Interview with LiNkzr on joining Team Dignitas, Gamescom 2016, and upcoming changes to Overwatch



Thu 1st Sep 2016 - 9:11am

Jiri 'LiNkzr' Masalin is the flex player for the Team Dignitas Overwatch team. The six of them were part of Creaton eSports prior to getting picked up by Team Dignitas and played their first LAN together at Gamesom 2016. LiNkzr, one of the younger players on the roster, has high hopes and expectations for the team. In this interview, we discuss the team getting sponsored by Team Dignitas, his opinions on Gamescom 2016, and the upcoming changes to Overwatch.

Welcome to Team Dignitas! How does it feel being sponsored by a well known eSports organization?

LiNkzr: It's always been a dream of mine to play games as a profession. I have been trying a long time to have a breakthrough and I'm so happy it finally happened.


Are there any communication issues in the team due to the different backgrounds of all the players?

LiNkzr: Not really. We might be few-worded but in the game we always try to get the important information out.


Does the Overwatch team focus on scrimming other teams or do you queue as a group in competitive?

LiNkzr: You want to keep practicing against other high-skilled teams since the environment is completely different from what you get in a competitive queue. Practicing against top teams in your regions and a few outside is always better practice.


After the 0:2 against Misfits, how would you describe the team morale?

LiNkzr: We were sad and depressed. We didnt talk at all at our way back at hotel, but next day we were talking about the game and just figuring out how to improve.


Following that up, how do you plan on improving to ensure better results in the future?

LiNkzr: Well right now, we are working on few solutions when it comes to swapping roles. It's always important to keep working on fundamentals in overwatch, ex. how do we want to take this fight, or how do we use our abilities.


Other than the Overwatch match against Misfits, how did you enjoy Gamescom?

LiNkzr:  I liked it overall. I met a lot of amazing people and the Gamescom booths and all were fun to visit.


There are a few new maps coming out for Overwatch that were announced at Gamescom and the Overwatch team has tried them out. What do you think about them?

LiNkzr:  I personally enjoy it. It opens up new opportunities when it comes to line-ups and the layout of the map in general isn't what we are used to seeing. I'm excited to play it!


On the team, you're the flex player and are able to play multiple heroes depending on the team's needs. What hero class do you lean towards the most? Offense, Defense, Support, or Tank? 

LiNkzr: I lean towards more DPS kind of role personally. In every type of game, I always practice most of the roles equally, and then try to dwell deeper into the heroes or weapons, but in the end I always end up being the DPS role.


Following that up, who is your favorite hero?

LiNkzr: Oddly enough my favourite hero is Mei. I don't really understand why.


Where did your in-game name come from?

LiNkzr: When I was a kid with Gameboy, I always enjoyed playing Legend of Zelda. Then I was like "Oh, might as be Link".. I ended up adding "zr" in the end though, because I noticed there were too many people with the name "Link" and I wanted to be unique. 


Who on the roster have you known the longest?

LiNkzr: I knew Art1er and Draceus the longest. We played in the same team in Dirty Bomb.


How does your family feel about you pursuing a career as a professional gamer?

LiNkzr: Well before Overwatch, they were skeptical, because nothing was really happening. After explaining my plans for Overwatch and what it can entail, they were understanding and now they are even following my games!


What would you be doing if you weren't a professional Overwatch player for Team Dignitas?

LiNkzr: Probably playing professional Overwatch for some other team! No, but for real I would probably be studying Psychology in a University.


How does your average day look?

LiNkzr: Eating breakfast, catching up on social media, watch few episodes of something, stream for few hours, cook food, scrim, eat, scrim, watch vods/tournaments!


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