Interview with Empire.Kas: "Right now I feel in really bad shape, I have problems in every matchup, but I never give up"



Thu 16th Aug 2012 - 5:59pm

Mihaylo 'Kas' Hayda takes time out of his busy laddering schedule to tell me more about his team-mates at Team Empire. The Ukrainian Terran: Kas warned me his English isn't very good, however having read his English it's much better than my Ukrainian!


How is your form at the moment?

Kas: Right now I feel in really bad shape, I have problems in every matchup, but I never give up.

Are there any specific areas you are working on to improve your game?

Kas: I'm working on my multi-tasking, as well as aiming to hit the opponent with good timing attacks. It's all what Terran can do right now, we can't make some imba deathball, so just continuing to work out where we are strongest as a race.

Would you ever consider switching race?

Kas: No!

You've won a lot of online tournaments, is winning and attending more offline tournaments one of your goals?

Kas: I'm looking for a challenge, to fight against as many good players as possible only achievable by going to the offline tournaments, but as for the online tournaments, it's good money for a Ukranian man!

Best Starcraft 2 Memory/Moment?

Kas: IEM Kiev when I got 3rd place with terrible lag, and loads of people were cheering for me, that was an amazing experience.

Are you looking forward to the release of Heart Of The Swarm ?

Kas: I really don't think about Heart Of The Swarm at the moment because I'm still working in Wings Of Liberty. I don't like to think about future, but I hope it will be really good for the gaming community and esports as a whole.

Without Starcraft what would you be doing?

Kas: Better studying, I always was like sport it makes life move! Sometimes football, sometimes gym, sometimes swimming, etc, it's all good so would continue to doing those things. I think though it's not a massive difference in terms of making a living, to what I'm doing now!

Team Mates #1

The format for Team Mates is simple, answer with a players name from your team (could be yourself) and explain why! It's as simple as that!

Best Trainer?

Kas: Happy - his talk about balance makes my game strong and powerful!

Worst Trainer ?

Kas: I guess Vines, when he talks I see only some characters and smilies... I don't understand Korean, so yes its Vines.

Most Skilful?

Kas: Aristeo, but he is so shy, but he wont show his skill to people, his play is at 10% normally and its enough to be top player!

The Joker?

Kas: I think its Asity, our team-trainer, he can make 10,000 posts in Skype conversations, he fast enough for chat with every player in team and still trolling a lot of them :D

The Fastest?

Kas: Me after 2 litres of beer, I can press keyboard buttons like crazy!

The Most Mannered?

Kas: I think our Greek player Mista, he works on farm but he still has more manners than our whole team put together :D!

The Least Mannered?

Kas: I think Hobot, he is my good friend, and only one who wont kill me if I say that he is bad mannered! I'm afraid of all the other guys, so definitely Hobot ;D!

Worst Dress Sense?

Kas: There I would say myself, never liked how I dress , but I'm to lazy to change anything :D.

Worst Taste in Music?

Kas: Asity for sure, I don't like his style of music ! He likes some rock, well, hard music. really, where as I love easy relaxing music or just some easy rock, as well as pop!

Finally any shout outs, anyone you'd like to thank?

Kas: Big thanks to my team Empire for support, they are all really nice and always help me in everything. Thanks to all who support me, believe in me and I will surprise you soon!


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