Interview with DIG PUBG Player, Adam



Sat 22nd Dec 2018 - 4:46pm

After a long break for the whole PUBG scene, there's been a lot of action the past few weeks regarding tournaments. Dignitas finished 2nd at the OGA PUBG Pit tournament and 6th at the most recent GLL LAN Finals. With this performance, roster changes, and the release of a new map called "Vikendi", we decided that it was time to catch up with one of our favorite players Adam "Adam" Didiano.

Hi Adam, congratulations on your 2nd place at the OGA PUBG Pit as well as a 6th place at GLL Season 3 Finals. What did you think of your performances?

Adam: Thank you very much. I’d like to believe our second place finish in the OGA PUBG Pit was a great way to see off my former teammates Gustav and Wookiebookie. We played a solid series and showed how much potential that roster had.

Coming into the GLL S3 Finals, we knew it wouldn’t be easy as it was our first LAN as a new team. If anything, this tournament was a true test of our composure as a team. Although we had a rough start to the series, we came back stronger than ever on day three and moved from 15th to sixth place overall. I couldn’t have been prouder of how we handled adversity and I can’t wait to play again with this team.

Vikendi is a hot topic amongst PUBG players, just like Miramar was last year. Do you think that PUBG Corp. has learned from their mistakes?

Adam: I think PUBG Corp. is and has been learning since the launch of the game. I believe they understand that Vikendi will never be a perfect map right out the gates. They will need proper feedback from the community in order to make changes, and I hope they make the right ones, as they did with Miramar.

Do you like the concept of a map with a Tundra climate?

Adam: I love the concept of Vikendi. I was born and raised in Canada, and so I feel right at home diving into the tundra landscape of Vikendi. The atmosphere offers a fresh appeal for existing players, and I’m looking forward to seeing this map on live servers.

What aspects of a map are most important to you?

Adam: As a competitive player, the aspects of a map that make it more competitive are most important to me. Right now, Vikendi seems to have way too many compounds and I feel like there can be an addition of playable landscape.

When Sanhok released this Summer, everyone was excited about the smaller size of the map. What do you think about map sizes when it comes to the professional scene?

Adam: When it comes to map size, I think Erangel (8x8) is the best for the competitive scene. It’s the perfect map for 16 teams and allows for a consistent style of play. A smaller map like Sanhok cannot inhabit a 16-team lobby, and therefore cannot be in the competitive map pool.

Conquest mode and nighttime are also among the new additions to the game. Any thoughts?

Adam: I’ve played Conquest mode in customs and I feel like there is a lot of potential. It’s similar to Domination in Call of Duty and reminds me of my upbringing in FPS games. The nighttime mode can be extremely interesting, and I see it fitting well with the mix of weather modes for the casual player.

How do you feel about the progress that the developers have made in the past couple of months when it comes to Client/Server performance?

Adam: I feel like there hasn’t been that much progress when it comes to client/server performance in the last couple of months. Although, PUBG Corp. fixed an extremely important issue when it came to peeker's advantage, and for that I am grateful. I still have faith in PUBG to continue to fix problem after problem.

What should be next in the pipeline for PUBG Corp. after they’ve released the upcoming updates?

Adam: After the full release of the Vikendi patch, PUBG Corp. need to work on client/server performance and even some in-game marketing on PUBG esports (nudge nudge*). Oh, and they should keep level 3 helmets in crates, please and thanks.

Any shout-outs to finish off this interview?

Adam: Shoutouts to all the owls hooting for us, and to my family for always supporting me, and to all our lovely sponsors for giving us what we need to succeed!

That wraps up this interview, with the holidays approaching we won't get any PUBG action but we're eager to see them compete in the professional PUBG league in 2019 when their roster has more experience! We also want to thank Adam for answering our questions and wish them the absolute best of luck.