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Spinomenal first showed its new European Roulette VIP project in 2017. It can be compared with a classic roulette, because there is everything you need for the game. Its features include the size of the minimum rate. The player can put from $ 1, which reveals great opportunities for him in terms of using various winning statistics.

By the way, the maximum rate is $ 500, which suggests that you can use the tactics of doubleting when playing red/black. The game has a convenient recognizable interface and simple management. If you previously played a classic European roulette, then you will not find anything new in this version.


Description of roulette

The gambling of European Roulette VIP has a classic external design. In fact, this is a standard roulette with the usual design of the game field. On a large green table is the field of 12×3 cells of red and black colors. On the left on the main screen there are three buttons: settings, exit from the game and v./Obt. accompanying music.

At the bottom of the screen are the closing buttons, returning back, auto -game, step forward and rotation of the roulette. 5 rates of bets are available to the player, which can be made with one button: $ 5, $ 10, $ 0.01, $ 0.02 and $ 0.05. If you need to put $ 100, then you need to press the button «ten» 10 times. Fields with numbers and coefficients are similar to all other rouletches. The player will receive the maximum gain if a specific number guesses. If it falls «0», then the course is missed, and the rate of the rate remains at the bank bank.

The functionality of the game

As for the functionality of the European roulette, it is extremely simple. If the user guesses the number, getting into the sector or a number, then his bet is multiplied by the corresponding specific position coefficient. If he falls on the precisely indicated number, then the player receives the maximum winning. As a rule, then a multiplier is used 35 to 1. If the figure enters the column, then the coefficient of 17 and T. D. It is important to get into the sectors and on the number, then the game will be in the plus.


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Many users have developed for themselves working strategies with which they raise decent amounts, but do not forget about the restrictions. Yes, in this roulette there is a maximum rate of the bet, due to which players often endure the funds in the game account.

Bets and coefficients

There is no bonus game in a roulette, as in a slot machine, but it has many variants of the multipliers that depend on the player’s bet that he made. For a convenient choice of the multiplier, the entire field is divided into sectors, each of them gives out a certain multiplier for further calculation of the rate. Below are options for oral rates:

  • Neighbours – when the player calls this word, the croupier bets on 3 numbers, one is called any and one each to the left and right of him on the wheel.
  • Orphans – If the user calls this bet, then the dealer puts on sectors from 17 to 6 and from 1 to 9, that is, he makes two bets.
  • Series 5/8 or Tier – The rate is made on a small series, the number is selected from the sector 27-33.
  • Big-Series 0/2/3 – Bet on a large series, the number is selected in the range from 22 to 25.
  • 0-Spile – Zero or Zero-Shpil, the number is selected in the range from 15 to 12.

How to play

The process of playing roulette is not much more complicated than in an ordinary slot machine with drums. To play a party or one twisting, you need:

  • First select the rate using the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the screen, while indicating the color or specific number. There are many strategies, for example, you can put on a sector, a certain number or only color on the choice.
  • Next, you need to click on the rotation button of the roulette that launches the ball and the wheel.
  • When the roulette stops, the dealer announces the number and color, then the rate is worked out in accordance with the coincidence. If the user guesses the number and color, then he receives a 37-fold increase in his bet.
  • If a different number falls, then the rate remains in the casino bank.
  • If it falls «Zero», then the money is burned.

Additional rates in roulette

In addition to the main ones, there are also additional rates in roulette that act in specific situations. For example, when the number falls out, but in the sector at which the rate was made, the largest figure is less than the bet. In this she switches to Spilt, if more Split, then switches to Street.

This is done to increase the number of chances to win the player. If you remove this opportunity, then they quickly drain all their capital. Roulette – This is a dangerous gambling game in which users often lose large sums. To prevent this from happening to you, it is recommended to play in demonstration mode. This will allow you to study all the features of the game well and develop a certain strategy.

RTP roulette

Each slot machine and a board game where you need to spend money on bets have a parameter as RTP. This is the part of the percentage that was played and returned to the user. But everything actually depends on the game itself and the chosen tactics. The ball falls according to the ignorant law from anyone.

In this game, it is 97.3%, which is much more than in many machines. Moreover, there are no such numbers in the slots at all, so if you want to play the gambling game and not lose money, it is better to do it with a roulette. If you are tired of manually starting the rotation of the roulette, then you can activate the automatic mode.

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