Setting Up An Air Dribble And Performing Them - A Guide With Yukeo



Sat 11th Apr 2020 - 6:23pm

It's easy to overlook more advanced mechanics because of how important the basics are. Sure, ceiling shot double taps are impressive and so are flip reset shots but what is the purpose of those if the fundamental mechanics of the game can get you through on their own?

Air dribbling is no exception, especially for those lower ranks. Thankfully, we have the help of Maurice "Yukeo" Weihs to answer some questions regarding the importance of setting up and performing your air dribbles for any rank.


How Effective Are They?

Sure, they can look flashy, but how effective are they as a prime mechanic? According to Yukeo, "Air dribbles can be very effective. Being able to control the ball in the air will give you a lot of advantages and you will need to learn them in the future no matter what. It can be executed in any rank."

Plain and simply, air dribbles are most certainly important. If you are able to pull off a good air dribble consistently then you are already at a major advantage in comparison to other players in your game. That is the main thing though; consistency is key. Setting up your air dribbles is a huge part of the whole process.

How to Perform an Air Dribble

The set-up is crucial for pulling off an air dribble. As Yukeo states, "The first touch is the most important. If you roll the ball up the wall you need to get the timing right, you want to hit it right after the ball rolls up the curve, so that you can pop it high into the middle (of the field)." 

He follows up this point by saying, "You also want to jump right after so that you are not too far behind the ball. Keeping at the same pace as the ball will also help you control the ball better. Tapping the boost, and in general good boost usage, is very important."

For a great visual representation of how to do as Yukeo says, the Dignitas Rocket League coach John "Virge" Willis has a video explaining how to set up an air dribble in detail with supporting visuals.


 (Credit: Virge - YouTube)

So what about factors such as speed and where you should hit the ball? Is there a certain speed you need to be moving at? What about the part of the ball you need to hit whilst guiding it through the air? Well, t answer that question, Yukeo briefly states, "You will want to hit the ball from the underside to pop it high."

As for your speed, Yukeo says, "You don't even need to have a lot of speed to set up a good air dribble from the wall. The most important thing is the timing and I personally would just use a little bit of boost right before popping the ball up."

Don't let that fool you, though! You will most definitely require a good amount of boost while you are air dribbling, or else you will not be going far at all.

So, in terms of setting up an air dribble from the wall, remember these key points:

  • The timing of your first hit off the wall is the most important
  • Stay at the same pace as the ball so you can follow it in the air more easily
  • Feather your boost whilst in the air for more control
  • Hit the ball from the underside to keep it up high and above your car.
  • You don't have to be going supersonic or too fast to set an air dribble up.

Ground Air Dribbles

Ground dribbles are a different animal in terms of setting them up. To explain it better than I could, Yukeo answers, "In order to set up an air dribble from the ground, you need to have the ball bouncing. You want to hit the ball and jump at the same time right after the ball bounces, so that you can pop the ball up, create momentum and also be right behind the ball."

Because it can be hard to visualise, here is another video showcasing how to air dribble from the ground and so on.

(Credit: Thanovic - YouTube)

 Which Is Easier?

So, off the wall or off the ground? Is there an easier way to set up an air dribble between the two? According to Yukeo, "I personally think an air dribble off the wall is easier, because the set-up is easier to do. Rolling the ball up the wall is easier than setting up the ball from the ground, because it needs to bounce."

So, in a nutshell, the lower ranks should probably focus primarily on air dribbles from the wall. As you become confident with those then make sure to try it off the ground. There are a lot of custom training packs available to you which will help both forms of set ups.

Air Dribbles and Boost

As I mentioned before, you will need some boost spare if you are wanting to perform an air dribble. In case you were wondering about specifics, Yukeo expands by saying, "I would only recommend to go for air dribbles, if you have less than 50 boost, when you are confident to make something good out of it. You can always end up faking a touch and 50/50 it with the opponent whenever you don't have enough boost."

Let's assume that you have run very low on boost at the end of an air dribble. When asked if a flip reset might be wise for further momentum, Yukeo replied, "I think going for a 50/50 is safer than attempting a flip reset with that boost amount. But if you are able to do flip resets consistently it is definitely a good possibility."

Just with every mechanic, go for it when you feel perfectly comfortable with it.

Yukeo's Top Tips 

With all of the points covered regarding successful air dribble set ups and performances, we asked Yukeo for his top tips regarding the whole topic. He responded:

"My top tips for effective air dribbles are practising good boost management and keeping the same pace as the ball by tapping the boost. Freeplay and training packs are the best ways to learn air dribbles and making sure you understand where you have to hit the ball to keep the ball in the air. There is no limit in how long you can keep up the ball. Also, once you understand where and how you have to hit the ball to keep the ball up you should focus on the set-up, as without a good set up you won't be able to do it in game."

Be sure to train your air dribbles regularly. As we made clear, air dribbles can be very effective when implemented into your gameplay, so be sure not to overlook this mechanic! It may very well just be your ticket to reaching your next rank.