Interview with DIG CS:GO Fe player, EMUHLEET



Sat 22nd Sep 2018 - 8:51pm

Emmalee 'EMUHLEET' Garrido is the captain of the Team Dignitas female CSGO team. We reached out to her to ask her how the preparations for the next half of the season are going so far, what they’re working on as well as her opinion on the impact the player breaks can have on the players.

Hi Emmalee. Now that the player break is coming to an end, how are you preparing the team for the next half of the season?

EMUHLEET: Now that we have had our break and feel fully refreshed, my job is to get the entire team back on track in grind mode and ready to revamp our map pool. This is easy to do this time around because I feel like all the girls are very refreshed and excited to play. We are all focused in wanting to stay at the top and are all eager to improve as well.


What is the main thing you are currently working on to improve in the team?

EMUHLEET: With the help of our coach, I think we have improved at an extra fast rate as a team. Of course, there is always room for improvement in all areas. Right now, we are focusing on improving our first match of the day. These "wake-up matches" can start are rough, but it is becoming an easy fix mentally.


Will you be trying out new things regarding in-game calls and strategies during this next season-half?

EMUHLEET: I used to think “what’s the point of changing my in-game calls when they work so well already”. But I am now realizing I need to change up my style, so we don’t become so static. So, I am changing the way I call in-game, we change our strategies about every other month, and change around where players are playing on every map. That way everyone is comfortable playing anywhere at any moment in time, and we become unpredictable.


And what about yourself; what do you consider you’re lacking the most in your leadership attributes that you’re actively looking to improve?

EMUHLEET: Not to sound too cocky, but I feel like I am a great leader so far. It’s not easy, and it took me time, but I absolutely love my job. I supposed one little thing to work on is my patience. I have always had ideas and always on the go... but I am even like this outside of the game!


What are the expectations and goals for this final half of the season?

EMUHLEET: Our ultimate goal is to make it to MDL in ESEA. We want to make history as the first all-female team in MDL, and we want to be a good example to others who work just as hard as us to reach their goals.


How do you feel about these player breaks just before the big international tournaments (break just before the Faceit Major happening now, break before the ELeague Major in January, etc)? Do you think it impacts the teams’ performance up to a point where it was better to have the break after the Majors instead of before?

EMUHLEET: I used to think that taking a break was stupid, and it will make you play bad from not playing CS. I used to think that you always had to be on grind mode. I have learned over the years that when you are on grind mode all year long, you can get worn out, wrist pains, mentally drained, etc. Player breaks are good if they are being used correctly. I think playing CS is like riding a bike, if your good at it already, taking 2 weeks off from it won’t make you a horrible player... it’s easy to get back to where you were.


Team Dignitas just announced a partnership with internationally known apparel brand Champion. Are you excited about the new apparel that is coming out this Fall?

EMUHLEET: The girls and I are SOOOOOOOO excited that were partnered with Champion now! Their clothing is not only stylish, but comfortable material. I definitely can’t wait to get the new apparel and rock it every day. I might as well just throw away all my clothes that are in my closet now because I want to fill it with Champion! (Plus, I love the name).


Do you want to leave a message to the fans that are waiting to watch you play again after the break?

EMUHLEET: I really want to connect with the fans more! I will be streaming a lot more than what I was. And sincere thank you to everyone who continues to support us!


Any final words to wrap up the interview?

EMUHLEET: Thank you to all our fans, friends, and family for continuing to support my dream of gaming. I love you all.

I would like to thank Emmalee for the time she took to answer these questions. You can stay connected with her on social media: