Interview with Trixtank: Smite Masters



Thu 31st May 2018 - 3:43pm

Team Dignitas' Smite team competed in the first LAN of the year three weeks ago, Smite Masters, where our Smite team faced the best in the world over five days of competitive Smite in the new double elimination format. Our Smite team finished second at the LAN where the best from all six regions competed to see who the best team in the Spring Split was.

We caught up with Jeppe "Trixtank" Gylling and asked about how the LAN went from his point of view and his opinion on the new studios Hi-Rez had built for the LAN. On top of asking how he felt about the new format used for the LAN environment.

You just landed a second place at SMITE Masters, how was the event for you and how do you feel about your placement?

Trixtank: The event was great! We had a lot of fun, but we are sad about the second place because we had the first place in our hands. Just gotta close it out next time!


New format for the LAN tournament this time around, what did you think of the 5 day double elimination format?

Trixtank: I like the new format. The double elim is alright, as it's great to see teams adapt. Rival did a great job against us with that, but then again I feel like we played pretty poorly!


With Hi-Rez having a newly built area for LANs how was the experience there?

Trixtank: The gaming setups are way nicer and the closed off rooms are as well, as you can talk privately, which is great. I love the new scene and the new practice rooms!


How was it to see players from all over the world compete at one event? What are your impressions of the other teams, who impressed you the most?

Trixtank: It's more fun. We are used to playing all the EU teams so it's nice playing against some international teams! I don't know who I am most impressed with: both EU teams did get into the finals, so I'm not sure. All in all the whole tournament was kind of what we expected!


Let’s discuss the final, why do you think the team was not able to close out the Team Rival set?

Trixtank: I think we stressed out in picks and bans and started losing our game plan. What happened was they had adjusted and we tried to adapt to it, but we committed a little too hard, so they got really good picks the last two games.


Aphrodite was a highly regarded pick all set. What made her so sought after?

Trixtank: On LAN everyone plays way more carefully, so it's easier for a god like Aphrodite to come online. Aphro has always been very good late game, but it has never been easy to get her through the early.


I know it's heartbreaking to get so far into the tournament and not win it, but are there positives you can take from the LAN?

Trixtank: One positive is always the LAN experience, but of course the trip overall was great. We had a lot of good laughs and enjoyed ourselves, so a lot of positives to bring back!


With the Summer Split coming up soon, is this where you guys are going to take a break or is there a drive to play and build on the LAN experience?

Trixtank: We have taken a 1-week break but are on the practice grind right now!


What did you dislike the most about the current meta that you would like to see different in the summer split?

Trixtank: There is so many boring picks like Aphro and Odin in the meta right now, which is quite annoying. I would like to see those gods just removed.


If Hirez was reading this question, what feedback or thanking words would you give about the event?

Trixtank: I would thank them for making it way more pleasant to play at the studio now!


Any Shoutouts?

Trixtank: Shoutout to me!


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