Reddit Asks LOD - AMA Answers!



Sat 14th Jan 2017 - 8:23pm

With the LCS just behind the corner, a lot of Reddit users had questions for Team Dignitas' League of Legends AD Carry Benjamin "LOD" DeMunck. We have picked the best for LOD and he was happy to answer them for you.

What are your goals during the upcoming split and how do you feel you’re going to perform?

LOD: My goal in this split are to become a top AD Carry in North America. I feel like last split, in the summer, I became better and I improved a lot. This year I want to perfect my play and become as good of a player as possible.

What are your thoughts on the relative strengths of ADC’s right now? Any thoughts on ways to improve them?

LOD: I don’t think AD Carries are bad but I do think other roles are super broken. It’s the only role right now that doesn’t have a solo experience to carry with. Jungle has pretty much all of the experience now, and then we have top and mid that can just one-shot you no matter what they’re playing. You’re just stuck with really garbage items compared to what they can get. I don’t really think they need to improve that much, I just think everything else needs to be nerfed, especially Camille…just remove her from the game.

How’s working with Ssumday and Chaser & how do you deal with the language barrier?

LOD: It’s been really good working with them so far. They are really good players so I’m happy to be playing with them. The language barrier is a little bit tough but they are working on learning English and they do understand a little bit so we’re using simple communications, pings and stuff like that. It works itself out.

What is one of your best memories in eSports?

LOD: My best memory was when I played Midlane and I got a backdoor on Zed which won my team the game. It was the only game we won in the entire series so it felt really good. I freaked out and got way too excited but it’s a good memory.

What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?

LOD: My proudest moment in my career was playing at Wembley stadium. I didn’t really expect to be playing in front of such a big crowd given the fact that I was just a challenger player. For some reason, they held the challenger season finals in London in front of this massive crowd and it is really cool to be able to say that I’ve played there.

What would you say is the toughest challenger as a professional gamer?

LOD: I think the biggest challenge is being disciplined. It’s easy to get super motivated and try hard for a little bit but even on the days when you don’t feel like playing and improving, you still have to keep playing and working on yourself. I think that is pretty difficult. It’s sort of stressful sometimes, playing so many games of the same game, years after years, day after day, but if you enjoy the game that’s not that bad.

What is your advice for those hopeful players trying to go pro?

LOD: If you want to go pro, you should just dedicate yourself to it. Give it a given period of time and find out if you’re good enough. Work as hard as you possibly can, climb the ladder as possible you can and don’t be nervous or scared. If you want to perform at the top level, I think you need to not care about what other people think. Be confident.

Did you ever have any doubts that you were LCS calibre?

LOD: Not really. I just kind of got unlucky for a period of time and things could’ve probably gone completely different but I got stuck in challenger for a really long time. Maybe I could’ve worked harder to improve my chances but I never really doubted that I was good enough to play. I played since Season 1 so I played versus all of the LCS players on daily basis for the past 6 years and a lot of them didn’t seem like anything special. They just got there because of the slightly better circumstances, anything can happen to anyone. I’m glad that I’ve kept playing because I never really doubted myself.

What made you switch from a Midlane to an ADC?

LOD: I first played AD. I mained AD for 3 or 4 years, from around Season 2 to halfway through Season 4. Basically, that was the first year when I was eligible to play NA LCS since I turned 17 and we didn’t win our first split on LoL Pro so I wasn’t feeling like I will be able to carry a team in the LCS by playing AD because Mid is just a better role to carry from. Then, I just decided to switch. I played Mid for 6 months and I didn’t really have the greatest circumstances. I felt pretty confident as a Midlaner but I got a better opportunity to play with C9 as an AD Carry which I wanted to take so I switched back.

What was the first champion you mained?

LOD: Shaco. Shaco was the first champion that I’ve ever bought. I just got rekt by one in a normal game and then ever since that day I saved up 3.000 IP and he was the first champion I’ve got, first champion I’ve mained. I was a dirty Shaco main. I don’t play him anymore, he sucks (haha). He’s actually ok now but that’s in the past. He’s not the same, not what he used to be.

How would you honestly rank yourself among the other NA ADCs?

LOD: I guess it depends because my biggest problem is inconsistency. Sometimes I feel like I don’t show up as much as I should but on a good day, I feel like I’m probably in contention for the best. I feel confident playing with every AD when I feel that I’m on my game.

What do you think is the most important aspect of training?

LOD: Most important aspect of training is to choose quality over quantity. If you’re not learning anything and you’re not improving, it’s not really worth playing. If you feel like your plays are starting to slip and you’re not playing well, you should just stop. Overall, quality is more important over quantity but you should be able to train yourself to play at a high level for the long time.

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?

LOD: I don’t really think I would change anything. Everything just happens for a reason. I’m happy with how things played out.

How did you get your username?

LOD: I was a World of Warcraft player when I was 10 years old and I made a Holy Paladin named “Light of Day” and, yeah… My parents made me quit WoW when I was 12 or 13. I couldn’t think of a new name so I just abbreviated it because it sounded really cheesy. I just made it LOD and never planned to stick with this name but it’s too late to change now.

How do you stay positive when everyone is flaming & tilting?

LOD: Being positive is my way of flaming and tilting. I try not to take it out on other people because I think flaming and tilting is completely pointless. It doesn’t do anything for you or the other person and you just regret it afterwards no matter what. I just try to not to be that kind of a person. Usually, people who flame and rage at everybody will apologize after the win and I don’t want to be that kind of a person. I get mad and I tilt sometimes when things are going really, really poorly, like when I get 5 man dive in 5 minutes and my team doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it (haha), but I just think it’s ridiculous to flame and tilt all the time.

What mouse DPI do you use? What’s your game resolution? Full screen or windowed?

LOD: My mouse DPI is 1600, my game resolution is 1920x1080 and I use borderless. Another important part about mouse sensitivity – make sure you have mouse acceleration checked off and on the 6th thick so that your mouse is more accurate.

What could Riot do to make the ADC role more popular/versatile?

LOD: Nerf everything. There is no reason why my auto attacks should do 1% of Poppy’s health 20 minutes into the game if we’re both at the same score. I feel like the new masteries, new items and new everything they added to the game caters every role other than AD. AD just got the short end of the stick for the past couple of years. It’s kind of weird because they are still necessary in most comps although some people are starting to play Ziggs bottom or whatever. For the most part, having an AD Carry is the most optimal way to run your composition. It’s still a good role but it feels bad to play and people don’t want to play it because of how obnoxious everything else is so Riot should look at that. I think jungle is the biggest reason since before there were only two carry roles in SoloQ experience but now I’m getting ganked by a level 6 Jungler as a level 4 Botlaner and it doesn’t make any sense. They are also getting kills worth gold of farming one side of their jungle and nothing I do seems to matter at the early game. I think Riot should take a look at other roles.

What do you think are your strengths & weaknesses in lane?

LOD: I have no weaknesses, I have only strengths. My trades are immaculate and I’ll never take a disadvantageous trade.

Will we see you stream more?

LOD: I am definitely planning on streaming more during the season or off-season. In general, this year I plan on streaming with a more consistent schedule.

Any shoutouts?

LOD: Thank you for Team Dignitas for everything they have done. The Korean boot camp was really good and they’ve treated us really well. I am extremely happy with this organization and I’m looking forward to playing LCS with them in the future.