Team Dignitas Super Regionals 2017 Preview



Mon 30th Oct 2017 - 10:00am

The Super Regionals are upon us! After an excellent year, Team Dignitas have reached the final qualifying LAN before worlds as 2nd seed and now face 5 days of competition to determine if they get to go to Worlds. Their semifinal matchup is against Team Rival, so let’s take a closer look at how that could go.

Team Dignitas vs Team Rival, Thursday November 2nd, 11am EST/16:00 CET

Team Dignitas has had trouble with Team Rival before. Rival's ability to pull out niche strategies means that any team that goes against them will have a hard time predicting what Rival is going to do next. This means that games against Rival can be very volatile and unpredictable. However, the main thing in Team Dignitas' favor here is that the semi-finals are being played as Best-of-Fives, which means Team Dignitas have some breathing room if they drop games due to unexpected strategies from Rival.

This matchup starts in the picks and bans. Both teams have players who are incredibly strong on certain gods which means that both meta picks and player picks must be considered during the pick and ban phase. For example, Team Dignitas' Zyrhoes has shown an incredible proficiency on Sol and Chronos in the midlane. These gods are not top meta picks right now so wouldn't be considered for bans against most other teams. However, banning these two gods leaves Team Dignitas the ability to possibly pick up two strong meta gods instead. These kinds of picking strategies and compromises are going to play a big role in the outcome of these games.

The duo lane is a microcosm of this matchup. Considered to be the core of Rival, Vote and KalaS have proven themselves to be some of the best players at their roles. Vote was voted MVP for last split and for good reason. His transition into an ADC with the capability to really carry his team has lead them to many great successes and they have only been possible because KaLaS is so good at keeping him alive and setting up for him. However, Team Dignitas' duo lane is just as capable if not more. Arkkyl and Trixtank have the edge over them because of something Team Dignitas' is good at as a whole: timing. Both have perfectly timed rotations, as well as always knowing when the best time to move to the teamfight phase is. This means that they often force teams to try and keep up with them, which leads to easy advantages for them and all of Team Dignitas. Expect to see Fafnir, Artio, Hou Yi, Skadi and other gods which are strong at all phases of the game in this lane.

The other big lane in this matchup is the solo lane. Variety and Deathwalker's matchups have always been fun to watch because of how good they both are at controlling the lane and the jungle surrounding it. However, their methods are often very different. Variety prefers to use gods who can poke out his opponent while allowing him free reign over the lane, while Deathwalker has recently been shown to favor slower gods, winning the lane through his safety rather than his ability to output damage. In the past this lane has usually been a stalemate/farm lane, unless Deathwalker brings out a niche pick like Ares or Variety manages to catch him early and secure a quick first blood. If either of these things happen the lane could snowball out of control, so the first few minutes of their matchup are going to be very volatile. Expect to see Erlang Shen and Bellona out of both players and then assassins as niche picks from Variety and guardians as niche picks from Deathwalker.

The midlane is probably the only larger difference in player capability between these two teams. There is no doubt that Wlfy is a great midlaner, but he simply isn't on the level of Zyrhoes. This is mainly due to Zyrhoes' ability to control every aspect of the lane but also coordinate with his team to perform perfectly timed rotations to lanes and to jungle objectives. Furthermore, his proficiency with gods like Sol and Chronos as mentioned above means that if he does win lane, a tower will very quickly follow due to those gods being basic attack based. If Wlfy can hold his own and allow his team to pressure Zyrhoes, he could have a chance at winning the lane, which would be big for Rival. Expect to see niche picks out of Zyrhoes, perhaps even some ADCs and regular meta picks out of Wlfy.

Finally, the jungle sees another close matchup as QvoFred goes up against iceicebaby from Rival. These are two players which are very similar in terms of playstyle and they both excel at adapting to various situations. What this means is that this is going to be a matchup of minds, as both players are going to try and outplay and out adapt each other to try and get an edge. If QvoFred can focus on Wlfy in the midlane and grant Zyrhoes an even easier win, it could be big for Team Dignitas. At the same time, iceicebaby and Deathwalker have proved themselves to be a frightening combo and if they work together they could push Variety out. It will be interesting to see where these junglers choose to put their focus. Expect to see a wide variety of junglers on both sides, including warriors and guardians.

The set against Rival is going to be fun to watch as it should be quite back and forth. However, Team Dignitas should have the upper hand due to their tenure and LAN experience. This combined with their serious mechanical skill should allow them to win their semifinal matchup and move on to the finals.


If Team Dignitas win this matchup, they move on to the finals where they can face either Obey Alliance or Team Elevate, depending on how their matchup goes.

Obey Alliance is considered to be the best team in the region, if not the world. However, Team Dignitas has always been considered their equals or right behind them. In many respects, the two teams are very similar. They have similar playstyles and the same sort of mentality towards winning the game. Both teams are also both incredibly mechanically skilled, with every player being one of the best in their respective roles. What this all means is that if Team Dignitas do go up against Obey it is going to be difficult and it is almost certainly going to be a full 5 game set. While Obey may have 2-0'ed Team Dignitas during the Fall Split, Team Dignitas has had a lot of time for more practice against Obey's strategies. This is the final that most people want, as it is the two true best teams going up against each other.

A final against Team Elevate is another possibility. Elevate as a team have been sort of a dark horse for the entire split. Their successes have surprised a lot of people and they've earned themselves a reputation as a team with interesting strategies. In the past, they've been one of the few teams that have been able to take games from Team Dignitas. However, this has always been due to Team Dignitas making large mistakes and Elevate capitalizing on them. Seeing as Team Dignitas have been preparing themselves to make and indeed win worlds, it is doubtful that they will be making any big mistakes. Therefore, if the final is Team Dignitas against Team Elevate, Team Dignitas should win handily.

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