Lucky Clover

Clover with replacement function, progressive jackpots and large winnings are presented in the Lucky Clover slot machine from ISoftbet. The slot has three classic drums. Differs with a pleasant graphics, a comfortable interface and high return. As a bonus, fiberglated wilds and cartridges of cash prizes are offered.

Description of a slot machine

The Lucky Clover slot houses 3 drums with three rows of characters. Prize combinations are collected from the same pictures that fall on 5 active lines. Volatility and recoil are established at an average level. The winnings are issued by the coefficients that multiply the rate.

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Range of bets

0.25 – 25 coins

The maximum prize


The size of the machine


Prize tracks

5 (always active)

The level of volatility


Configured recoil



There are


fifteen – 1,000

The functionality of the game

The Lucky Clover interface consists of numerous keys. All of them have standard design, as in other slots of ISoftBet. With their help, players gain access to the following functionality:

  • turning on/off sound;
  • History of bets and winnings;
  • automatic settings (various modifications, language, display, etc.D.);
  • Payment table;
  • drum launch;
  • automatic version;
  • Choosing a bet;
  • full screen mode.

Functionality is extensive and provides comfortable gameplay.

Bonus round at Lucky Clover

As a bonus, Lucky Clover offers built -in jackpot with a progressive value. It increases with the bets made. Is played automatically when three diamonds fall out. The higher the face value, the greater the percentage of the accumulated amount the player receives.

Another Lucky Clover slot function is associated with clover. If it occupies a whole drum, then it is endowed with the function of Wild. Due to this, it can replace any paid characters and multiply their winnings by 2 times. And if all the drums take clover, then a three -time payment is awarded from all collected combinations.

How to play

Lucky Clover has a simplified control. All gameplay boils down to scrolling drums and collecting prize combinations. Existing bonuses are activated and work automatically.

The drums are launched by pressing a gap or a central key with the image of an arrow. You can change the size of the rate in a special menu opened by a pile of coins. Automatic mode is adjusted through the button «Arrows with a triangle».

Lucky Clover slot machine characters

Lucky Clover presents a whole set of characters found in many classic machines. They received various multipliers bets issued from prize combinations. Some pictures are endowed with bonus functions:

  1. Bar signs. The symbol has three varieties (single, double and triple). Everyone can form their own combinations with winnings at 25/50/100 bets. And if one symbol of all types falls out, then the multiplier X15 is issued.
  2. Seven. There are three multi -colored seven (blue, white and green). They create their own combinations on the prize ways and give out winnings from 200 to 400 bets.
  3. Clover. A rare symbol with a multiplier X1000. He also activates a bonus function with a multiplier.
  4. Diamond. Activates the built -in jackpot.

Combinations are formed only on the paid ways and can consist of 3 identical characters. Clover, endowed with Wild function helps in their creation.

RTP slot machine

ISOFTBet slots are known for their high return. The Lucky Clover RTP coefficient is – 95.56%. Very good importance, providing the ability to go into plus and get large winnings.

The settings of the observed slot indicate that most often it pays for investments at medium distances (300 – 500 spins). Therefore, we recommend focus on this number of rounds. And if you want to break the jackpot, you will have to play even more rotations.

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