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Fri 13th Oct 2017 - 10:04am

Originally from Sunshine Coast, Queensland in Australia, Kurtis 'Biggy' Davidson made a name for himself in Australia where he spent the majority of his playing career as the Guardian of Avant Garde. With this team, he would find success domestically but would continue to fall short internationally. It was here when he joined Team Dignitas as the new Head Coach and the team transformed into one of the best Smite teams in the world after their win at Dreamhack Valencia.

We spoke to Biggy about what the team has been up to during the regular season, the transformation of his players, and where he looks to improve as a coach.

In 8 months, Team Dignitas went from a 3rd-4th place team to the best in the world. What has been your role in the team's success?

Biggy: I feel like I've brought structure and a sense of direction to the team. When this team was formed they had all the skill in the world to be successful. They just needed someone to keep them grounded and focus on constantly progressing.

What type of schedule did you create for the Smite team? Could you talk about what regime has worked best for the players?

Biggy: We all like to practice as much as possible, usually 6 days a week, and to not take any major breaks throughout the season. What works best for us is when we have a busy schedule and are constantly building momentum throughout the online splits heading into LAN.

What is the mindset towards the regular season? Is it to be the best or are you looking more towards improvement?

Biggy: Obviously the regular season is very important, but winning at all costs isn't our goal. For us it is more important to try new picks or play styles and discover what works best for us as a team in the current meta so that we have exhausted every option and are fully prepared heading into LAN.

Many people are saying you are the best coach in Smite due to your attention to detail and knowledge of the game. In your perspective what are you doing differently that other coaches have not picked up on?

Biggy: I think I may have some strengths or different approaches in some areas of the game that others don't, but I wouldn't say I'm the best. I still have a lot to learn. There are many good coaches in SMITE, EU alone has great coaches like Hayzer, AlphaJackal and Dimi, just to name a few. I also can't forget my big brained super coach friend from OCE, Swifty.

Is the 'DIG Smite Funny Moments' video series an accurate reflection of how the team communicates for the most part?

Biggy: Thankfully not. Our practice and communication is definitely a lot less chaotic than those videos portray. It is definitely important to have some fun at times in order to avoid burnout, so what you see in those videos are those moments when the Dignitas monkey brain syndrome decides to kick in.

Talk to me about the relationship you have with the players and how you help each member get better in their weak areas. What has changed since the 2nd place finish to Obey up to the win at Dreamhack Valencia?

Biggy: I have a good personal relationship with all the guys on the team. They are honestly all very easy to approach and are often the first ones to admit when they are struggling consistently in a specific area of their game play. I think since we lost to Obey at SMITE Masters we have found our identity and consistency as a team. Back then we relied a lot on our individual skill, we've come a very long way since then.

When I listen to what some of the players say, they highlight your praise more than any other team. Are there any coaches in other games or maybe in professional sports that you use as inspiration for your coaching style?

Biggy: I've never really taken inspiration from one individual person, just bits and pieces as I go. I still feel fairly new to coaching at this level, so I am constantly picking up bits and pieces from other players, coaches or teams in the SPL.

While you are helping out players become the best they can be, I would imagine that coaching has done many things for you yourself. How have you improved as a person and coach since joining Team Dignitas?

Biggy: Joining Team Dignitas has given me a new perspective on not only my future in SMITE, but my future in general. I do love coaching SMITE, and had I not gotten in with Team Dignitas I don't think I would have remained in the game past the last SWC. Just being able to continue to do something I love with the backing of Team Dignitas has improved many aspects of my life and myself as a person.

Team Dignitas has proven that you can be the best team by winning Dreamhack Valencia. Where do you go next as a coach and how will you be able to take the team to unseen levels in Smite?

Biggy: I just want to keep improving on what we already have. We've spent the last 8 months developing a solid foundation around us, so my goal now is to continue building on top of that heading into Super Regionals and then SWC.

Any final words to the Team Dignitas community?

Biggy: Just a big thank you to all of our supporters. All the kind words on social media or in Twitch chats do not go unnoticed and it does mean a lot to the guys.

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