Eat Your ELO - Eating Habits for Gamers



Sun 7th Jan 2018 - 8:36pm

Hello, my name is Robbie ‘RobsterMonahan’ Monahan and I’m a Platinum support main in EUW, but I hear you ask, "How is that entirely relevant?" Well what I didn’t mention is that I have been diabetic since 2004 and as result I have had to implement a stricter level of control over my diet and when I eat.

Due to my personal circumstance over the years, I have come to notice habits and trends that may have had a positive impact on my ranked gameplay and as a result have improved my ELO. In this guide I plan to go over some of these trends, what I used, why they may help you, and my personal recommendations in how you could use them in your everyday LoL life.

Before I start I want to say none of these changes are that drastic and may seem to have little impact, but, remember, it is often the smallest things that can have the biggest impact. One tiny switch can turn a big industrial machine into life. It's up to you to flick it.


The first meal of the day for some, but for me it is a must as without it the blood sugar level that diabetes revolves around would go low (aka a hypoglycaemic event or ‘hypo,’ for short) and so I very rarely miss this meal. However, many gamers choose to miss this meal but this is a missed opportunity as eating before you do any high focus task (like a ranked game of LoL) adds many benefits.

The two that really apply here are that it gives you a fresh source of carbohydrates which are the basic fuel for our bodies and taking the time to give your mind to wake up and get going will mean you are better focused and are able to work better. Now I personally would recommend two options before you sit into a morning session of LoL. You can go with either toast with whatever topping takes your fancy alongside a glass of cold fruit juice (orange or cranberry is what I have) or a bowl of cereal with milk. Now both of these have a complex carbohydrate and an extra benefit (vitamins/calcium) making them ideal for the morning get go for some lane focus.


Water, H2O, liquid of the Earth. Whatever you want to call it, water is a big part of us and how we operate and without it we (and our gameplay) suffer. Now I drink a lot of water as my body is dealing with excess sugar but that is not relevant to you here. The reason water is included here is the way we preform without it.

Without an adequate amount of water, our muscles (including our brain) cannot work to optimum levels as they cannot break down fuel and work as well due to water’s place in the energy conversion process. Now, I’m sure most of you have heard the myth of drinking eight cups of water a day but this isn’t true, as it varies depending on your diet, gender, and size. But, what I’ve found best is to have a litre bottle of water beside me while I play to sip at. Once this is gone, I can then move onto a beverage of my choice during a session of play. A steady supply of water helps your concentration on dead shot skillshots.

Big Meals.

As part of my diabetic life, I am allowed to eat the occasional big meal such as a takeaway (my favourite is a large triple pepperoni pizza from my local place) but this comes with some extra steps for me than just order, wait, pay, and eat. I must wait about half an hour to see if I will need to take extra insulin as part of blood sugar balancing act. Yet I hear you ask, "How is this relevant?" Well in this waiting period, I often find that my meal and mind can settle, meaning my mind is calmer and my body is sharper.

This wait may seem like a waste of time but consider is it better to wait half an hour than to lose 18lp rushing into ranked in a detrimental state. As I previously stated, it’s the small things that can have the biggest impact, and this small waiting period can have the effect of smarter play and better reaction times.

Adding Fruit and Veg.

As part of my diet control over the last ten plus years, I have had to learn to cook the majority of my meals. This has led to my learning of making meals filled with fruit and vegetables and, as part of this, I have noticed that my diet is actually very balanced yet very enjoyable. Now I am sure many of you have heard the phrase ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ but with a balanced diet, I can say that there is some truth to this using myself to an example given my higher than average ELO.

Now how to add fun ways to get your fruit and veg. I’m going to give you two of my favourite examples. The first is chicken fajitas with two peppers and lettuce (and tomato if you are a fan of those too). The second is Irish stew - a family recipe featuring a lot of potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other vegetables. The point here is that making a small change in your diet to include more fruit and veg may make you healthier and as a result sharper as a player and being that bit sharper might just net you that bit more LP.


To conclude, we all want to gain that LP and we have to want it to get it without blind luck. Living better and taking the extra time to prep and eat better may pay off for you in LP as it has done for me and my health. GG, GL and HF.

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