How to Improve your Mid Lane in LoL



Sun 6th Oct 2019 - 5:41pm

Mid lane is arguably the most important roles in all of League of Legends and the most popular. The location of mid lane makes it responsible for helping the jungler and roaming to help other lanes. Mid lane is known for its high impact on the map and the damage they deal. This guide will help you learn mid lane and start winning games.


Mid lane is composed of mostly mage and assassin champions. Since roaming is a big part of mid lane, assassins and mages are picked due to their ability to leave lane. Champions such as Yasuo and Irelia can go mid lane and counter some mages and assassins. Find a champ you like and play a lot of games with them to learn them. Try to master a few champs before trying to expand your champion pool so you can learn the mechanics of mid lane and have some safe fallback picks.

Mid Lane Warding

Warding as a mid laner requires you to ward your gank paths, as well as the river and jungle paths. Since there are 6 ways to get into the mid lane, it is sometimes hard to predict ganks. As the game progresses and you obtain more wards, you will be able to acquire more vision and obtain more information.

Assassins or mages will incline toward an Oracle Lens to clear out wards and catch out a clueless enemy alone. Long range mages will incline toward a Farsight Alteration to get further vision than a Warding Totem can offer. Farsight Alteration can likewise be helpful for finding and killing out a low champion from long range.


Roaming is a very important and impactful tactic that mid laners use. Since the mid laner is closest to the jungler at almost all times, the mid laner can make a lot of plays on the map. This is why the role of mid lane is so important to the game and so impactful.

Before you start roaming somewhere, you need to make sure your minion wave isn’t in a bad state. You need to push your wave before you leave so your tower won’t take damage, and the enemy won’t try to take your tower. Make sure to keep an eye on the minion wave and tend to it as needed.

You will need a clear path to the lane you want to roam to. The enemy jungler could block your path if you lack the information of their whereabouts. Keep an eye on your ally’s health and mana so you know they can support you when you come to their lane. Below is a great video with more detail on how to roam.

Early Game

Mid laners can be strong in the early game based on you champion selection. Zed will be able to do a lot of burst damage at level 3, but a Ryze or an Azir must wait til the mid game to be effective. So, based on your champion choice there is a few ways to play your laning phase.

When playing an early to mid-game champion, you will want to play your lane aggressively when it favors you. Look for a trade opportunity where you can land all of your burst damage, these opportunities usually present themselves when you have a minion advantage.

When playing an assassin look for trades in lane, but also keep your eyes on the map as you may find roaming opportunities. If top lane is being pushed in and the enemy is overextended, then you will have the opportunity to roam up and get a kill. Try, when you can, to pressure other lanes.

Since you will be farming also, you need to know how to manage the wave to your benefit. I have a wave management guide where I dive into great detail on the topic. Below is a short video detailing mid lane wave control, if you want more information I recommend my guide on wave management.

Mid Game

Mid laners will usually look to roam and help obtain objectives after they move out of the laning phase. Mid laners with great waveclear will look to push out bot or top lane. Make sure you track the enemy jungler as best you can before going for trades in lane. With so many points of entry to the lane, the jungler could show up in a bad spot if you get too aggressive without vision.

Shoving the minion wave will help your jungler out greatly. With mid priority, you will be able to tag along with your jungler as they invade the enemy jungler. Mid laners can be very crucial to teamfights as they produce damage and crowd control, this means you will want to be at all teamfights or your team might lose out.

Mid laners should be looking to help teammates push, or to solo push. Most mid laners have a good wave clear and can push effectively. When you aren’t doing either of those, you should be securing some vision, or looking for a kill/gank that can lead to an objective being secured.

Late Game

During the late game, you will be looking to clear out and push waves with your team. If your team is using a 1-3-1 tactic, which is one in the top lane, three in the mid lane and one in the bottom lane. The solo laners will be your mid and top laners. Using this tactic, you will be the one in the bottom lane.

Mid laners have sustain and great wave clear in the late game, so you will be able to stay in the lane long and hopefully take down some towers. Look to use wave manipulation tactics when pushing waves, slow pushes can be really effective, so try to set one up before you back and rotate to another lane.

In teamfights, the mid laner is often feared due to their ability to kill people in mere milliseconds. In the late game this fear is heightened. Death timers are high in the late game, so look to catch some people out and participate in teamfights. You should be able to kill the damage dealers with ease if you can get around their frontline of tanks. With the long death timers, every fight gets more important.

Below is a great video on teamfighting as a mid laner. Definitely check it out if you want to learn more.


Mid lane is the most impactful lane in League of Legends as their impact reaches to all over the map. The lane is one of the hardest to master due to all of its mechanics. Mastering 2-3 mid champions is the best way to start and learn. So get going summoner, and start conquering mid lane.

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