Age of the Gods

Age of the Gods slot machine was inspired by Greek mythology. The drums are located on a beautiful background: grief of Olympus, which attracts the attention of many users. This game develops quite quickly and gains more and more fans. It has 4 different functions of free spins (one for each protagonist): Athens, Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules. We will tell you more about Age of the Gods in this article.


Description of the Age of the Gods slot machine

The slot machine has 5 drums. 3 rows and 20 wins of payments. The user can make rates from 2 to 100 dollars per back. The game is supported on any device, including on a mobile phone. The player will receive a random bonus winning in 10s during the main game.

The main attraction of the game – 4 different functions of free spins, since every god gives a special force that helps to win 5 thousand times more bets.

Functionality of the game Age of the Gods

The gaming device has a non -standard interface. Most of the elements are under the drums. It is there that the player can indicate the desired rate of the rate, turn on the authentication or turbojet. By pressing the button «Info», You can familiarize yourself with the rules. A detailed certificate of the game machine is located on the menu, which is located in the upper corner on the right. Beside – Sound control button.

Bonus round Age of the Gods

There are not many bonuses in the main game, since Age of the Gods is dedicated to a carefully thought -out bonus round of free spins. Despite this, there is a bonus winning, which is 10 times higher than the rate. To activate it is necessary to get one of four gods or Aphrodite on one line of payments in any order.

Regardless of what function the player will receive, he will still start with 9 spins. Every God brings a superpower to this function:

  • Athena – the goddess of wisdom and war. Gives a multiplier of 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x, which increases the winnings in each back;
  • Zeus – King, God of Heaven. Increases the multiplier by 1 for every three backs;
  • Poseidon – It shoots lightning from the trident, thanks to which it turns up to five random characters into Wild symbols with every free back;
  • Hercules falls out in the form of a folded wild on an average drum, which allows the user to get a good payment.

The functionality of the gaming apparatus

Age of the Gods is breathtaking and does not allow to relax for a minute. The slot machine provides a chance not only to experience real adrenaline, but also to get a large amount of money. If you are a beginner and are afraid to bet on, then use the demo version of Age of the Gods.

You can play the PlayTech slot machine in the online casino Vivaro.


In addition, the opportunity to play a slot without registration and replenish a deposit – This is a great opportunity to get comfortable and understand what’s what. This is especially true for bonuses and jackpots. So the user receives confidence in his abilities and with a calm soul can start playing for real cash.

How to play

The version of the Age of the Gods slot can be found on the Internet. It will not be difficult to figure out the game. In addition, she supports all popular languages ​​of the world. The control panel is standard for most recent models of this version of the game. There are separate buttons in order to select a bet, start and complete your backs, start an auto game or turbojet. The current amount of the jackpot is indicated over the drum (only during the game for real money). If the drain -user relied on a real loan, then he will see statistics.

Symbols of the gaming apparatus

The highest paid symbol – Wild Symbol with a golden wreath behind him. Other symbols have a higher value. They are based on famous Greek gods. In this case, Athena is the most powerful character, unlike Zeus. One way or another, the user needs from three to five matching characters on the payment line. So he can win.

We offer to familiarize yourself with the payout table:

character `s name


Wild is a symbol

500 times the player’s bet for 5 on the payment line


50 times higher than the rate for 5 on the payment line

Zeus and Poseidon

25 times more rates for 5 on the payment line


20 times more rates for 5 on the payment line

Aphrodite and Hades

15 times more rates for 5 on the payment line


AT 12.5 times more rates for 5 on the payment line

Q, K and A

AT 7.5 times more rates for 5 on the payment line

RTP slot machine

RTP in the Age of the Gods game slot above the average in the industry. This is due to four progressive jackpots. This makes the game suitable for all users. RTP is 98.9%. And the largest jackpot can really turn the player’s life upside down.

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