Interview with DIGSMITE's Jungler Qvofred



Thu 7th Nov 2019 - 10:42pm

The regular season is now in the books and we look ahead towards Worlds on the 15th November. With teams still looking to make it to HRX, our DIGSMITE team can solely focus on preparing for the biggest event on the Smite calendar. With the team coming out of their first full season in the new format, we got the chance to talk to DIGSMITE's Jungler Anders "Qvofred" Korsbo about how the team feel the year has went overall and look ahead towards Worlds itself.

How are the team feeling heading into worlds?

Qvofred: We feel pretty confident. We came out of our last week of the season pretty hot, so we are feeling great honestly.

How do the team feel about finishing 4th overall at the end of the season?

Qvofred: I think after Phase One, we were thinking that it was looking really good. We were second overall at the end of that phase. Then the second phase, we had a few more loses and we didn’t think we were in the best of places at that point and we need to fix some stuff. Eventually, we came around and started swinging again which felt pretty good. We don’t really mind 4th overall, 1-4 is kind of the same for us, besides top seeding getting easier teams in the first round.

The team will be facing PK at Worlds. How do you guys feel about that draw?

Qvofred: I think PK is probably the luckiest draw we could have got. I think our style into their style is in favour of us, obviously they have their coach playing now instead of Zyhroes. They also did a role swap with that, so I think we should be going into that match with our heads high.

Overall what are the positives and negatives you can take from this season?

Qvofred: It’s been a great experience being over in America and playing with the boys over here in an environment where you’re with each other all day. At the same, it is kind of a negative as you kind of want to have your own time and be in your own room. Another big positive is the LAN environment, you’re always on LAN and game day actually means something and feels like something which is really nice.

How are you guys feeling about the meta heading into Worlds?

Qvofred: Honestly, I think the meta has been kind of annoying to play in. The supports have been all over the place, you go into one game and the support is running you down before the game even starts and you don’t really know what to do. It’s been really frustrating to deal with for sure. It’s something I haven’t really been enjoying too much personally.

Hoping for some big jungle changes in Season 7 then?

Qvofred: Hell yeah!

What have been the biggest takeaways for you from the first year in America?

Qvofred: I didn’t realise that I’d miss my home so much. I came over here thinking half a year over here doesn’t sound too bad, but time goes by and you realise you can’t turn off Smite and go hang out with your family or friends. It’s like a full-time kind of thing.

Compare the start of this season to now, what have been the biggest differences within the team would you say?

Qvofred: I think within the team we have a better environment to some extent than we had with our previous roster. Back then there were more arguing and silent moments, we still have them occasionally here, but I think we are working on our game way better than we have before.

How do you feel your performance personally has been this season?

Qvofred: I think my performance was super strong in Phase One and then, in Phase Two, we came back from Denmark and at MSI we didn’t really perform as we should have as a team. Then I had a bit of a burnout period during Phase Two. But the past month or two I’ve come back and really enjoy playing and think I’m performing quite well.

How has the overall experience been for you living in the team house and the LAN experience?

Qvofred: Living in the team house and LAN has been great. No bad vibes in the house or on LAN, we’ve been taken care of really nicely and it’s been a really good time.

What's been your best highlight off the battleground from this year?

Qvofred: It has to be the day on the lake with Trix and his brother and a couple of other guys from Hi-Rez and other teams, it was just super nice. Going water skiing and wakeboarding and whatnot was really fun.

Finally, to conclude the interview, are there any shout-outs you want to make?

Qvofred: Shout-out to Dignitas for hooking us up, shout-out to my teammates for being who they are and owning what they do and shout-out to you for doing a great job hanging out with me.

I'd like to thank Qvofred for taking the time to do this interview (and the shout-out) and wish him and the team the best of luck at Worlds.

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