves: first a stack of legionnaires appears with the transformation of other icons into marching. Each wave of FS begins with additional fibergal icons. At the last stage, marching warriors will cover all drums. Players can move on to a new wave, collecting certain pictures.

Relax Gaming

Players may not wait for activation of a bonus function and collect a certain number of icons. Bonus rangs can really buy by paying 120 times more bets in a normal back. There will be more chances to collect a lot of prizes. At the same time, it is worth considering that the acquisition of a bonus will reduce one percent of the RTP indicator.

You can play the Relax Gaming slot machine in the online casino Aviator.

How to play

Play «Marching legions» You can from any device, starting the top casino site. Enjoying the spectacular screensaver, it is possible to immediately move on to familiarization with the rules and settings of options. After that, it’s time to move on to the game process, for which it is necessary:

  1. Put bets from 0.1 to 100 coins
  2. Run drums in normal or automatic mode

In the process of ordinary spins, after each stop, the player should review the bets and change them at will. Authorities are also tuned manually: after bets, the number of spins from 10 to 1000 is selected. Further, the rounds pass without the participation of the player at the same values. Successful outcomes will be accompanied by driving sound and effects, motivating for further right solutions. The maximum rates will provide the highest rewards, while it is worth always taking into account the risks.

Marching Legion slot machine characters

Elements corresponding to the topics will appear on the slot machine drums. These are white and green warriors, swords, Roman signs. Winning combinations are formed with two or more coincidences, depending on the type of icon. It is possible to receive payments on 243 possible lines. Details and a detailed description can be found in the payment table.

RTP slot machine

RTP Slot machine Marching Legion is 98.12%. When buying a bonus, the indicator will be 97.12%. Such a high RTP guarantees profitable rounds in the fight for the maximum multiplier X10000.

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