Team Dignitas ventures into SMITE



Thu 27th Jun 2013 - 7:24am

Team Dignitas is always looking to expand into new games to support promising teams and players as much as we can. That is why we are glad to announce the very first SMITE team that will be playing under the Team Dignitas brand.

The team, formerly known as ROOT, will make an appearance at RTX where they face Snipe Gaming in a $3000 showmatch. We are looking forward to see our new squad in action and hopefully they can count on your support aswell.

Without further ado, we welcome our new SMITE squad.

Introducing the players


Drew 'Lassiz' Boyd

Twitter: @dignitaslassiz

"I love my team, I love my gal, and I LOVE DIGNITAS!"


Anatoliy 'AnatoLiy' Alekseyenok

Twitter: @diganatoliy

"When we first started playing Smite roughly a year ago, joining an eSports organization was the last thing on our minds as we were focused on loving to play this awesome game while learning as much as we can.

As the game evolved with additional gods, items, map changes, so did the competitive scene, tournament involvement and viewership. Only a few months rolled by as Smite quickly sparked a lot of outside interest. Joining the ranks of Team Dignitas is such an honor and privilege for all of us.

We will continue to work harder than ever before and show the world how fun Smite is to play!"


Steven 'Zapman' Zapas


"I am very excited for this opportunity to play for a very well established and respected organization. I can't wait to play under the Team Dignitas Tag and will do my best to represent my brand and the Smite community."



Jeremy 'TheBest' Dailey

Twitter: @thebestonsmite

"I just used to play Lol casually and when I first started playing smite over a year ago I never really thought I would be that good, that's why I first picked my name to be a joke; turns out I was decent at the game. I instantly fell in love with the game, the community and the players. I'm really glad to be blessed with the talent to be playing with these other great players. I'm so excited to be joining Team Dignitas and hope to make playing smite my full time job after highschool."



Erich 'Shadowq' Grabowski

Twitter: @theshadowq

"I'm very excited to be part of Team Dignitas and look forward to the future of the Smite competitive scene."