Shing joins Team Dignitas Smite



Wed 23rd Jul 2014 - 9:35pm


Over a year ago we picked up the SMITE team formerly known as ROOT Gaming. In their time with us, they have experienced immense success, winning every event but the $200k Launch Tournament where they came second to the European TSM.

By many considered the best North American SMITE team, we have also had the longest standing roster in high level SMITE and were the only team not undergoing any changes following the Launch Tournament.

However, every streak comes to an end eventually and it is with a heavy heart that we remove Anatoliy 'AnatoLiy' Alekseyenok from the solo lane role following the upcoming NA Regionals event. While he has been instrumental in the team's development and success, the team has decided that a change is needed in order to field the best possible lineup going into the Smite World Championship in January.

Toliy will stay with the team and continue to represent Team Dignitas. He will be taking on a coaching role as well as act as our substitute player. 



Joining us as our new solo laner will be Alex 'Shing' Rosa, former jungler for Snipe Gaming. The team has the utmost respect for Alex's skills and experience, having played with him in Juice and ROOT Gaming. While we expect his move from jungle to solo lane to be bumpy at first, we are convinced he can become the best solo laner around.

Keep reading for an interview with Shing regarding his feelings leaving Snipe and his expectations joining our ranks.




First of all I'd like to officially welcome you to the team! I take it you are pretty excited yourself to join Team Dignitas?


I am very excited! I've been playing Smite with these guys for about two years now. I have been on a team previously with Lassiz and have always wanted to be a part of Zapman's team, so I am very happy for the opportunity to play on their side.



Let's start off by talking about you leaving Snipe Gaming following the NA Regionals. Without going into too much private detail, what were your considerations in that regard and are you on good terms with your team mates?


Well, as any other Smite player is trying to do, I want to reach the upcoming Smite World Championship. Team Dignitas has always been, and in my opinion will continue to be, a top 2 team and that's what is needed to get there. So when I was offered the solo lane position, I knew to accept it right away. Snipe is a great team, but sadly I feel that dignitas has a better chance. However, I am still good friends with the players on Snipe, especially my closest friends Allied and Incontinentia, they understood my decision completely. They are already trying out new junglers for the team and I wish them the best.



Especially after the warrior nerfs and the subsequent dominance of mages in the solo lane, the god pools of jungle and solo lane don't have a huge overlap. What are your thoughts on moving from the jungle into the solo lane?


I don't think it'll be too difficult to perform well in the solo lane. While I know I can play the bruisers/assassins at a top level in the lane, I know that I do need to brush up on my mages, when to build specific items against certain matchups and performing well timed rotations, but all that will require is time and practice...which I will be putting 100% of my energy into to show that I am taking my new position seriously, and to not let down my new team.



What goals have you set yourself for the upcoming SWC schedule? How long do you think it will take you to get accustomed to both a new role and a new team?


I plan on practicing the role and learning the ins and outs of the lane and the matchups I will be up against. I know the other team's solo laners have a big advantage on me due to them having always been solo laners, but I trust in myself and my skill to be able to compete against the best of them in a short amount of time. I want to be able to do this by the end of the upcoming LAN event, so we as a team can perform our best in the upcoming Smite Pro League.



Finally, you're welcome to leave a message to the SMITE community, be it to all the Shing fans or the DiG and Snipe supporters.


I just want to thank all of those out there who have supported me through all the decisions I have made while I was the captain of Snipe Gaming. Everything I did was to try and better the team, and get us as far in tournaments as possible. I believe Snipe will continue to perform very well without me and I wish them the best of luck. I hope that some of you Snipe fans will continue to root for me as I transition into my new role and team. Also, I want to thank Allied and Incontinentia from the bottom of my heart for all we've experienced together, I wouldn't still be playing if it weren't for them.


We would like to once more welcome Shing to Team Dignitas as we're sure we'll see great things coming out of our new solo laner! Make sure to follow Shing on Twitter under @DIGShing.