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Wed 15th Feb 2012 - 9:23pm

Aleksandar "Beastyqt" Krstic is a professional Starcraft 2 Terran player from Serbia playing for Team Empire. He has participated in several bigger LAN events such as IEM Global Challenge Cologne 2011, Dreamhack Winter 2011 and World Cyber Games Grand Finals 2011 in Busan and doing very well in online tournaments such as Go4SC2, Sennheiser cup, ZOTAC cup, GIGABYTE CUP and so on.

In this interview we will cover some of the basic questions about his pro gaming career, his past experiences and his future expectations

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First off, tell us something about yourself.

Beastyqt: Hello, I am Aleksandar Krstic from Serbia, Nis, I’m 21 years old and playing Starcraft 2 professionally for Team Empire

Was it difficult to break onto the scene as a professional player? Did your stream help you get there?

Beastyqt: A lot of it comes down to where the player is from and how well  he privately knows the casters and tournament organizers. The more people he knows the easier it is to get onto the scene because the casters can help you a lot by promoting you, and with that you will get invited to tournaments easier where you’ll have a chance to prove yourself. Streaming will only help you if there is already a hype around you, but if unknown players stream it is irrelevant because people don’t watch streams of people who aren’t famous :)


As you already mentioned the part about the casters helping out newcomers getting into the scene, was there anyone that helped you in that part? If you want to name them of course.

Beastyqt: The only ones who have helped me and are still helping me are Rotterdam and Mr. Bitter because they know my worth :), they are the two “famous” casters, but there were also a lot of the less known ones.


Excellent. Before you got in the scene and became famous, did you have any idols or players who you looked up to and do you still have any now?

Beastyqt: While playing Starcraft 2 casually I’ve always wanted to be an unpredictable player so I’ve tried to learn the best from each player regardless of him being an alliner or a macro player. From foreign players, I’ve learned macro games from Kas, while for allins I’ve watched a lot of GSL but also VOD’s from MVP for solid macro play and MMA for multitasking, but to sum it up, a bit from every player. Currently I have no idols :) but I still love to watch MVP and MMA play.

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Have you played any games more seriously before you got into Starcraft? I think I’ve read somewhere that you played CS, was that a pure fun casual thing? Also, how did you get into Starcraft?

Beastyqt: I’ve played a lot of games but always casually with my friends, I was never interested in becoming a pro player in any game. I’ve played CS for a few years, same as DOTA and a few MMO games. I have also played Brood War 3-4 months before Starcraft 2 came out. I got into Sc2 through a friend who bugged me for a few weeks to try it out on his account and when I actually agreed we played a lot of 3v3 and 4v4. When he wasn’t online I tried to play 1v1 and got to top 200 on EU server very fast as Zerg. But after some time I switched to Teran because after playing Zerg in Brood War it wasn’t as interesting to play in Sc2, at least for me :).


Are you doing anything except Starcraft at the moment? Studying, working etc or are you completely devoted to gaming?

Beastyqt: Currently I’m 100% into Sc2 but I’m very lazy when it comes to practicing if there is no LAN or some invitational for which I practice a lot before it begins.


I think a lot of your fans would be interested, myself included, in how your standard day looks like when you practice Starcraft? Since I’ve watched your stream a dozen of times and I saw that you can play 20, 30 or even 40 games in a row I’d say that stamina and endurance would be a prime trait of a pro gamer.

Beastyqt: It all depends on how much sleep I had :) sometimes I’ll simply wake up in the morning, check what’s new on Team Liquid, eat some breakfast and simply get the urge to play Sc2 and I’ll feel good while playing it. During days like that it’s not a problem to play even up to 40 games. Every time I have a nice day like that most of my games are wins, it’s never hard to win :D


Are you satisfied with 2011. for yourself and for the Sc2 scene in general? Is there anything you’d maybe change or do that you didn’t have a chance of doing?

Beastyqt: I’ve been on several international LAN’s in the past year and played very badly losing to players who I beat on ladder regularly, but too much mistakes result in loss :)


Of course. While we’re at it a lot of people think that it’s easy to go play on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people, and you’ve experienced it first hand. How does it feel actually? Is there a lot of pressure on live events?

Beastyqt: There’s always pressure that’s normal, I think no one ever came to a LAN event and felt 100% the same as when playing from home, but that’s all in the LAN description. People who watch sometimes don’t understand that on LAN’s it isn’t only “who’s the better player” there’s a lot of factors from how you feel that day when you have to play your games to the conditions of playing on the LAN event.


What are your thoughts about the new 1.4.3 patch? Mule nerf, ghost nerf, phoenix buff, maps.

Beastyqt: Mule nerf was necessary and it won’t affect Sc2 because all of the tournaments already use goldless third bases.

Phoenix buff – I wouldn’t get much into that since I don’t play P or Z but i think that it wasn’t necessary because most Zergs in Korea say that Protoss should always win, as it already is, so an additional boost to Protoss probably isn’t needed, but as I said before I don’t play that matchup :)

As for the ghost nerf, Terran already had the lowest win rate after the 20 minute mark in the game and this will weaken us even more late game. The nerf would be ok if Ravens wouldn’t be so useless so Terran would have additional stuff to be able to kill broodlords and currently I don’t believe that Terran can come up with a new viable strat vs Broodlords. It’s going to be very hard. I hope that Korean Terrans will come up with some new 1 or 2 base allins in TvZ :).

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In your opinion what is currently imbalanced in the game, or maybe not imbalanced but poorly designed? Is there anything you’d change or even scrap from the game completely?

Beastyqt: First I would scrap or nerf offensive warpgate and greatly reduce the AOE damage of all units in the game. Because in late game where there’s 200 vs 200 1 little mistake can be game ending by a single EMP, fungal or a storm and that’s pretty bad for a game if you ask me. I’d also nerf MULEs by 50% and probably reduce the additional larva from larva inject from 4 to 2 so the game would “slow down” a bit. If you compare Sc2 to Brood War players here max out and remax too fast because those things.


I agree. Heart of the swarm, will you be playing? Sticking to Terran?

Beastyqt: Of course :D I have self respect!


Haha. Now the main question – Korea – have anything planned?

Beastyqt: My thought on this subject is that Koreans are the best overall players in the world but I don’t feel like it’s required to go to Korea to be able to compete with them. Of course going there would greatly help but practicing with other top EU players can achieve the same result but a lot of EU players only play ladder and simply don’t train enough. As for my plan for Korea, there isn’t one at the moment, but you never know :). I’d rather go to an EU or NA pro house if there are top players there I could practice with, as I feel that in Korea you can pretty much achieve that by only playing ladder.


And we have come to an end, thank you Aleksander for your time. Any shoutouts?

Beastyqt: Shoutout to all my fans, I’ll try to make my results this year much better, to all the people I know and of course to my team Team Empire and our sponsors for their support – Razer, Intel, Adidas and Seagate :). And last but not least a welcome to our newest addition to the team – Violet and I hope that he wins this IEM in Sao Paolo :) he’s a great guy.

While talking with Beasty Violet was playing the IEM Sao Paulo finals vs oGsSuperNova and won, so congrats to him and Team Empire.

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