Dragons Clusterbuster

Multi -colored dragons and jewelry are waiting for players who included the Dragons Clusterbuster machine from Red Tiger Gaming. The slot has unique bonuses and numerous additions. Wins in it are gathering through the Cluster Pays system and reach 7931.2 rates per round. There are also jackpots of various types.

You can play the Red Tiger slot machine in the online casino Slottica.

Red Tiger

Description of a slot machine

The Dragons Clusterbuster slot is endowed with 9 drums with the same number of rows with symbols. Prizes here are created by clusters. Volatility and RTP are installed at an average level. The winnings are issued in the form of multipliers of a common bet.



Range of bets

0.1 – 20 coins

The maximum prize

7931.2 rates

The size of the machine


Payments lines

Cluster Pays



Return to the player



There are

Multiplication of the bet

0.1 – 50

The functionality of the game

There are many ordinary and bonus functions in the Dragons Clusterbuster machine. The first are needed to control. Activated by keys located at the edges. They allow:

  • set the size of the rate;
  • play in the automatic version;
  • increase the speed of drums;
  • include single rounds;
  • Open the table of payments/certificate;
  • go to full -screen mode;
  • tune sound;
  • go to the main page of the casino.

The keys with these capabilities have the same type as in other machines from Red Tiger. Near them are information windows. They display balance, winnings and the selected rate.

Bonus functions of the Dragons Clusterbuster machine gun

There are many functions in Dragons Clusterbuster. They are activated from winning clusters and destruction of dragon eggs. Each helps to receive additional prizes.

Red Tiger

Chain reaction

Activated from any winning cluster. Destroys the victorious symbols, freeing a place for other pictures. They can bring additional winnings. In this case, the bonus continues its work.

Awakening of the eyes of the dragon

The Dragons Clusterbuster automatic is endowed with three random functions. At the beginning of the game they are blocked. To open them, you need to break the dragon eggs that appear in the middle of the drums. They are destroyed from winning clusters forming near them. The egg activates one of the functions:

  1. Blue Dragon. A dragon flies over the drums that destroys card symbols. After them, only high -paid images appear.
  2. Green Dragon. Adds a random amount of Wild (up to 20). They participate in the creation of prize combinations.
  3. Lilac dragon. Adds winnings from X2 to X100.

Functions are activated randomly in any of the rounds. Can be launched together and separately.

Free Spins

To go to the bonus, break the fiery egg with the inscription «Free Spins». It appears in the center after the opening of all the bonus functions described above. Awards to players 10 bonus rounds.

During the bonus, the chances of activating random functions are significantly increased. Upon completion of all frespins, a fiery egg appears. If you break it, new rounds will be accrued.


There are two types of jackpots built into Dragons Clusterbuster. Progressive – collects from the bets made. TIMED – grows from the contributions and is guaranteed to play until a certain date.

The draw starts from 3 or more symbols «Jackpot». A wheel appears on the screen. It spins and determines which of the proposed jackpots will be winning.

How to play

The Dragons Clusterbuster slot has the most simple rules and functionality. It is quite easy to play it, you will only need:

  1. Choose the size of the bet. It is tuned in the section «Bid» buttons – and +.
  2. Determine the speed. You can play in standard mode or press «Turbo» and start accelerated scrolling.
  3. Run the drums. A single round is activated through a gap or button «Arrows». Automatic game is included in the section «Auto».

Rounds bring winnings if clusters appear in them. They are created from the same characters (at least 5 pieces), contacting each other vertically or horizontally.

Speech machine symbols Dragons Clusterbuster

There are 15 characters in Dragons Clusterbuster. All received unique images from the manufacturer. Also differ in the frequency of appearance and issued awards. They are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Low -paid. The group includes 5 card characters (10, J, Q, K, A). Differ in an increased frequency of loss. Bring minimal multiplications from 0.1 to 10.
  2. Highly paid. 4 pictures are suitable for this category (scroll, daggers, power, crown). Their clusters bring large winnings in the amount of 0.3 to 50 rates.
  3. Bonus. This group includes 6 images: W – replaces all paid characters; Free Spins – activates free rounds; Eggs of purple/green/blue dragons – activate bonus options; Jackpot – includes a bonus with a jackpot draw.

The first two types of characters give out winnings from clusters. Bonus images have dimensions 3*3 and appear in turn. The exception is Wild (W), which helps to create a combo.

RTP slot machine

The game Dragons Clusterbuster has a percentage of returns below average. The approximate value is 93.79% (indicated in «Reference»). It includes wins from spins and built -in jackpots.

Return to Player coefficient in Dragons Clusterbuster indicates low chances of playing bets. Because of this, getting into plus from clusters will be quite problematic. But if you wait for bonuses, then there is a probability of obtaining large winnings.

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