What Makes League so Appealing?



Mon 8th Jan 2018 - 9:42pm

League of Legends is one of the biggest games to play right now. With millions of players worldwide, there's no doubt to its success, with more to come in 2018. Most MOBAs require a lot of technical skill and understanding of the game, however. So what makes League so appealing when there are so many factors to learn and master?

I, myself, love playing League. Like many other players around the world, the high skill ceiling and fun-to-play champs are kind of what keeps myself and some others invested into the game. Whether it's a new champ that has some interesting gameplay, or some game-changing new additions that freshen up the world of Runeterra, League has remained in itself, interesting. While it may seem pretty simple on the surface that there are a few factors such as patches that make the game appealing, there's way more to it than meets the eye.

League, like many competitive games and rocket science simulators (like Kerbal Space Program), requires you to be mechanical and know your stuff. This may be a turn-off for some, but for most it can be an increase in competitive or even casual appeal. Work hard, know how the game works, know your champion, then brag to your buddies when you pull off something neat. That's how most games go, anyways... right?

PROJECT: Vi Splash art from Riot Games.

Mechanics appeal probably covers a majority of why League of Legends is so big in the first place. Second is a little simpler: word of mouth. It's hard to say that everything you're into you found by yourself. In reality, someone somewhere suggested it, and you fell in love with it after experimenting with it a few times. Like myself, that's how many people were introduced to League. That then transitions into the more social aspect of League. Friends, and players you meet across your region bring you and others to play more and more. Funny moments, epic teamfights, and feeding enemy laners (feeding teammates aren't as fun), all contribute to that little aspect of social fun. So social aspects also play a lot into its success.

"Level Beyond 30" by Riot Games.

In all, though, League is just a great community game. There are some opinions about players, Riot as a whole, balance, etc., but that's kind of what brings everyone together in the game. Aside from those sick Reddit posts about your latest outplay, nice opponents/teammates that make your game, or playing a friendly game with some friends, everyone is chilling under the same roof. You, me, and millions of other players are enjoying (most of the time) the same game.

We're experiencing the same balance patches, the same champions, the same combos, the same upsets, the same defeats, the same victories, the same baron steals, the same outplays, all of it are experiences shared and understood by literally millions of players. And that, in my honest opinion, is why League of Legends has become so appealing to millions of players across the globe. Who knows, with these numbers increasing each day, we may have something more to relate to in the future!

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