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Sat 11th Mar 2017 - 2:55pm

On my flight back from IEM Katowice, I pondered over all the people I meet and get to work with at esports events. I came to the conclusion that I haven't been appreciative enough of what an extraordinary type of person many of them are and what positive impact they have on my experience at these travels.

Photo: Jakub Patrowicz for ESL

The average person probably doesn't like their job too much. They receive tasks, and they carry them out. They may not like their tasks but they fulfill them, because at the end of the month, they receive a reward when they do. I get that, there's nothing wrong with that. But that's not the kind of people I want to highlight in this post.

What I see at events like IEM are people who drastically stand out from the above mentioned crowd. They take tasks and make them personal to themselves. They redefine for themselves what it means to have completed that task, and their reward to them is a satisfactory fulfillment of the task itself. Often this means helping someone else out. Their motivation is easing another person's tasks or even improving their wellbeing. They do it because they care. I would simply call them good people.

"I suspect these kinds of people to be the lifeblood of outstanding esports events, the very ingredient that makes them unique."

You might consider their motivations irrelevant to the task, but they do change everything. These people not only go beyond the bare minimum - they don*'t even stop at fully completing their tasks. They will look for other, related tasks. If one person could be helped that way, maybe there are more in the same situation! They start solving problems their superiors didn't even know about, fulfilling tasks they never reveived. They take weights off other people's shoulders without ever being asked to or even realizing it. They improve the lives of people around them.

I suspect these kinds of people to be the lifeblood of outstanding esports events, the very ingredient that makes them unique. Their special personality trait is required to cover for the impossibility to plan for and assign people to all possible tasks and arising problems.

I meet these people at events across the globe all the time, working tirelessly and more importantly exuding an infectious energy that leaves no doubt they enjoy doing what they do. I've avoided singling out any names, both because I believe they don't strive for public recognition, and because I could never make a complete list, guaranteeing to leave some of the greatest heroes unmentioned. Instead I will simply close by thanking all the people who feel this post is directed at them, and vowing to continue offering much-deserved appreciation.

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