Variety talks about Masters LAN, Team Dignitas' performance and his highlights



Sun 3rd Jun 2018 - 5:36pm

Team Dignitas made a big impression at the recent Spring Masters LAN, showing up as one of the best EU teams and taking another top EU team Rival to the full 7 games in the finals. All members of the team performed amazingly, proving themselves after a disappointing performance at last year's Worlds.

We talked to our solo laner Harry "Variety" Cummings and asked him some questions about the LAN, his experiences, and how he feels Team Dignitas performed!

Congratulations on your success at the LAN coming in second place at SMITE Masters! How do you feel about it now that some time has passed?

Variety: I feel fine with how the LAN went now some time has passed. Obviously, we wanted to win but before even attending the LAN we were just more excited to see each other again as well as seeing the new studio and playing in the new set up which was super fun to do.

Do you feel redeemed after not making it to Worlds last year? Do you feel like you’ve proven what you can do?

Variety: I would say yes, we do feel redeemed, but since it was double elimination and we lost the finals, I'd say no. That being said, though, we did show that we are still one of the best in the world and we can take a game to any one of the teams. At the end of the day losing is learning and I feel like the rest of the year we will be on top (unless there's a huge meta shift then we have to re-learn picks and bans, etc., etc.).

Your first set was against Servo. What were some highlights of that set for you?

Variety: I don't really have any highlights from that set personally. We didn't really know too much about them, so we just relied on our own individual skill and treated it more as a warm-up for the rest of the tournament since we didn't play for a while due to travelling and stuff.

Next, you guys defeated the fan favourites Spacestation Gaming. What were some highlights? How did you guys manage to take down a team many picked to win so easily?

Variety: I think the highlight of the set was just QvoFred doing what he does best and just outclassing every single jungler, and ourselves as a team just playing objectives better than them. In terms of beating them so easily, it was just the simple fact our builds and our own meta was just stronger and better than the NA meta, so we always had a little head start in every game.

In the 4th round, you guys took down Rival with relative ease, with many attributing this to your drafting phase? Do you agree with this? What were the other contributing factors?

Variety: I think our drafts were just straight up better and we knew exactly how they'd pick and how they'd play so we expected everything they threw at us. Also in-game we just played better than them and had the better objective control and team fights which just let us win the game regardless of our early deficit.

In the grand final, you guys took Rival to the full 7 games in one of the greatest sets of Smite in recent memory. What were some highlights of that set for you? What do you think is the biggest reason you guys lost?

Variety: I think the highlight of the set was how close the late game teamfights were and that it was anyone's game on any different day. I feel like the reason they won is because they could learn an awful lot from their first set versus us, whereas we learned very little from the set so they could adjust their picks and playstyle a lot more than we could. Obviously, they were the better team on the day and they outdrafted us very smartly so they deserved the win.

If you guys had to face Rival again right now, do you think you would win? Why?

Variety: I think we would win if we were to play Rival again since we now know what their adjustments were and we would change our draft to compensate for that but at the end of the day it's all in hindsight and what's done is done.

What was the most impactful god at the LAN in your opinion? Why?

Variety: The most impactful god of the LAN was definitely Aphro, since she changed playstyles of the teams but more importantly changed the way teams drafted which made it very hard to stick to what we prepared for coming into the LAN.

Looking on to the next season, what are your thoughts on the recent balance changes that have been brought into Smite?

Variety: To keep it simple without giving away what we think is good and what is bad now, I'm in favour of the changes being made since it's opening more gods to play in the meta which is never a bad thing.

There’s been a lot of contention about the pace of the game right now. What are your thoughts on this?

Variety: I think the pace of the game is perfectly fine and it suits almost every team since you can easily snowball a game. At the same time if you know how to minimise the losses of a snowball then it's very easy to come back.

Do you have any shout outs to make at the end?

Variety: Shoutouts to my teammates, AJ for taking good care of us at the LAN, and of course Team Dignitas as well as all our sponsors.

You can find Variety on his Twitter and Twitch!