DreAm joins Team Dignitas!



Fri 11th Nov 2011 - 5:46pm

We are extremely excited to welcome the first Chinese player ever to be in Team Dignitas! ShiJie Zhu aka DreAm is a Protoss player currently living and studying in the UK. He recently attended the EGL London Emirates event where he came third, beating his new team mate TanDongHo. Next up for him will be Multiplay i44 together with TanDongHo and BlinG. Welcome!


ShiJie 'DreAm' Zhu:

"I'm glad to join such a great team like Team Dignitas. With their help I wish to build up my reputation and get some really good results. I hope I can get the same level as my team mates ASAP, also, all to best to 4Kings and thanks for their help for the past six months."

Team Dignitas Starcraft II:

Protoss Bischu - Jesper Johansson
Terran merz - Tim Olsson
Terran SjoW - Jeffrey Brusi
 Zerg Apollo - Shaun Clark
 Protoss BlinG - Samayan Kay
 Terran PureBall - Marty Rome
Terran SeleCT - Kyung Hyun Ryoo
 Zerg TanDongHo - Dong Ho Tan
 Zerg KiLLeR - Felipe Zuñiga
Protoss DreAm - ShiJie Zhu