TFT Guide: Zed and Friends



Wed 23rd Dec 2020 - 12:38pm

While our favorite Ninja (or least favorite if you play ADC in regular League of Legends) did get hit with some nerfs in 10.24, you’ll still be able to find success with him in 10.25. In fact, get the right supporting board at your disposal and you might even find your opponents exclaiming “Faker what was that”!

General Comp Info

As you can guess from the name, “Zed and Friends” is a TFT composition that revolves heavily around Zed. Your goal is to build as strong of a Zed as you can, as quickly as possible and buff him with the Ninja trait. The rest of your board is just there to support him and provide the Ninja synergy.

This composition is definitely a good bet when you roll a Chosen Zed or have good items for a Zed.


Early Game

Nothing too crazy here, your main goal is to survive and potentially save up some gold for later. You’ll be looking to run whatever you can to win early fights. However, if your rolls aren’t looking too good and you don’t feel like you’re going to be in too much trouble, loss-streaking is a viable option here. Of course you want to buy any Zeds you see, but anything else is up to you.

Ideally, you’ll be looking to level up to 4 fairly early if you think you’ll be win-streaking and then continue on to level 5 while still streaking. On the flip side, if you’re loss-streaking them you don’t need to rush through levels 4 and 5.

Regardless you’ll want to hit level 4 or 5, depending on your streak, before you hit Krugs.

Mid Game

You’ll continue using your early game board until you get to the point where transition into 4 Ninjas is possible and won’t hurt your HP. Some of your early game units can fit into the final composition very well, but continue improving your board until you find your main units.

Ideally, you’ll be looking to level to 6 regardless of how the early game went. Try to hit level 6 by round 2 of stage 3, but you definitely want to be at level 6 before the carousel. If you don’t have your Ninjas, continue building the strongest board you can regardless of synergies. If you do have your Ninjas, build the strongest board around them.

Late Game

Here’s where your composition really needs to be coming together. If you’ve lucked out and either been winning or just simply rolling well, then you may have hit your units and items already. However, if you’re still looking for some pieces, you’re still doing OK. Try and level to 7 as soon into stage 4 as you can. If you think that you’re at risk of dying, you can stabilize by rolling down some gold. Try not to spend all your gold though. Ideally you want to be slow rolling for your 3-star Zed. Once you have 3-star Zed, look to hit level 8 as quickly as possible to round out the composition.

Supporting Units (Non-Ninjas)

Pyke (2-cost Cultist/Assassin): Pyke is just a generally good early game unit that can help you survive looking for the key pieces to your composition. Late game though, he can synergize with Akali to give the Assassin trait a bit of boost.

The next three are 5-cost units that you’d end up with in an ideal scenario, if you can’t get these units then just try and build synergies that you’re being given to further support your Ninjas and Zed. 5-cost units are just generally strong and good pickups, hence the reason that they’re 5-costs. Below are simply the synergies that these have with your Ninjas.

Kayn (5-cost Shade/Tormented): 2 Shade buff with Zed, gives a slight (125) to magic damage and the Tormented buff, which allows Kayn to transform.

Yone (5-cost Exile/Adept): 2 Adept buff with Shen, reduces enemy attack speed by 50% for 2 seconds [Yone specifically can be replaced by Irelia in the mid game and long term if you’re just not rolling them}

Azir (5-cost Warlord/Keeper/Emperor): 2 Keeper buff with Kennen, Ally and self shield at start of combat and Emperor buff, two additional units deployed during combat that don’t attack but are good for disruption during the fight.

Your main goal is finding items for Zed, which ideally are:
- Rapid Firecannon: Gives Zed 200% attack range and their basic attacks can’t miss
- Runaan’s Hurricane: Basic attacks fire bolts at another nearby enemy dealing 90% damage and applying on-hit effects. Synergies with Rapid Firecannon amazingly.
- Quicksilver: The user is immune to crowd control for the first 10 seconds of combat. A defensive option to keep Zed alive/dealing damage longer at the start of fights

Your Carousel item priority is generally Recurve-bows then Negatron-cloaks then Sparring Gloves until Zed has his items.

Outside of that, adding Zeke’s Herald to buff ally attack speed to units, usually to Akali, are great options past Zed’s items.


You want to make sure that the Azir soldiers are protecting the backline and frontline gaps, so enemy champions can't directly walk up or jump up and start attack as easily. Any champions that want to jump to the enemy (IE Zed) should be positioned to attack the enemy carries. Flip/modify this placement to correctly attack the enemy backline and guard against enemy advances.