Team Dignitas SPL Summer Split Week 3 Preview



Sun 10th Jun 2018 - 10:44am

Following a victory over Obey Alliance, Team Dignitas continues through the summer split with their upcoming set against SK Gaming.

Team Dignitas vs SK Gaming, Monday, June 11th, 9:00 pm CET

While SK Gaming is a strong team, they will not have an easy game against Team Dignitas. In the duo lane, Arkkyl and Trixtank will face off against Funballer and Halfdevil. While Funballer has a lot of prestige in the scene, his synergy with Halfdevil will have a tough time matching that of Arkkyl and Trixtank. Team Dignitas' duo lane have proven time and time again that their ability to play together as one unit is bar none, which means beating them in lane is a rare occurrence.

One of Team Dignitas' shining stars recently has been QvoFred, as his aggressive jungle play has been key to a lot of Team Dignitas' recent successes. His ability to be consistent throughout sets and play a vast variety of gods lets him dominate in any matchup. SK's Faeles' is going to need to step up his game to rival QvoFred but he's also proven that he should not be underestimated.

In the midlane the matchup is quite even, as both Lawbster and Zyrhoes are experienced midlaners with a lot of mechanical skill at their disposal. In the past, Lawbster has struggled to find answers for Zyrhoes' high impact play and aggression. Times change and Lawbster has surely come up with ways to counter Zyrhoes, so Team Dignitas' mid laner is going to have to bring his usual A-game.

Finally, the solo lane. Duck3y is a smart and strong solo laner, a former veteran of Team Dignitas. This will be an interesting matchup against Team Dignitas' Variety. The teams de facto frontliner and aggressive player, Variety, often has a big impact on the game, even in games where Team Dignitas loses. All this means Duck3y will have to fight hard to overcome his rival, especially if he wants to give SK Gaming a fighting chance.

Overall, while this should be a fun set to watch, Team Dignitas should be able to add this set to their list of successes this split.