How To Finish Your Opponent in Smash Bros. Ultimate: Kill Moves For Each Character



Tue 19th Feb 2019 - 8:05pm

As a competitor in any Smash game, stylish or tactical, high tier or low tier, it all means nothing unless you can secure the kill on your opponent. Ultimate is still very fresh, so knowing how to end the stocks of your opponent might appear trickier than it seems when you consider their options to survive and how stages may favour them. With so many options at hand, here's a list of some of the best and quickest ways to kill your opponent, no strings attached. When your punish game isn't quite up to scratch in Ultimate yet, you can reach for these moves for raw killing power. Lucky and HugS give their comments on the game and characters also. 

Disclaimer: These kill percents are based on the Final Destination blast zone border. Any larger or smaller stages may have slightly different kill percents. They are also based on if the opponent uses no DI so it's a rough estimate that differs depending on their DI. These are all unstaled percents unless stated otherwise. The characters that the light/heavy characters are based on are Pichu and Bowser. This is also from the centre of the stage so moves will kill sooner at ledge or as edgeguard. These are here to give you a rough idea of when you're moves will end the stock. Each of the characters were tested at 0%, meaning they have no rage. 


Our favourite Nintendo mascot packs a punch with his fair. Easily one of his most obvious kill moves, his fair that does an impressive 14.9% unstaled also has a devastating spike. Mario has the throws and reasonable knockback on many of his moves. His backthrow in particular does a sizeable 13.8% unstaled and is the strongest throw. However, down throw may be more useful for starting a combo as the knockback is very slight. Although the downthrow does the least percent of all of Mario's throws (at a measly 6.3%), it may just lead to big damage as a combo starter. Alternatively, you could use dair to pop up your opponent to start a combo, which does anywhere between 7-13% unstaled depending on which hitboxes you catch your opponent with successfully. Mario's up-smash will kill on Final Destination anywhere between 96%-145% depending on the weight of the character, so this should give you a good insight for an approximate kill percent on other stages!


Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong has been blessed with two spikes, in the form of his fair and his dair; fair reaching 16% unstaled and dair at 17.1-20.1%, depending on which part of the hitbox makes contact. Aside from this, Donkey Kong has a toolkit full of extra strong moves such as his smash attacks, with each of them dealing over 20% and some nearing towards the 30% range. Each smash attack's knockback trajectory is huge, killing even the heaviest character at 105% with up-smash and fsmash and 135% with dsmash. More notably, his neutral B move at its fullest charge does a huge 35.2% and kills an opponent anywhere between 45-60% depending on their weight. Additionally, his back air will kill the lighter characters at 100% and will give him edgeguard opportunities with the heavier characters.

HugS says, "Speaking in terms of just kill strength, a lot of the heavies such as Ganondorf, Bowser, and Donkey Kong have insane kill power"



Our Hyrule hero packs a punch and is one of the few blessed with a spike! His dair, which does a fruitful 22.6%, will eliminate your opponent's stock in a heartbeat. However, the spike is a sweetspot, so if you so catch your opponent with the sourspot, you'll send your opponent upwards diagonally. The knockback on a heavy character when you catch this part of a hitbox is not enough to kill them, so practise getting the sweetspot on that dair! Additionally, down-smash seems the most reliable, killing characters sooner of all weight classes. Down-smash, while dealing 20-22% damage depending on which part of the sword hits, will kill your opponent at 78-85% if they are light. 78% is if you can tipper it but you can kill with it if your down-smash is sloppy at 85%, which is still a fantastic percent. With a heavier character, you can kill them between 125-135% with the same variables applied. Link's other smashes will do about the same to kill a heavier opponent, but they require more precision, so down-smash seems to be the best smash attack to kill with. Finally, I'd like to mention Link's charged up b move which deals 28.2% damage and will kill the lightest opponent at 45% and the heaviest at 75%. This move still has a great knockback trajectory even when it's not charged, so keep this move in mind! 


Samus/Dark Samus

As expected with echo fighters, these characters are much the same and only really differ in aesthetics. There are some minute changes, but nothing that would affect their kill potential. Dark Samus' hitbox on her down-smash does reach lower, so it catches smaller characters in a way that regular Samus does not. Most competitors opt for Dark Samus as she has slight improvements from the regular character. Up-smash will kill a light character around 100% and the heaviest character at 130%, dealing 22.6% with all five hits. Forward-smash kills even earlier. The tip of Samus/Dark Samus' forward-smash will do more damage, but you can still kill the lightest character at 95% with a close range smash. A forward-smash that hits at the tip will kill a light character at 75% and the heaviest at 120%. Beware, hitting a heavy character close range will take much longer to kill. With no DI, it doesn't kill the heaviest character until 145% so with DI, it's an even harder kill to confirm. Last but not least, Samus' famous charge shot. A fully charged shot does 35.2% damage and will kill between 75% and 120% depending on the opponent's weight.



Soft and lovable Yoshi still packs a hefty punch with his moveset. Particularly his fair, which is a spike move doing 14.9% when grounded but a devastating 17.6% when in the air. The spike can be hit using the tip of Yoshi's nose but if missed, you actually get more damage on your opponent with 16% grounded or 18.9% in the air. Aside from his other smashes that'll kill around 85-140% dependent on weight and attack, Yoshi also has his destructive down B move. When done from the floor, Yoshi catches the opponent with two hits, providing he's nearby. This does 23.9% damage and will kill the lightest character at 80% and the heaviest at 150%! Bair isn't necessarily a kill move. However, it has a considerable amount of knockback which gives Yoshi the opportunity for an edgeguard situation! 

Lucky says, "These characters also have fantastic spikes with forward air as well. Yoshi specifically can get some amazing edgeguards with it."



Our favourite ball of cuteness has been the main mascot for Smash Bros. Ultimate but seems to lack in kill power. Kirby's strongest knockback moves include his forward-smash and his side-B special move. Kirby's forward-smash does the most damage of the smash attack moves at 18.9%. This will kill the lightest character at 67% and the heaviest at 105%. Kirby's side-B move is his most devastating to the opponent. Uncharged, the move does 23.9% and kills opponents between 73-115% depending on their weight. If it's fully charged, it will do an astounding 44.1% which kills light characters as early as 8% and heavy characters at 30%. Beware, if you charge the move too long, it will do damage to Kirby!



Fan favourite and super speedy Fox has made quite a statement in recent tournaments. A fast way to kill your opponents is the dreaded up-smash, which kills around 80-120% depending on character weight and does a hefty 20.3% unstaled. Fox has the ability to rack up this percent with lasers and exceptionally strong aerials such as upair at 18.9% unstaled (providing you hit your opponent with each hit) and bair at 13.9-16.3% unstaled, depending on which part of the hitbox hurts your opponent. Each smash attack is over 16% too, so Fox is a strong enough character to reach these kill percents quickly to either end a stock with a hard hitting move or use an attack that can throw the opponent off-stage for an edgeguard situation. 

HugS says, "Reflectors and counters seem to have a significant role in this game as projectiles are buffed and can lose out to these options."



With Pokemon flooding the Ultimate roster, Pikachu along with Jigglypuff is a veteran Smash character that continues to stand the test of time. Pikachu's strongest special move is his charged side-B which deals a massive 26.9% and kills the opponent anywhere between 60-100% depending on their weight. Pikachu has exceptionally strong smash attacks, notably his up-smash and forward-smash, which will kill lighter characters around 95-105% and heavier characters around 120-135% Even if these moves don't kill, they both do over 15% damage unstaled, so these moves will at least get your opponent closer to their KO percent. Finally, like many characters in the game, Pikachu has a spike in his dair which also deals 13.9% grounded or 16.3% in the air. 



Luigi has a range of kill options ranging through his smash attacks, aerials and specials. Most famously is Luigi's up-B move. When standing right next to your opponent, the up-B will have an enormous knockback killing even the heaviest character at 65% and the lightest as early as 35%. It's an incredible move but hard to pull off, as close range is difficult when you put yourself at risk of being punished. Luigi's side-B move is also insanely strong when charged, dealing 26.4-31.5% depending on the hitbox placement. This will kill between 65-105%. Luigi's strongest smash attack is his forward smash, which kills between 67-105%. Luigi is also one of the lucky characters in the roster to have a dair spike which deals 12.6% when it spikes. His aerials and other smash attacks are strong so his move set isn't weak. He has a variety of options. These are just the faster options to end your opponent's stock or raise their percent. 



Ness' forward-smash is undeniably one of his strongest moves, killing the heaviest character at a low 85%. This forward-smash is most effective when the opponent is hit with the tip of the baseball bat. Without that hitbox placement, it will be harder to kill your opponent at that early percent. The damage is also significantly stronger there, ranging between 22.6-27.7%. Ness also has his projectile which hits extra hard when you bowl it into yourself. It deals 31.5% at its strongest hit and kills anywhere between 20-42%! His neutral-B move also deals 34% damage when held and kills between 60-97%. 


Captain Falcon

Dealing 31.5% damage, Falcon Punch is still as powerful and stylish as before. This kills at 35-60% depending on the weight of the character. However, this usually takes some time to set up and isn't the easiest move to hit. Alternatively, Captain Falcon's fsmash deals 23.9% and kills anywhere between 60-100%. Captain Falcon also has two spikes in his up-tilt and his down-air. His up-tilt does 13.8% and can be used as an edgeguard. His dair can be used as either an edgeguard or a set up to a knee combo. It deals 17.6% and, if you can follow up with a knee (which will deal 27.7% in the air), it still deals a huge amount of damage to your opponent even if it confirm a kill,. 



Iconic and terrifying as ever, Jigglypuff's Rest still terrorises both Melee and Ultimate to this day. Rest does 25.2% damage and kills lighter opponents at 45% and the heaviest at 75%. Although Jigglypuff's neutral B move does more damage, it's better to opt for her forward smash as it's easier to hit and will kill at 73% earliest and 115% latest. 



Daisy appears to be the harder hitting princess but has the same knockback. However, Peach is no princess to be scoffed at. Peach's up-smash deals 15.1-21.4% and kills lighter characters 66-115%. Both princesses have the wide array of scary projectiles. Both the princess stitches do 34.8% and bombs, if you're lucky enough to get them, do 40.3% The bomb will kill under 50% but the stitch kill will kill around 90-150% depending on weight. Some of their smash attacks do a fair amount of damage but still don't kill their lighter opponents until the 100% mark. Luckily for these characters, they have a fantastic combo game and their air mobility is fantastic, helping them have some of the best edgeguards in the game. 



Bowser's fsmash is his scariest move. This kills a light character as early as 43% and the heaviest character (being himself in the ditto) at 73%. It deals almost 30%, which is huge but not far off his other powerhouse moves. His moveset, aside from throws and special moves, hit around the 20-27% mark which makes up for his speed in the game. Bowser is not to be laughed at when most of his smash attack moves and his aerials kill the heaviest characters as early as 70-90%. 


Ice Climbers

It's a sad time for Ice Climbers everywhere as the wobbling days are over! Fear not, as Ice Climbers are still in the running with some great moves. Notably, the cute hammer wielding duo have a fantastic fair that has a spike. This does 30.2%, providing you hit the spike. Forward-smash does 26.9% damage and will kill the heaviest character at 107%, so it will devastate any other characters sooner, making the Ice Climbers a strong opponent.



Unfortunately, despite Sheik being a fan favourite, she remains a little weak due to her moveset. Her up-smash kills heavy characters at 115%, but it's hard to land, especially when you have to be close range to your opponent. Some characters prefer to play at long range, so this makes it difficult for Sheik. However, despite it being hard to hit, if you can hit your opponent with the two parts of the up-smash, it deals 32.7% damage. Her next best smash is her forward-smash, which still struggles to kill the lightest characters at 100% but deals around 16.5%. Luckily for Sheik, she like many characters, has a dair spike that does 12.6% damage or 15.6% with both the hits. 

HugS says, "I'm still learning about all the characters in the game, but Bayonetta and Sheik stand out to me as characters that were popular in Smash 4 that have lost a great deal of damage/kill power."



Zelda, unlike Sheik, has been blessed with a stronger moveset with a great deal of knockback. Her strongest smash attack is her forward-smash, which deals 21.4% and kills the heaviest character at 115% and the lightest at 75%. Her lightning kicks (both her bair and fair) are her most impressive moves, as they deal 25.2% in the air and kill the heaviest character at 95% if you hit the sweetspot. Zelda is also blessed with a dair that deals 20.1% and it also spikes. Zelda has a wide array of moves that help her kill the opponent. Her up-B move, though hard to hit, also kills the heaviest character off the top at 90%! 


Dr Mario

Dr Mario's fsmash is not to be scoffed at, dealing an insane 26.3%. This kills the lightest character at 55% and the heaviest at 90%. His fair also deals a great amount of damage and kills relatively early, leaving the opponent with a wound of 22.2% and killing them at 75-110%. He, like much of the cast, has a dair that deals 17.7% and can be fatal at the edge. 



Pichu has already been so close to winning major tournaments and has proved to be a fantastic character on the roster. Some of the strongest moves include Pichu's forward-smash that does 22.6% and kills as early as 70-115%. Pichu also has a dair that deals 16.3%. Finally, when hit on its strongest hitbox while the opponent is in the air, Pichu's down-B deals 30.2%, pulls the opponent straight towards the ground, and blasts them off horizontally, killing even the heaviest character as early as 100%.



Stylish as ever, fans have flocked to Falco in the hopes they can finesse their opponent's stocks away. Aside from Falco's spike, which deals 16.3%, Falco has other means to kill his opponents early. His fsmash kills opponents between 70-115% depending on weight and deals 20.1%. His bair is also a great tool which will kill opponents between 83-125%, though this will kill sooner if you're closer to the edge of the stage. 



One of the first Fire Emblem characters to grace the game, this character still holds his own, even after all the Smash game releases. Marth's tipper fsmash deals 22.9% and kills between 45-77%. Marth also has a dair spike which deals 18.9%. His strongest move, however, is his charged Shieldbreaker, which does between 30-35% and kills the lightest character at 23% and the heaviest at 45%.



Descendant of Marth, Lucina has also made waves in competitive play recently. MKLeo won Genesis 6 with Lucina, so she proves to be a fantastic pick for any player. Like Marth, her dair spikes and deals 17.9%. Her Shieldbreaker charged also does a huge amount of damage at 28.9%. This will kill anywhere between 40-68% depending on weight. Lucina's combo game and speed make her an amazing pick. 


Young Link

One third of the Link additions to the characters does some damage with his fsmash. It deals 22.6% (providing you hit the smash stick twice and get both hits) and kills the heaviest character around 115%, which means lighter characters die around 60-70%. Unfortunately, his power in his other moves is lacking, but Young Link's speed and combo game make up for this and actually makes him a great character to play. 



Ganondorf's time to shine is here. Currently a favourite among competitors and casual players, his moveset gives us reason to why. His smash attacks deal no lower than 25% which causes fatally low percent kills. His dsmash does 25.7% with two hits and kills between 55-90%. His fsmash overshadows this and does a spectacular 30.2% and kills between 43-70%. He also has a spike on his dair which deals 23.9% and his strong hit bair deals 23.3%, killing opponents as early as 65% and as late as 110%. To finish on one more show stopping move, his up-tilt does 30.2%. It sucks nearby opponents closer to him and then kills anywhere between 50-90%



Mysterious Mewtwo has some strength in his moves, with his fsmash doing 25.2% and killing anywhere between 60-95%. Mewtwo is also lucky enough to have a dair that spikes and deals 18.9%. Mewtwo has some great combo moves and projectiles to keep opponents at bay. Mewtwo's Shadow Ball also deals a fair amount of damage (31.5%) and kills between 75-120%.



Roy has stood the test of time in the Smash games and continues to show that he can keep up with the rest of the roster. Roy's fsmash does 25.2% damage, providing your opponent is closer to the hilt, and kills light characters at 55% and heavy character at 90%. Roy also has a spike which deals 18.9% and a super strong Shieldbreaker at deals 45-60% damage when it's charged. The strongest hit of the Shieldbreaker kills at 0% and the weak hit kills a light character as early as 15% and a heavy character at 40%, so don't let Roy charge up on you!



Favoured by a multitude of high-level players, Chrom is one of the latest Fire Emblem characters to join the roster and packs a punch in his speed and combo game. Some of his strongest solo moves include his fsmash which 22.6%. This kills between 63-105%. He has a dair spike that deals 17.9% and a Shieldbreaker that matches Roy's! Beware, like Roy's neutral-B, a fully charged move will do 12% damage to yourself.


Mr Game and Watch

One of the oldest Nintendo characters comes back stronger than ever. Aside from having a 11.7% dair spike, Game and Watch also has strong smash attacks and his classic special move. His fsmash is his strongest smash attack, dealing 22.6% damage and killing between 65-100%, depending on weight. Game and Watch brings back the hammer which deals different damages and effects, depending on the number. 9 has always been the scariest number. A 9 hammer deals 40.3% damage and kills the heaviest character in the game at 10%!


Meta Knight

Meta Knight was the star of Brawl and was even banned for being so good. In Smash 4 and Ultimate, he's a little humbler and more enjoyable for both the player and the opponent. Some of his stronger solo moves include his fsmash which deals 20.1%. Depending on weight, this kills between 73-115%. His side-B move kills slightly quicker, killing between 70-110%. This move does more damage when closer to the opponent, the strongest being 18.8%.


Pit/Dark Pit

Both Pit and Dark Pit essentially do the same percent and knockback, excluding a few changes here and there. Their fsmash deals between 18-19% with two hits and kills between 77-120% depending on weight class. Dark Pit deals 0.2% more damage on this move but this is obviously not a significant difference. They both share the same dair, both dealing 12.6% damage and both have a spike. 


Zero Suit Samus

Introduced in Brawl, Zero Suit Samus has been a favourite to casual and competitive players. Her combo game and high damage made her one of the best. Though slightly nerfed in Ultimate, she still has a beautiful combo game and a great projectile game, one of which stuns characters in their place. Her best solo moves include her dair spike which does 7.5% damage and her down-B which spikes and deals 10%. She also has her down-B move which sticks the opponent into the ground, which gives the player some time to punish. Act fast, as your opponent can mash their way out!



Wario has a very interesting moveset, from sending motorcycles across the stage, throwing it, or passing toxic gas through his wide derriere! Some of his strongest solo moves include his up-smash which deals 21.4% and kills between 80-135%. Even stronger is his fsmash which deals 25.5% and kills between 64-100% depending on weight. Also, beware of Wario's flatulence! When charged, Wario's Waft can kill at a lower percent, dealing 34% to the opponent!



Snake has been known to rely on his projectile game. From bombs to boxes, Snake has always been tricky to fight off. Snake has a down-B planted bomb that kills the lightest characters at 77% and the heaviest at 120%. Snake's fsmash also does a fair amount of knockback and damage; it deals 27.7% and this throws the light opponents into the blast zone at 45% and heavy characters at 75%, so it kills very early. Snake also has a spike on his fair, which deals 18.9% damage.



Ike deals an astounding amount of damage. None of his smash attacks deal below 20%. His fsmash is the strongest, dealing 27.7% with the strongest hit. This will kill opponents between 45-77% depending on weight, this is the strongest smash attack. Up-smash and down-smash both kill the opponent between 73-115% but up-smash does 1.3% more damage, totaling at 21.4%. The strongest move which is much harder to land is his charged shieldbreaker. If this successfully hits, Ike can do as much as 44.1% providing he is close range. This will kill the lightest character at 30% and the heaviest at 63%. Ike also has a spike on his dair which deals 18.9%


Pokemon Trainer

One of the more unusual characters in the game, Pokemon Trainer has three separate characters that you can alternate between during the match. Charizard is the strongest but slowest. Squirtle is the fastest but has a weaker moveset. Ivysaur is a middle ground but leans more on Charizard's side as Ivysaur is still fairly strong and on the slow side. Squirtle's stronger smash attack is his fsmash which deals 18.9% and kills 73-115% dependent on weight. Squirtle doesn't have a dair spike but both Ivysaur and Charizard do. Charizard's spike does more damage at 17.6%, while Ivysaur's spike deals 12.6% but is faster so it's more likely to end the stock successfully. 


Diddy Kong

This cheeky monkey doesn't have the strongest solo kill moves but has a great amount of speed and a great combo game. Diddy has a spike on his dair which deals 16.3%. This is great for Diddy as he has good mobility in the air and can afford to hover over the edge when the time comes to fatally end the stock of his opponent. He also has a fairly strong fsmash that, providing you hit both hits, should deal 20.1% damage. This will kill opponents between 85-130% depending on weight. Despite not having super strong solo moves, Diddy is able to move well in the air, catch opponents out with projectiles and combo well. 



Lucas has become a popular pick in Ultimate and for good reason. Lucas not only has powerful special moves and projectiles, he has a great aerial game and each move packs a strong punch. Up-smash is his strongest smash attack which does more damage from the floor. It hits with a huge 28.9-29.5% damage and kills at the very earliest at 60%. Heavier characters will die around the 100% mark. His dsmash is equally as scary, killing opponents between 67-105% while hitting with a huge 21.7% damage. Lucas has two spikes, one on his bair and one on his dair. As if this wasn't enough, charged neutral-B move will hit with 28.9% damage and will kill anywhere between 50-85% depending on weight. 



Naturally, Sonic has speed on his side while playing in matches. His moves aren't as strong as his fellow roster members but he does have a few hard-hitting moves. Though it's difficult to hit, Sonic has a dair spike which deals 10%. Both his fsmash and up-smash have strong knockback, but the fsmash is easier to hit. These moves will kill light characters at 83% and heaviest at 130%. 


King Dedede

We tend to find the larger characters do a lot more damage; King Dedede is no exception. Aside from his 18.9% dair spike, King Dedede's strongest damage kill comes from his charged down-B move. This does 50.4% damage and kills as early as 37% and as late as 60% if it's a heavy character. This move deals a little bit of damage to Dedede after a while, so be careful not to hold it too long. Dedede also has his fsmash, which with the strongest hit deals 31.5% damage and kills between 33-60%. His up-B also spikes when he's landing, dealing 34% so be aware of his landing spot when he's above you. Even Dedede's dash attack kills between 55-90% depending on weight, dealing 20.1%. Dedede is a powerhouse and only struggles on the speed department. 



Olimar's strongest smash attack is his fsmash. The strong hit deals 25.5% and kills anywhere around 75-120%. Olimar also has his Pikmin which all have different properties. Some with fire properties, others latch on to the opponent and do poison damage, others have electrical properties and extra range. Beware of the purple Pikmin as your stock could be snatched away from you in the blink of an eye!



Lucario has one of the most interesting when it comes to damage percent and knockback. Lucario starts off very weak but his moveset increases in knockback and percent as he takes damage. This eventually caps at 190%. Lucario becomes 'normal' when he takes 65% damage. At 65%, Lucario can kill the heaviest character with fsmash at 86% and lightest at 53%. When Lucario is at 190%, his fsmash can kill anywhere between 15-35%. This gives you an idea on the buff the character has. This also affects his special moves. 



R.O.B. is also a hot pick for Ultimate players. His two most notable solo kills include his fsmash which deals more damage the closer you are. The strongest hit deals 18.9%. This kills light characters at 75% and heavy characters at 115%. The other is his bair which deals 18.9% and kills anywhere between 83-125%. Though R.O.B. doesn't have strong solo attacks, his combo game and air mobility is one of the best, along with a fantastic recovery. 


Toon Link

Toon Link is one third of the Link installments in Ultimate. He, likes the other Links also have a great projectile and combo game which mean their solo moves suffer a small amount. Toon Link's strongest solo moves include his fsmash which deals 18.9%. This is the strongest hit which you can get closer to your opponent. This kills between 80-123% depending on the weight of the opponent. He also has a strong dair spike which deals 20.1% damage. 



Wolf was one of the most highly anticipated characters to return for this Smash installment. A favourite of players of all skill levels, Wolf does have some great options to kill. Wolf has a strong fsmash which deals 18.9% and kills between 73-110%. Wolf's side-B is his most vicious move, as it's fast moving and does 25.2%. The centre of the move spikes, so it's best to aim for that to end your opponent's stock early. He also has a dair spike which deals 16.3%. 



Villager has always had some unusual moves, from growing trees in the middle of the stage to throwing rockets at recovering opponents. Some of Villager's best solo kill moves include his fsmash; he drops a bowling ball onto the opponent. This kills the heaviest characters at 95% and the lightest at 60%. One of Villager's deadliest kills include the infamous tree, which when chopped in front of your opponent, lands on them and kills the heaviest character as early as 70% and the lightest at 42%. Villager has some interesting setups for kills as Villager's dsmash also forces them into the ground; providing the opponent doesn't mash out, you can set up for a fsmash kill or a tree timber. Finally, Villager's dair has a spike which deals 12.6%, but 16.3% if it doesn't spike. 


Mega Man

Mega Man has an array of interesting moves from projectiles to crazy tilts. One of his best moves is his up-tilt which deals 21.4% damage, providing you hit the sweetspot, which is easier to get when closer to the opponent. This will kill between 65-105%. Mega Man dsmash also does 21.4% and kills the heavy characters at the same percent, although much slower. He also has a dair spike which deals 15.1%. Though Megaman's solo moves aren't necessarily strong, it's a great moveset that strings together well, making his punish potential a lot stronger. 


Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit Trainer has some huge strength in her smash attacks. Her up-smash does 23% on the sweetspot which will kill the lightest character as early as 60% and the heaviest at 100%. This is harder to hit than her other smash attacks as you can only connect this above her head. Her fsmash does 19.5% and kills the lightest character at 70% and the heaviest at 110% but it's much easier to hit than the upsmash. Her dair also has a spike that deals 17.6%.


Rosalina and Luma

This troublesome twosome does quite a lot of damage together. Her fsmash does 23.9% with both hits from Rosalina and Luma and kills anywhere between 55-87% depending on weight. She also has a strong neutral-B, in which she charges Luma to smash into the opponent dealing 20.1% and kills between 60-95%. Rosalina and Luma also have a spike on their dair which does 10% damage.


Little Mac

Punch Out star, Little Mac, packs a colossal amount of damage in his fists. His fsmash is his strongest smash attack, hitting with 25.3% damage and killing as early as 61-100%. Little Mac also has a KO punch which can only be obtained by hitting your opponent or being hit by your opponent. There's a small bar above the character icon which will tell you when it's ready to go! When he finally gets it, it deals 44.1% and kills between 0-30% depending on weight. 



One of the more unusual Pokemon on the roster, Greninja is a fan favourite. His strongest smash attack is his fsmash which does 17.6% and kills anywhere between 75-115%. His side-B move does 12.6% but actually kills between 83-125%. Greninja may not have particularly strong solo kill moves but he has a great amount of speed and a fantastic combo game to help his competitive edge.



Since the game released, this gorgeous goddess became an instant hit with competitors; with a significant buff since her previous game. Palutena has some exceptionally strong moves with extensive knockback. Notably, her up-smash will kill a light character at 80% and a heavy at 120%. It deals a scary 20.1% at the base of the up-smash. Her down-smash is also insanely strong dealing 18.9% and killing a light character at the 85% mark and a heavier one at 125%. To complete the smash attack toolkit, her forward-smash also kills a light character at 85% and a heavy at 125% and it deals a hefty 16-20% depending on where you hit. Closer range helps Palutena's chances of killing with each of these moves. As if her smash attacks weren't enough, her aerials such as bair and up-air also kill. Up-air will kill a light character at 95%, dealing around 12.6% with all six hits of the moves. This will be a significantly higher percent to kill a heavy character with, so opt for bair with heavier characters, which will kill around 100-125% depending on weight and deals 15.1% damage.



Namco's own Pacman returns for Ultimate and still makes it tricky for opponents to defeat him. His fsmash is pretty strong, doing 20.1% damage and killing light characters at 68-105%. The rest of Pacman's moves aren't particularly strong but they do have some interesting properties. For example, his fire hydrant pushes opponents away with the leaking water which messes up their stage positioning. He also has an item in his neutral-B select which is a bell; this freezes the opponent in their place for a few seconds so you can captilise on that moment. Pacman also has some incredible movement when he turns into classic Pacman and his recovery is fairly good. 



Another of the Fire Emblem crowd that doesn't do too badly. Robin has been shunned a little due to speed but Robin has an interesting moveset. Robin has a bar above the character icon that shows a sword charge up meter. When this is full, Robin does a little extra damage. The fsmash does 20.1% damage and kills the heaviest character at 100% and the lightest at 65%, providing this bar is fully charged. This bar changed not only with a sword but with multiple books that do special effects helping with things such as recovery and projectiles, even restoring health. With full bars, Robin can do a lot of damage.



Shulk was a Smash4 favourite and has a multitude of different abilities: Speed, Jump, Smash, Buster and Shield. Speed gives him faster movement but it weakens his attacks and jumps. Jump increases his jump power but weakens his defenses. Smash gives him stronger launch ability but weaker attack and lower defenses. Buster gives Shulk stronger attacks but weaker defenses and his launch ability is weak. Finally, Shield gives you a stronger shield, higher defenses but lower jumps, weaker attacks and slow movement. His strongest smash attack is his fsmash which does 23.3% with his two hits and kills the lightest character at 68% and the heaviest character at 105%. His other smash attacks are only slightly weaker, so don't be afraid to use those too if need be! He also has a dair spike which deals 14.4%; you can hit with both parts of the dair and it'll still spike and give you 22% damage. 


Bowser Jr

Though he's Bowser's son, this character is lovable and truly not bad on the competitive side. Bowser Jr's moves are interesting as he's seated in a homemade chopper that allows him to attack and recover. His fsmash is his strongest doing 20.2% providing you get all six hits and kills between 67-105%. Bowser Jr also has a dair spike on each of his dair hits but his last. It has nine hits and the first eight spike. All nine hits do around 18%. Bowser Jr also has a charged neutral-B cannonball move which deals 25.2% and kills between 77-125%.


Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt returns! The dog and duck combo bring some of their history to the game, with projectiles and specials giving a nod to the original game. Their fsmash deals 21.7% and kills anywhere between 67-110%. Duck Hunt also have a two hit dair spike and it deals 18.9% if you connect both hits on your opponent. Both if these hits spike, so don't be down if you miss either hit.



Street Fighter's main mascots join in Ultimate. They keep they're same moves from their original franchise and have SF4 animation effects for some of their moves. There's a special input for their up-B moves. Ryu can do 22.6% damage and kill between 65-105% providing he does a shoryuken input instead of just a regular up-B which would only do 18.9% damage and wouldn't kill the lightest character until 85%. Ken does more damage on his shoryuken up b dealing 25.2% with all the hits but killing around 67-110%. Ryu's fsmash is also strong and deals 22.1% with the strong hit (at the end of the foot) and kills between 65-105%. Ken's fsmash is weaker in both knockback and damage. It deals 20.2% and kills 72-110%. Ryu and Ken share the same dair spike which deals 18.9%; although this spike sends them at a diagonal angle. 



Cloud can charge his limit by getting hit or hitting his opponent. Alternatively, down- Bwill charge it. While he's in limit mode, he moves slightly faster and all his special moves are buffed. When Cloud has his limit fully charged, his down-B move then lashes out and kills between 50-80% but interestingly, it only deals 1.2% damage, so you need it specifically to kill. His fsmash deals 22.8% providing you hit with each of the three moves. This will kill anywhere between 60-95%. Cloud also has a dair spike that deals 18.9%.

Lucky says, "I've been trying to play a bit more Cloud and Yoshi lately and they both have fantastic back airs for kill moves. Also, Cloud's limit projectile is amazing for catching people off-stage, securing a kill or forcing an off-stage option from your opponent. I absolutely love Cloud's limit with how strong projectiles have been early on in the game's meta. If someone doesn't want to approach, you can just charge it up and have an amazing tool to use for free."



With a range to scare any newcomer, Corrin has a really interesting moveset. The Fire Emblem star can deal 19.1% with her fsmash and, although it struggles to kill the lightest character until 76% and the heaviest character until 110%, it has a massive amount of range. More notably, her neutral-B when charged does a huge amount of damage, peaking 39% damage with every hit. This kills between 47- 85%. Corrin unfortunately does not have a spike. 



Bayonetta terrorised Smash 4; she regularly won major tournaments and had multiple competitors calling for her ban. That didn't stop her from finessing across the stage to eliminate the opposing competitor. Though she has been nerfed for this installment of Smash, she still isn't a bad character by any means. Her pretty moveset includes her fsmash which deals 20.4% with the strongest hit and kills between 70-110%. Her other smash attacks are still very strong but not quite as strong as fsmash. Bayonetta doesn't have any special moves that kill, but she famously has Witch Time which slows down the opponent's time making them much slower. Bayonetta can capitilise on this and kill during this window. 



Inkling has an effect in which their paint makes all their moves much stronger. Without this, their moves are still pretty strong. Their fsmash is their best smash attack; dealing 20.2% and killing between 76-120%. Though none of the special moves kill on their own, they are amazing set-ups. The roller sticks the opponent into the ground, freezing them in place until you can get a punish. Each of Inkling's moves will leave paint on the opponent, so this will also make it more difficult for the opponent to survive. Inkling also has a dair spike which deals 15.1%.

HugS says, "It's hard to say which effect is most useful, as we're still figuring out how to break out of some effects, or properly DI others. I'd say some special effects, like Inkling's roller and other moves that bury opponents, are going to remain very useful in the meta."



Ridley was an instant hit when he was announced! This character was begged for by Nintendo fans everywhere and he does not disappoint. His fsmash is his strongest smash attack doing 25.2% and killing as early as 50% and as late as 85%, depending on their weight. Notably, Ridley has his down-B move which does no knockback but deals 63% to the opponent, in which you can follow up with any smash attack move to end the stock.



Castelvania stars Simon and Richter have been a hot pick for Smash fans. Loaded with projectiles and an insane range on their whips, Simon and Richter make it difficult to come close enough to attack. As they're exact echoes, they share the same knockback and damage. Once again, the fsmash is the strongest smash attack of the moveset and deals 22.6% and kills between 70-95% and has a ridiculous amount of range. In terms of set-up, Holy Water, which is their down-B move, sets up very well for an fsmash punish. They do not have a spike. 


King K Rool

The Royal Reptile has been causing trouble for casual and competitive players everywhere. Built with plenty of super armour and some tricky projectiles, it's hard to maneuver around this large character. His down-smash is the easiest smash attack to hit and has a bunch of super armour while his fsmash does around 0.8% more, dealing 23.9% total. Both these attacks kill between 50-85%. His cannonball, dependent on placement, will kill at around a mid percent. When his first cannonball gets sucked back into his cannon, it blasts back out, stronger and much more likely to kill! King K Rool overall has some strong moves such as his ftilt and his dtilt which sticks the opponent into the ground so that K Rool can punish! 

Lucky says, "K Rool still feels the easiest, considering he can get a guaranteed kill at higher percents with his down throw."



A wildcard addition to the Smash roster, no one expected Isabelle to join the fight and Animal Crossing fans rejoiced! Her fsmash deals 21.4% and kills 67-105%. Isabelle also has a dair spike that deals 12.6% damage. Isabelle doesn't have particularly strong solo kill moves but she has a lot of range with her fishing rod and it's pretty difficult to get around her projectiles. She can also plant a rocket in the ground that unleashes when the opponent stands on it. Her recovery is fantastic and goes as high as the Final Destination stage. 



The exciting wrestling-based Incineroar does a great deal of damage with many of his moves, but some don't necessarily have the knockback to kill. However, the best ones include his dair, fsmash, and his down-smash. His dair, providing you hit it correctly, will spike so it's an easy kill dealing 18.8% if you can send them off the stage first. Although, no need to panic if you miss the sweetspot as it still deals a reasonable 17.6% on the sourspot. Down-smash is also fantastic as it deals between around 20% depending on the hitbox and kills the heaviest character at 100%, meaning every other character in the game will die much sooner than this! Lastly, Incineroar's forward-smash can do an insane amount of damage; racking anywhere between 20-26%, depending again on the hitbox. If you manage to get the strong hit, it will kill the heaviest character at 75% meaning it's a sure-fire way to destroy every character on the roster at an unbelievably early percent!


Piranha Plant 

Piranha Plant was subject to a lot of controversy when he was announced. He was a DLC and is the newest addition to the roster. His fsmash is stronger at the tip dealing 24% kills between 63-100%. His up-smash is also very close in terms of decency, dealing 19% with two hits and killing between 65-105%. When he fully charges his down-B move, it's 32.7% with the strongest hit and will kill between 70-110%. Piranha Plant also has a dair spike which deals 13.8% damage. 


Mii Fighters

To start, Mii Brawler's strong smash attack is fsmash which does 22.9% and kills between 53-85%. His side-B is also very strong, dealing 20.1% damage and killing the heaviest character as low as 105%. Brawler also has a spike which deals 16.3%. Mii Sword Fighter's fsmash and up-smash are very similar in damage and knockback but fsmash is slightly better. Fsmash deals 17.6% and kills between 75-110%. Sword Fighter does not have a spike on his dair; it's more of a drill move. Mii Gunner's strongest smash attack is his fsmash which deals 23% but doesn't kill the heaviest character until 120% and the lightest at a late 80%. Mii Gunner does not have a spike on his dair. 

HugS says, "I only know the most about my main character, Mii Gunner, but the move I find most useful for killing is his forward smash, which has a ridiculous amount of range. It's mostly great at catching people off guard, and other moves will become more vital for killing in the future. For Mii Gunner, Super Missiles and charge shots are the best for killing, with bombs and the fire pillar being great for confirming the kill with the charge shot."


Each of these characters comes with more than just a solo kill move. Each character has a beautiful strong combo potential or a great amount of air mobility or even a fantastic recovery. Though certain characters seem to have weaker moves than others, some benefit greatly from their other attributes. Figure out what works for you and your character. Don't forget, this is from one stage, right in the centre. These moves will kill early at th