Team Dignitas signs two players and coach to Clash Royale team



Fri 27th Apr 2018 - 4:00pm

Earlier this month, we announced our participation in Supercell's Clash Royale League (CRL). Today, we're delighted to announce the addition of our first three members to the Team Dignitas Clash Royale team. Maxence "MaxLaMenace" Piriou from France and George "Trainer Diputs" Galvin from the United States will compete under team coach Benjamin "Ben™" Rogers from the United Kingdom in the inaugural CRL European Region season, commencing in August 2018. MaxLaMenace and Trainer Diputs will serve as the team's protected players, a classification given by the Clash Royale League to secure a player to a team prior to the league's draft. 

MaxLaMenace is a decorated competitor, with first place victories at the MSC Winter French Cup 2017, MSC Autumn 2017 and SLO 2017. He has earned top-five finishes at the presitigous ESWC Summer 2017 European Championship and ESWC GamesCom 2017 European Championship. As part of Team France, MaxLaMenace finished second in the MGL Worlds event, which featured 64 international teams.

Trainer Diputs was the first player in the world to achieve Grand Champion status, earning 6,100 trophies in the game. Additionally, Trainer Diputs is the Clash Royale NYC Winter Wars Champion, served as the captain for the Royale Premier League World Championship and has finished Top 15 in ladder play competition. 

Ben™, former Captain of the United Kingdom National team and former Coach for top Clash Royale team, Tribe Gaming, will coach and support Team Dignitas’ new Clash Royale team.

"I am extremely proud and excited to be given this role in an organization like Team Dignitas with such a rich history in esports. Identifying and nurturing talented players for competition at an elite level is the part of this industry that inspires me.", said Coach Ben™. "I truly approach coaching in a holistic manner, considering each player's history, experience, wellness and development integral pieces in building a true team. In a team-based league, team cohesion and a positive, productive vibe is going to be the key to success. I dare our competitors to sleep on us this season."

Over the next few months, MaxLaMenace, Trainer Diputs and Ben™ will be preparing for the league's August 2018 start date. The remainder of the Team Dignitas Clash Royale team will be signed at the inaugural Clash Royale League draft which will take place this summer.  

Join us in welcoming our new Team Dignitas members! 

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