Welcome our North American CS:GO team!



Wed 7th Feb 2018 - 6:00pm

Today we're happy to announce the addition of our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The North American team that previously played for SoaR Gaming has joined Team Dignitas and will kick-off their season next week. 

The former SoaR Gaming roster, comprised of In-game Leader Matthew "mCe" Elmore,  Team Captain Logan "Voltage" Long, Jack "xCeeD" Holiman and Michael "Grim" Wince have climbed the ranks over the past few seasons, culminating in a first place finish in last season's Mountain Dew League. The result was a promotion to one of the game's premier leagues, the ESL Pro League (EPL). The core also added Mitch "mitch" Semago to the roster, who has three seasons of EPL under his belt, most recently with Splyce. 

Team Dignitas has been a staple in the Counter-Strike community over the years, former home to many of the world's best. We are excited about providing our knowledge and resources, including those from the Philadelphia 76ers, to these young, aspiring stars as they look to make their mark on North American and International Counter-Strike. 

Matthew "mCe" Elmore, Captain of Team Dignitas CS:GO shared his excitement for joining our team and the Philadelphia 76ers family: 

"Growing up, I avidly watched Allen Iverson play for the 76ers and the only NBA jersey I've ever owned was a Jerry Stackhouse jersey. I never could have imagined being part of such a historic organization, especially one that I have grown up watching. I have witnessed many esports pioneers play under the Team Dignitas name and it is inspiring that we too will play for the same organization.

Team Dignitas is storied throughout Counter-Strike history and we've got a lot to live up wearing the banner. That's what drives our team. I have placed a lot of pressure on this team to succeed because we are so young and ready to prove ourselves. We are extremely excited to start making our names become synonymous with Team Dignitas like so many players have before us."

Team Dignitas CS:GO will make their debut next Tuesday in the ESL Pro League. Additionally, the team also recently advanced to the ECS Closed Qualifier stage. 

Join us in welcoming our new players. We look forward to their journey ahead.  

Follow the team:

Matthew "mCe" Elmore 
Logan "Voltage" Long 
Jack "xCeeD" Holiman
Michael "Grim" Wince
Mitch "mitch" Semago