VALORANT: Three ways to figure out which Agent is right for you



Sat 1st Aug 2020 - 6:18pm

VALORANT has quickly made a name for itself to become one of the most popular shooters in the world. Featuring a futuristic aesthetic, a variety of weaponry, and unique characters known as "Agents", it's a fairly deep experience. Some compare it to games like CS:GO or Overwatch among others. 

Many moons ago, the game was simply teased as "Project A" by Riot Games. The rumors started swirling pretty quietly at first, but as time went on, it started to pick up some steam. Finally, there was a teaser image showing a dark screen and a number, indicating what appeared to be a date. 

And then that's when VALORANT was born. The announcement instantly became a huge deal, and once the closed beta codes starting going out, everyone wanted a piece of the action. This, especially after several prominent streamers got their hands on the game, so their fans were instantly drawn in. 

On top of this, gamers had an opportunity to get a beta key themselves simply by watching VALORANT streams. The first day when the game was being played, streams were doing crazy numbers. And right in the heart of the lockdown due to Covid-19, the world took advantage of what looked to be an exciting new game. 

It also is quickly picking up pace in the esports world as well. Some of the world's biggest organizations have formed squads and it's only a matter of time before a true league is formed for the first-person shooter. However things take shape, it will be good fun to watch and see if it grows. 

But, since the game is available for everyone for free, who is a good Agent to use for you, the player? There are several of them with their own unique styles and abilities. So, we're going to tell you three fun ways to determine which one is most fitting for you when you head out into the battlefield. 

Take Advantage of the Freestyle Practice Mode 

This kind of goes without saying, but it's a good idea to get your feet wet in some of the practice modes that the game offers. It can be easy to bypass these and jump right into a real match, but it's good to get comfortable first. Arguably the best practice mode is Open Practice. 

This operates as a free roam experience and it's a great opportunity and try out each Agent. There are other modes too including a shooting gallery where you can test your shot, but free-roaming gives you more flexibility. You can explore the beautiful map and just mess around if you want. 

In any game, it's great to have a free-roam practice mode, but it especially comes in handy in VALORANT. The cool thing about this mode is that you have access to essentially all other practice areas so you can sharpen your skills. So, if you want to go to one of the tutorials, you can through a portal. 

Want to head to the shooting range? You can do that too simply by running up to it and pressing a key to begin. It's really an all-in-one package, and will really be good for you if you aren't comfortable with certain Agents. There are also floating targets placed around the map so you easily work pistol game. 

And most of these targets move too which is a nice touch. Because in VALORANT, having accuracy and precision can be key in your matches because sometimes one well-placed shot will take down an opponent. Now, keep in mind that you won't be able to pick the same Agent if your teammate already chose them, similarly to Overwatch. 

That said, it doesn't hurt to get cozy with one Agent so when they are available in a game, then you'll already be used to them. But definitely try to mix it up if you can. Try as many Agents as possible. If you have one or two that you particularly like, then this could prove beneficial to you if they are there for the taking in games. 

Test Out Each Agent's Ultimate 

One of the cool things about VALORANT is that each of the Agents have their own special abilities. It really can play a role in what kind of character you want to use. These abilities can turn the tide of battle if you play your cards right and time them well. And of course, they look cool. 

Now, as we mentioned, you won't always have the ability to pick your favorite Agent. So, it's a good idea to experiment with as many as you can and check out their Ultimates. See which one you feel will benefit you the most in battles or which one best suits your play style. 

Some Agents have offensive style Ultimates while others have some that are a bit more conservative. You just need to determine what type of player you are. Do you like going in guns blazing? Do you like being more defensive? Perhaps you want to be a healer (I know it's not everyone's first choice). The choices are endless, and new Agents are going to continue to be added. 

There are a couple of obvious ways to check out Ultimates. One is to play a match and see how things go. The other is to go into the free roam practice that we talked about earlier. The latter is preferred since you'll have no pressure to worry about. Plus, you'll get to use the Ultimate an unlimited amount of times. 

You can use them on the targets that are floating around if you have more of an offensive Agent. And again, you can use these abilities at any time in practice mode. This is nice because sometimes, we may see something once and think "well, that doesn't seem too good" but after a couple more tries, you start to appreciate it more (or not). 

With that said, feel free to try them out in games if that's more of your swag. Sometimes, the best way to "practice" is to just get out there and show them what you got. Get in there, play well, and get that Ultimate charged up. Wait for the right moment and unleash it on your foes. However you choose to go about it, the type of Ultimate you have can make a difference in picking your Agents. 

The variety is rich, and as mentioned, you can't go wrong with any of them really (yes, some Agents are lower ranked than others on many occasions though). It's all about taste. If you're in a lobby with only a couple of available Agents left to choose from, go with one that you know can benefit you in the best possible way, including with their Ultimate. 

Look at the Side Abilities  

Aside from the Ultimates, each Agent has their own special abilities in VALORANT. It's sort of like with Overwatch where Tracer for example has an ability to move at a speed so quick, that it's like she's teleporting. But, here super ability is her grenade which can take out nearby enemies. 

So it's essentially the same thing here in VALORANT. Agents have their Ultimates, but then they have these other powers that are attached to them and deal good damage or do other things. They can be used more frequently than Ultimates as you can expect, which is nice. 

Check them out in the practice mode we've been talking about. It's always a lot of fun to see what each Agent has to offer. It's much more than just popping guns and although that's always great, using these special abilities gives you an extra layer in combat. 

Not to mention, it adds some extra personality to these already very distinctive characters. Just like with the Ultimates, it's all about what kind of play style you prefer. So really, when deciding on what Agent to use, you need to think about both of these things and which one is more important to you. 

Even if your favorite Agent isn't available in the online lobby, you'll need to go with someone that you feel has the best combination of Ultimates and signature abilities. Again, maybe you just want one over the other and that's totally fine too. But these are just things to keep in mind as there are so many abilities to think about. 

Of course, guns will always be the go-to choice for a lot of players, but if you want to put a little flair on your kills, then definitely take advantage of the special abilities. Not to mention that they really can come in handy if used at the best times like with the Ultimates. It kind of just depends on which Agent is used. Some have more popular abilities than others. It's really just all about overall effectiveness on the battlefield. 

So go ahead and try out all of the Agents and see what they have to offer. Then, when you're ready to march out, you'll know exactly what to do.