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Thu 23rd Nov 2017 - 8:11pm

PUBG is a game that's all about survival. But many people have an aggressive playstyle that kills them with a reason that could easily be prevented. This guide will aim to make you play smarter and more efficient around the battlefield, from the game's start all the way to end game, resulting in more kills, fewer deaths, and higher placements. Some of these tips and tricks are pretty straightforward once you learn about them, but can make a big difference in your gameplay! Let's jump into the guide.

~ Deciding where to land and parachuting. This phase is probably the easiest to execute but hardest to master. Starting off, you need to choose a place to land and when you're solo you have the most options. While falling, you need to have as much downwards speed as possible and try to land on the nearest high ground if you want to reach a compound before other people. If you're not used to a lot of action while landing, or you're new to PUBG, try landing at compounds that are further away from the flying route that your plane has. Going to smaller compounds is beneficial since there's enough loot for one person.

If you didn't quite reach the spot you wanted to land at while you're still parachuting, try mixing up pressing W and releasing it to get a boost which allows you to land further in front of you.

~ Looting phase and how to loot as efficiently as possible. The looting phase is heavily influenced by the place you decide to land at. The looting phase is the most important part of a game, as this phase will determine how you need to play the rest of the game. To loot as fast as possible, use the tab key while walking to the loot spawns and press right click on items that you want to pick up to increase looting speed. Prioritizing the route that you take around the different compounds where you land is very important. Don't run in circles wasting time and don't skip rooms in the buildings that you choose to loot.

If you're in a building that's one story high, try jumping out of the window by pressing the jump and crouch key at the same time, allowing you to crouch through the window to escape/backstab enemies that are near your compound or underneath you.

~ Mid game and how to adapt to the loot you received. There are multiple scenarios that can happen after you've looted, either you have no loot, a little loot or a lot of loot. The playstyles differ with how much loot you got. Let's break down what's the best to do for survival in each situation.

When you have little to no loot, the optimal action to take is look at where the circle is and remember what flying route the plane was taking. A vehicle is essential when you almost have no loot. Try to look for a vehicle at the spawns showed below. Going to big cities or little towns that were on the plane's flight route is not advised due to high level of danger and little loot.

In some games, the game blesses you with a large amount of loot. It's a lot harder to die when you have good loot, but don't drop your guard because of it. The best thing to do with enough loot is to go to a spot where the next 1 or 2 zones will be (with the random chance that the zone lands on you). The best spots depend on your weapons and type of weather.

Vehicle spawns shown in the image above, image courtesy of:

~ End game, around top 15 and beyond. This is where the game gets real tense and depends heavily on where the zone has decided to land. Hugging the playzone wall until the very last second is the best thing to do when trying to survive. The key is to be patient and make as little noise as possible. Proning through grass and wheat fields is also more effective once the playzone is smaller, since most people lowered their viewing distance settings so the grass and wheat textures disappear making you vulnerable earlier on in the game.

There's not much more to say than to just play very carefully in this phase of the game. Watch the killfeed while you're listening to gunshots and navigate where those shots are coming from. Never leave the object you're hiding behind without checking every angle that has potential danger.

~ Overall tips to gain a higher chance of survival. There are a lot of strategies that can be applied to any part of the game while on the ground. Healing is very important and it's a chore to use your items through the inventory, so bind them to a key of your liking to make the process faster. When you're low on health and you don't have enough bandages to fully heal you, wait until the 3rd tick of the bandage before using a new bandage to heal more health than by rapidly using them directly after each other.

When you're playing in the fog, try not to stay in buildings too long since you have more cover walking outside. Use short range weapons and always utilize the suppressors that you looted rather than using the weapons you would normally use for medium to long range in a game without fog.

There are a few small techniques you can use while moving around. Running away with nothing in your hand makes you slightly faster. Use this to escape the blue zone but don't use it to run away from enemies since the difference won't be enough to have an impact. When you're moving up a hill/mountain, try to jump as much to make as little noise as possible and dive underwater to swim faster.

In conclusion, your survival could be determined by making the smallest changes in your gameplay. Applying these techniques/strategies to your gameplay could mean that you have a better experience in-game and live longer. Every game has different scenarios that makes determining strategies a task that you have to do on the go and without much time.

I hope this guide was useful for your PUBG games and wish you best of luck for your future games.

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