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Sat 2nd Mar 2019 - 6:39pm

Wraith is one of the free legends in Apex and is also one of the most used. Whether it's your first or thousandth game, you can always succeed if you can play Wraith correctly, and in this article, I will be telling you exactly how to do so. I will also be talking about possible team compositions for you and your friends to use to have the best chance of winning games.

Passive Ability

Wraith's passive ability is called 'Voices from the Void' and is fairly self-explanatory. This ability means that a voice tells you whenever there are enemies near your position. Naturally, this is a very useful ability and has saved my life countless times before. If you want to be very effective, and a good team player, you need to remember to call this out to your teammates so that they are warier and don't get caught off-guard by enemies camping in buildings (or behind rocks). This also makes Wraith somewhat of a support character, as she can actually help your team, unlike many other legends. Also, I find that new players have issues with Wraith as they don't properly understand her passive ability. For instance, if you don't have a full squad, I find that my teammates very rarely call out when there are enemies nearby as they don't actually know that that is her ability.

Tactical Ability

Her tactical ability 'Into the Void' is very useful to escape fights or get into them. This ability grants Wraith the ability to turn translucent and run without the risk of being damaged by enemies. If you were to use this along with her ultimate you would be able to get your team, and yourself, out of any losing fights. After this, you will have ample time to heal (or hide) and prepare yourself for another fight. This is made much easier with a Lifeline as she can use her heal drone to heal your entire team quickly.

Unfortunately, you aren't able to go completely invisible with this ability, meaning that enemies will be able to see you if you try and sneak up on them or relocate to a position in their eyeline. However, this can still be viable in an aggressive situation as you can quickly get to the enemies and either take them out by yourself or set up a portal so your teammates can come with you and you can take the enemies out together. But you still need to be fairly alert if you try this tactic as anybody can use your portals so you could end up getting flanked and killed.

Ultimate Ability

Wraith has a very unique ultimate ability called 'Dimensional Rift.' Dimensional Rift is an excellent ability for both offense and defense due to how it works. This ability means that you can make a portal and then run for a few hundred metres and place another portal. These portals can then be used for 60 seconds and anybody in the game can use them to travel from one place to another. One tactic I like to use involves placing down a portal before a fight and running over to wherever another squad is and placing another so my squad can get to them and we can retreat quickly if necessary. You need to also be careful that the enemies don't use your own portals against you because, as I said before, anybody can use them.

Another tip I have is that, if your squadmate is downed, he can go through the portal and be revived in a safer position. One useful team composition to try this with would be with a Gibraltar to shield you while you revive and then a Lifeline to heal your teammates after they've been picked up. Alternatively, Bangalore would also be a good choice as she can airstrike the area around you slowing down the enemies and maybe even knocking them so you can safely revive your teammate.

Best Team Compositions with Wraith

1. Wraith, Lifeline, and Gibraltar - As aforementioned, this composition can be very effective to revive teammates in a fight as you can put the portal down at a safe location, a portal by the enemies and have a Gibraltar shield around the safe portal. Then, you can revive teammates safely in a fight and be able to come back to the fight with a full squad with full health and shields.

2. Wraith, Pathfinder, and Bloodhound - In my opinion, this is the best setup for mobility and fast rotations. One instance where this could be useful is if you get a voice telling you about a nearby enemy, Bloodhound can scan the area to hopefully find their exact location and Pathfinder can create a zipline to them so Wraith can set up portals and quickly get to and from the enemies with ease. This can be repeated in many battles and will help you get a win much easier.

3. Wraith, Mirage and, Bangalore - This is the last and most interesting of the compositions in my opinion and probably the most difficult to execute. You will most likely only be able to use this once or twice (unless you get a LOT of ultimate accelerants) and can be used to flush out and distract enemies. My advice would be to get Bangalore to Air Strike a fairly open position, after Wraith has got the cue telling her there are enemies nearby, and Mirage can use his ultimate to create a load of decoys to distract the enemies. Then, you can set up portals to their exact location, get behind them, and take them out.

Tips and Tricks

1. There is somewhat of a hidden item for Wraith in the game and very few players have it. This is the Wraith Heirloom knife and you are guaranteed it on your 500th Apex Pack, although it is possible to get it before then if you are incredibly lucky.

2. Another tip I have involves Wraith's passive ability and very few players actually know that Wraith warns you whenever you're in a sniper's scope, giving you ample time to move around and get to safety. You could also do this much more efficiently by using her tactical ability and minimise your risk of getting hit further.


To conclude, Wraith is a very good character in offense and defense, and an integral part of many good teams. Her mix of abilities make it easy for a new play to understand and play but also very rewarding for veterans plays once they are able to fully master her abilities. - Just as a side not, she is easily my favourite character and, in my opinion, the best legend.

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