Team Dignitas SMITE roster changes



Sat 23rd Aug 2014 - 1:06am


Today, for the second time within a month, we share news of roster changes to our North American SMITE team. First up, we would like to say farewell to Jeremy 'TheBest' Dailey, our mid laner. Over the past weeks he felt that a different team environment would be for the best (heh ...) of his career. We respect his decision and first of all thank him for his time with us and wish him the best of luck in the future!

Furthermore, Erich 'ShadowQ' Grabowski will be stepping down from an active role on the roster. Like TheBest, he also expressed his desire to move on and continue his path in another team. We are currently in negotiations with his desired new organisation to buy him out of his contract, until then he will remain in Team Dignitas, though not on our active roster.



While we are naturally saddened by the players' decisions to go separate ways with our SMITE roster, that gives us the chance to welcome hungry new players who have the drive to become successful together. We believe we have found the perfect players in Darrell 'Gnaw' Elston and Brendan 'DaretoCare' Daniels.

DaretoCare is almost unanimously considered a stellar support player, formerly part of the successful COGnitive Gaming lineup. After a brief period without a team, we are ecstatic to be able to welcome this world-class player back onto the competitive stage. 

Gnaw has not been part of the competitive scene before, nonetheless he has made a name for himself as a notoriously dangerous mid laner. Due to his playmaking abilities, he has been on the NA scene's radar despite his absence from the competitive scene.



"It's never an easy moment when you're not only losing two of your team mates, but two of your best friends as well. Unfortunately, we had some recent issues with our team synergy from the past few weeks of qualifiers up to the regionals. 

This was not a decision made by the team. ShadowQ (Erich) and Thebest (Jeremy) had felt that our team had been falling off as of recent. They approached us thinking it would be best for both parties to split ways. Cognitive Gaming was something it seems they were considering for a while now.

With the recent decision made by ShadowQ to leave the team, it wasn't an easy thing to deal with. Followed up with Thebest strongly considering leaving the team, too, in order to follow his closest friend, we had taken initiative to find two more eligible candidates to try and fill their shoes.

Two players the team immediately considered were 'Daretocare' and 'Gnaw'. Although we believe that ShadowQ and Thebest can never truly be replaced, we understand that we have to stay hungry and continue our goal to make it to worlds. Myself and the team are really excited for these two new players to join our ranks and hope we can make all of our fans and of course Team Dignitas proud.

We just want everyone to know that it was not our decision to replace or get rid of any players that were a part of the roster. I love all four of these guys and I wish everyone the best of luck in their path and future of what they have planned."

Update (additional statement):

"When we received an E-mail from management that ShadowQ was going to be joining CoG I approached Best in mumble shortly after. Talking to him asking what he's doing he said "Uhh, I'll probably be joining CoG too as their solo laner". I don't hide any truths when unfortunate things occur. However, I did leave out that I gave Best until Saturday to give me an answer to rethink his choice of leaving us for CoG, and after the uneasy feeling it left with the team, we decided to take Gnaw by the time Saturday hit. It's never an easy decision, but no where in our right mind did we bench him for under performing or grudge. We made a hasty decision on what we thought Best would choose (Following his best friend Shadow) and unfortunately after we chose Gnaw he decided to stay with us. I don't know if that's because there was no room on CoG or because he actually wanted to stay with us. But managers / owners speak to one another, and I may know things others do not. Sorry again."


With these changes, we are looking to amp up both the playmaking ability of our roster and the players' drive to compete and succeed together. This is our SMITE roster going into the Smite Pro League:

 Alex 'Shing' Rosa SOLO
Drew 'Lassiz' Boyd JUNGLE
Darrell 'Gnaw' Elston MID
Steven 'Zapman' Zapas HUNTER
Brendan 'DaretoCare' Daniels SUPPORT
 Anatoliy 'AnatoLiy' Alekseyenok COACH/SUBSTITUTE