Interview with DIG Liquidz on Training, Miramar and Competitiveness



Wed 3rd Jan 2018 - 7:00pm

Hailing from a comprehensive esports background, we've had a chance to chat with a member of our PUBG lineup, Florian "Liquidz" Bruyere! We've had a chance to talk about the latest updates, honing PUBG skills and more!

How do you feel about this opportunity to represent Team Dignitas?

Liquidz: I’m excited to represent such a great org, as I haven’t represented one this large before, and I can’t wait to see my future with Team Dignitas.

To our fans who may not know you, what’s your background in competitive gaming?

Liquidz: I’ve mostly played on console so the only background you will find on me is probably related to Smite Worlds Season 2. Other than that, I did play a great deal of Halo 3/Evolve undefeated monster ESL, as well as Overwatch.

How do you think your Smite experience and skills translate into PUBG?

Liquidz: It doesn’t, and the reason for that is I was a console player, and a MOBA doesn't really connect with PUBG and FPS survival. The only thing I can pull from that would be my comms, or the ability to receive criticism well.

Do you find yourself enjoying PUBG more than Smite?

Liquidz: Yes, I definitely enjoy PUBG much more than Smite. For one, the Smite community at the time on console was very toxic, and also I never liked Smite - the only reason I even played competitively was mostly because it paid.

Let’s talk about the current PTR. What do you think of Miramar? In terms of competitive integrity, how does it hold up against Erangel?

Liquidz: It’s hard to say but I don’t think it will work out. The vehicles are too slow and the map is too open. Pushing a compound or high ground is going to be very difficult. Most compounds are surrounded by open field, which makes it easy for them to see us coming and gun us down. Pushing high ground, you can’t drive uphill faster than 30-40kph, which makes you extremely easy to kill. So the better option is to go on foot, which is just as risky because you’re vulnerable from everywhere – you’re pushing a squad with high ground while most likely getting crossed by a compound or another squad on the opposite hill. But we’ll see, I could be wrong.

Miramar’s got a few new exclusive weapons - the Sawed-Off, the Win94 and the R45. Compared to their Erangel counterparts, how do they hold up?

Liquidz: The only one I see being useful is the saw-off. The reason is because you can now run any AR with a sniper and a shotgun - kind of OP, when you think about it. Mid/long/close range, there is no weakness.

You and Suntouch have torn up the leaderboards in PUBG. How did the two of you first become duo partners, and what makes you both such an effective combo together?

Liquidz: I’m not really sure. I think we just had synergy and then became familiar with each other’s playstyles. It probably helps that we actually respect each other enough to listen to each other’s feedback as well.

Between your four-man crew with Suntouch, spajKK and ZiphoN, how would you describe your role in the team?

Liquidz: The Scout/Salvager, and the most obvious - The Carry. LOL

What’s your personal approach to improving at PUBG? How do you handle personal improvement, and how many hours do you sink into practice a week?

Liquidz: Grinding and receiving criticism from my teammates usually helps a lot. Actual practice is hard to come by. The best practice we get is from scrims which we put in about 15-20 hours a week of tier 1 lobbies. Getting the top 80 players together on a schedule isn’t easy.

Most recently, you took part in the GlobalLoot PUBG Pre-Season, in which Team Dignitas finished 10th (out of 18). How do you feel about your performance during this tournament?

Liquidz: The best teams in the world were competing in that tournament. To be able to say we’re a top 10 team is incredible, but I want more! I also think we could have done much better and we will continue to improve every time.

Before your next competitive event, what skills do you think you’ll focus on honing the most?

Liquidz: The next competitive event is most likely going to be on Miramar, therefore I need to focus on learning every ridge/compound/tree/vehicle spawns, etc.

Do you have any closing words?

Liquidz: The support in Twitch chat was amazing in GLL, so thank you so much for that and I look forward to representing Team Dignitas.

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