Cupids Scratch

The SPINOMENAL CUPIDS SCRATCH slot machine is a very popular gambling, which is available in many online casinos throughout the globe. This provider represents a huge number of various games to its users, and the next is not very different from these, but only from other developers.

You can play the SPINOMENAL slot machine online casino Most Bet.


This slot is designed in the genre of love and cartoons, so those users who are often fond of animated cartoons will like more. The slot works equally high quality both on mobile phones and computers. The players provide 200 payments of payments, which indicates a high degree of probability of winning, but at the same time RTP is only 94.5%, in other sources this indicator is 97.19%.

Description of a slot machine

This is a classic slot, which consists of 5 drums of 3 lines on each of them. It has a standard visual design, that is, the drums are located on the main screen in the center. There are three buttons, return home, settings and turning on or disconnecting background music to the left of them.

From below, traditionally, there are buttons for choosing the size of the rate, starting the rotation of drums, calling the certificate and activation of the automatic game. Everything is intuitively clear that any beginner can quickly get used to it and quickly start playing. Bets are made by internal gaming coins that are purchased for the equivalent amount of money. The size of the minimum rate is $ 0.2. You can put $ 200 as much as possible.

The functionality of the game

The Cupids Scratch slot machine has 3 rows of pictures and 5 drums, respectively, the developers allocated 20 winning lines. This forms a relatively low, but rather tangible RTP in 94.5 %. By modern indicators for the slot, this is too little, so the developers equipped the slot machine with numerous bonuses, more than a non -percentage of the return.


Plus, in the machine, there is a bonus game and an incredible maximum multiplier of 4000. The bonus game is activated when the special bonus symbols fall out. The user has the opportunity to significantly increase his capital, which makes the game even more exciting and saturated with pleasant moments.

Bonus round at Cupids Scratch

As in many other slot machines, a bonus round in Cupids Scratch is launched when certain conditions are met. In particular, bonus symbols must fall out a certain number of times in a row.

When this happens, the player has a chance to increase his winnings with a positive outcome of events by a certain number of times. The amount of the winning depends on the face value of the fallen characters, but when falling with conventional signs of the Wild symbol, the winnings are formed regardless of the type of pictures between them. Bonus game consists in issuing gifts to 5 amazing bears. On the left on the screen shows a list of all gifts and there is a rotation start button.

How to play

The process of playing the video slots Cupids Scratch is quite simple and is no different from the same in other machines. The following actions must be performed:

  1. First select the size of the bet buttons «+» and «-». The developers have provided the possibility of choosing a rate of 20 cents in equivalent for coins.
  2. At the bottom of the screen in the center there is a combined button for starting rotation, calling a certificate and turning on the automatic mode of the game. The user presses the start button or machine, if he does not want to press it on his own every time.
  3. If a winning combination falls out, the amount will be accrued in accordance with the current coefficient.
  4. During the game there are different special characters that give free rotation. For example, a heart giving user 1 spin.

Cupids Scratch slot machine characters

The following types of characters are involved in the Cupids Scratch slot machine:

  • Letters K, Q, J, A;
  • 2 glasses with a drink;
  • hearts giving 1 spin;
  • Bear with an inflatable heart – will please the coefficient X160;
  • prince – issues the multiplier X200;
  • wedding ring – forms the multiplier X160;
  • Princess – users are provided with a multi -library x200.

Special symbols are involved:

  • Freespins;
  • Scatter Symbols;
  • Bonus Game;
  • Chets Tool;
  • Award on no-win;
  • Wild.

Traditionally, the Wild symbol replaces the missing for the winning line. The loss of simple letters forms a reduced multiplier. If a bonus symbol falls on each of the drums, a bonus game starts.

RTP slot machine

Each slot machine has an indicator such as RTP. This is a value expressed in a percentage, expressing that part of the amount spent, which will ultimately return back. For some sources, it is 94.5 %, in others more than 97 %, that there are a lot. This suggests that the remaining 4.5% in any case will earn a casino where you play the machine.

But in order to get your 94.5 %, it is necessary to produce at least 180 rotations. It is for this reason that it is recommended to first play in demonstration mode, then go into the game mode for real money. Slots – These are gambling associated with large costs and small payments.

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