4 Horsemen

One of the most popular game slots from the Spinomenal developer was 4 Horsemen. This is an exciting virtual slot machine that will send the player straight to the era of knights. He has to witness interesting historical events and take a direct part in their development.

The game has a pleasant visual design, well -thought -out mechanics and a clear interface for managing all functions. The machine was introduced in 2021 and became one of the favorite in many online casinos. This is due more with unusual design and general course of the game. 4 Horsemen – A good way to have a good time and get a lot of positive emotions and delight from it.


You can play the SPINOMENAL slot machine online casino 1win aviator.

Description of a slot machine

4 Horsemen – The drum slot, in which a slightly different method of rotation of symbols is implemented, which is why the machine has become much more interesting. Players will have to witness the events of knightly times. Take part in the formation of a fascinating story that delays its confusing.

In the design, developers applied mainly dark tones to create the most comfortable atmosphere for the game. There are 5 drums in the main region of the screen. The first and last drums contain three cells with symbols. 2, 3 and 4th drums – 4 cells. In total, 18 options are obtained. In addition to standard characters, increased, great value, periodically fall out. In the lower area of ​​the screen, the main controls in the form of buttons are located directly under the drums «Bid +, -», «Info», rotation arrow and button «Auto».

The functionality of the game

As mentioned earlier, this is a classic slot machine, which has standard functions with the exception of a changed number of characters on drums. The game takes place standardly, the rate is selected, the user starts rotation and expects coincidence on the winning lines.

The machine has functions:

  • During the game, the slot gives bonuses, mega-symbols, frispins and instant prizes;
  • gives out large factors, which leads to a significant win;
  • In total, the machine has 30 winning lines;
  • The minimum rate is from 0.3 to 300 coins;
  • the percentage of recoil is 94.5% of the point.

To make the game process more exciting, the developers added automatically changing animation, which depends on the events occurring on the screen. The device has low volatility and bonus option.

Bonus round in 4 Horsemen

There are bonuses in every game slot. This is a mandatory option, thanks to which an automatic machine with a low percentage of payments becomes profitable. The developers deliberately lowered the percentage of payments for the sake of a bonus option, which made it more in demand. Thanks to it, players more often receive prize combinations and at the expense of them pay off the bets made.


The developers equipped the slot of at least 40 bonus games, thanks to which playing the slot is much more interesting, since users more often receive unexpected winnings. For example, a combination of 2×2 or 3×3 characters may fall on three central drums, which will automatically lead to the formation of a winning situation. Also, a player with certain combinations receives 10 free rotations, a random winning winning combinations from ordinary pictures.

How to play

The rules of the game in the slot 4 horsemen are no different from a similar machine with another name. The player acts in the following order:

  1. To play money, you need to replenish the game account. You can do this through the corresponding section of the site in several ways.
  2. Using buttons «Stavka +/-» Selects the value of the first bet to start the game.
  3. The button with the arrow launches the rotation of the drums.
  4. If a wild bonus symbol falls out or a line of payments out of 30 coincides, then the player is translated by winning. It is necessary from 2 coincidences.
  5. If there are no coincidences, the rate loses.
  6. If desired, you can turn on the auto game mode.

During the game, bonus rotations fall out. They can be used immediately.

Slot machine symbols 4 horsemen

When the combinations with them are falling out, the user increases his winning or receives a random payment. The presence of many bonus options makes this slot more profitable against the background of a low percentage of return. Consider this symbols:

  • Mega Symbols. The situation is considered advantageous when symbols with an increased size of 2×2 or 3×3 fall on the central drums. If this happens that the prize combination is automatically formed.
  • Stacked Wilds. This is a wild symbol, if it falls simultaneously on the 1st and 5th drums, then the remaining three no longer play a meaning. A winning combination is formed.
  • Bonus symbol. This is a guaranteed instant winning. The amount of replenishment of the account depends on the number indicated in the picture.

The remaining characters when coincided from 3:

  • J/Q – Changes the multiplier x10/x20/x40;
  • K/a – The multipliers of x15/x30/x60 are installed;
  • scull – multipliers x20/x40/x80;
  • Blue knight – The multipliers x30/x60/x120 are installed;
  • Golden Knight – x40/x80/x150;
  • Wild – Changes all symbols and gives the multiplier X150;
  • Free Spins – Free rotations.

RTP slot machine

Slot machine 4 Horsemen has a relatively small percentage of return, only 94.5%, but this is not critical. The developers added many bonus cases to the game, due to which the slot has become quite advantageous. That is why he gained such high popularity and entered the top of the best.

Plus, almost all characters give out a decent multiplier to increase the bet, which is also very pleasant with an unexpected coincidence. The maximum coefficient is 150 if there is a Wild symbol on all 5 drums. Many players have already evaluated the possibilities with this automatic and play only in it. Here you can get everything, first disappointment, and then indescribable delight from winning.

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