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Want to visit an Italian restaurant? Launch the Mamma Mia slot machine, released in 2011 by the famous Betsoft Gaming. The game allows you to enjoy magnificent dishes as much as possible. Thanks to the original graphics and sound accompaniment, players will be able to not only be in the kitchen, but even hear an unsurpassed aroma. The pleasure is guaranteed to everyone, because the slot includes thoughtful functionality, bonus games, special symbols everything that is needed for large -scale victories.

You can play the BetSoft slot machine in the online casino Bet365.

Description of a slot machine

The slot machine is decorated in the form of Italian cuisine. In the foreground is the main character of a cook, who is as passionate as possible with cooking. Players from the first seconds feel all notes of this atmosphere. This is facilitated by three -dimensional graphics, thought out detailed design, sound accompaniment with boiling and boiling pots. The best results will be rewarded with motivational exclamation: Mom Mia!


On the pans where the dishes are prepared, the settings keys are located. If desired, it is possible to independently design the gameplay, set the level of sound, change some options.

Profitable ordinary rounds are accompanied by prizes. Players will observe special elements, get into the bonus round, increase the balance of prize with the help of an unusual Vild option if desired. There is no progressive jackpot here, but it is quite possible to become the owner of a fixed meal in the amount of 1035900.

The functionality of the game

The playing field is made according to the scheme 53 with 30 non -fixed lines. The player needs to collect prize chains in active lanes, having previously affixed coins. Bids are affixed «+» and «-». If you want to bring the chances of obtaining fixed jackpot, it is possible to put the highest values ​​with one click on Max Bet.

The gameplay can be varyed by various rounds:

  • Ordinary when, after stopping the drums, the player can change the size of the set values ​​and the number of lines.
  • Automatic drums rotate at the same rate until the player decides to change the values.

Rounds can be combined using their own victorious tactics.

Bonus round in Mamma Mia

The game includes the original Looking Wild function. The player can fix the wild symbol anywhere, while Wild will perform the usual replacement function. The option is canceled when a bonus-picture falls on the field and launches a bonus round:

  • The covers will be sent to the round, where the player needs to open the dishes prepared by the master. The prizes differ, and the task of collecting as many winnings as possible.
  • Three elements with the image of birds will launch the cooking tour. In another window, the player will have to prepare a masterpiece Italian pizza from many ingredients with a certain multiplier so that the culinary critic appreciates the work to the dignity. The branded dish will be tasty and profitable if the user gets as many high -paid products as possible. The number of flipins is determined randomly.

It is worth being prepared to experience a lot of emotions, because the restaurant critic is ruthless, and will evaluate the work according to four criteria.

How to play

The game panel is presented in the original format, as in all developments of this provider. The inscriptions on the buttons are intuitive, so the players will not be difficult:

  1. Choose a coin face value
  2. Determine the number of game lines
  3. Make bets
  4. Run the drums

It is important to familiarize yourself with the rules, a table of payments, where all values, description of bonus rounds are presented before rounds.


The cost of coins varies from 0.01 to 1, the rates on the line are accepted in the range from 1 to 5. The lines are activated from 1 to 30 in an odd manner. Prize combinations are formed when three or more identical elements coincide, starting from the left first drum. The win will be the amount of the rate multiplied by the table coefficient. The higher the rate, the more real to disrupt the largest jackpot. Thus, players can change strategies, given the risks and allocated their own limit.

Mamma Mia slot machine symbols

Mamma Mia slot machine contains the following characters:

  • A board with a knife
  • wine
  • pot
  • newspaper
  • dish
  • Restaurant critics
  • cook

The latter is the most profitable: five of his coincidences will increase the player’s rate 2500 times. More characters should be expected in a bonus round. Picks of olives, cheese, sausages, fish, tomato, pepper will have to collect pizza. Each element has a certain indicator of the multiplier, which can be found in the payment table.

RTP slot machine

RTP slot machine is 93.46%, high volatility.

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