Team Dignitas CSGO: schneider replaces Nico



Tue 8th Sep 2015 - 4:15pm

After a streak of mixed results in the last few months, our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team has decided on a roster change. Effective immediately, the Swede Andreas 'schneider' Lindberg will be playing under the Team Dignitas name.

To make room, we have to say farewell to Nicolaj 'Nico' Jensen. He has been with us since the acquisition of the former Deponeret lineup and was a valuable asset to the team and equally instrumental in the team's success as his team mates. The whole team would like to wish Nico all the best moving forward.

schneider joins Team Dignitas; picture courtesy of

dignitas/Pimp, team-captain:

"It's with mixed feelings we have to announce that Nico is no longer a part of Team Dignitas CS:GO division. It has been eight mixed months with Nico on the team, we've had ups, and most recently also a lot of down periods. In the end we felt that removing him from our active lineup was one of the drastic moves we had to make in order to re-adjust ourselves and once again be a team you can count on in the very top of CS:GO.

Therefore we also needed a strong replacement, which I strongly believe we have found in a former major title winner, and long time member of the top CS:GO scene. It's with great pleasure we welcome Schneider to our team, a player that for a long time has been left out in the cold, despite having great abilities in the game. We believe in him as the right choice for our team, adding more fire-power and allowing us to switch up some roles within the team.

It will be a new expriance for all of us, as none of us have ever tried to play with anyone not speaking fluent Danish, but we strongly believe that barrier is more than just breakable, but also beneficial in the long run. I hope you all welcome him with open arms, and that you all will cheer for him, and our success in the future.

We know that the last months have been rough on us, we haven't delivered what we should, losing out to teams that we shouldn't, hopefully this will be an end to it. We will nevertheless work hard for it to happen, and therefore we hope you're still with us out there!"



"I am really excited to have gotten this opportunity to play with in my eyes four really strong players that have the potential to be amongst the absolute best. I haven't had a team in a while now and I will do my absolute best and a little bit more to make Team Dignitas reach new levels. The hard part will be the communication, none can say for sure how long it will take until we have proper communication, as I feel like I understand 60-70% of their Danish, but it will only grow better with time and with that the team will only grow stronger and stronger."