Interview with DIG Apollo on the bot lane meta and the new roster



Tue 12th Jan 2016 - 5:48pm

Our very own Robert “ Roscoe” Wery sat down with the new AD Carry for the 2016 NA LCS Spring Split, Apollo “Apollo” Price for a preview of the season and how things have been going so far, as well as giving some insight on what to expect in terms of ingame changes to the revamped season 6.

Hey everyone tuning in, Roscoe here with Apollo “Apollo” Price. The last time we talked was just after you joined the team, before Cologne as well as before scrims. Let’s get some feedback on how you guys have been doing together and how you guys have been doing coming into the Split.

Apollo: Alright, sounds good!

Esports has been growing immensely over the years and it is starting to look more like a “real” sport, like football or basketball. How does it feel to be somewhat of a pioneer, because you have been around for quite some time now?

Apollo: It’s pretty cool. I guess I don’t think about it too often, I know it is a young sport, but I just play and try to improve. It is cool to think that three to four years later, it’s going to be bigger than it already is.

Being that pioneer, what are some of the biggest differences between living in a gaming house and what most people would define as a normal house?

Apollo: It depends on what team you’re on. Sometimes you’re going to have a whole mix of personalities, some people will be shy, some will be outgoing and you have something of a mix and match. Sometimes you’re just going to have to deal with it, there are going to be people you don’t really want to work with, but you just work with them. You have to be easy to work with, in order to for you to work with players or improve as a team. But it is fun overall!

Speaking back to the off season, it has been a really active one. In terms of player movement, every NA team has changed at least a player, if not complete ownership. Specifically talking about the duo lane, how confident do you feel knowing that it is something new for everybody?

Apollo: It doesn’t really cross my mind. I just know since we’re one of the different botlanes I just have to work well with KiWi(KiD), not only him, but also the team in general. That should be number one priority for most teams at this point, it’s knowing how to play as a team. It’s all different, every single roster.

About that syngery: You’ve had some time to play with KiWi(KiD). A lot of you guys, even if you’re in different teams, you spend so much time with each other and playing against each other. How are you and KiWi(KiD)?

Apollo: Me and KiWi(KiD) go back. We used to play Dota together back in the Warcraft 3 days. I was super young, about twelve I think. But we knew each other, even when I was in coast we talked sometimes and we played together. We’re on good terms and we’re getting along.

Synergy is clearly an important part of every team. Do you think there’s a difference between a good synergy and pure skill put together in a duo lane? Is one or the other more important or more successful?

Apollo: Synergy is an overused term at this point. It just means that you played together a long time, so you know what they are going to do. That’s the point of synergy. But when you don’t have much time to work with each other, it is just about communication, which will help speed that process. I think communication/synergy is better than just raw skill in most cases.

It would be tough to overcome a Faker.

Apollo: Yes, if you put Faker in the botlane, he can maybe one versus two [Laughs]. But I think communication and synergy are really important.

In the situations where you’re up against a lot of talent, even KiWi(KiD) said that “He’ll probably quit if he doesn’t get really far.” Do you feel pressure competing at an LCS level? And of course the cliché “Go to Worlds”.

Apollo: Last season was when I felt a lot of pressure as well, being on TiP. I felt like we had the potential to go to Worlds and we fell short in multiple occasions. I think it is the same amount of pressure I feel now.

The quote “I want to go to worlds” can, a little bit like “synergy”, be sometimes overused. But at the same time that’s all there is. That’s it.

Apollo: Yes, that is pretty much it. Nobody is going to say “Oh I can’t wait to go to playoffs!”, because that’s simply not a good goal.

Speaking of the game itself. The changes to the game, the meta. It feels like the pace of the game has accelerated quite a bit and being aggressive in lane and trying to make plays in lane is a lot more rewarding now because of the potential snowball. Do you think this will benefit your playstyle?

Apollo: It is kind of weird, because in the bot lane it can turn out in snowballing but usually it is dependent on your team to help you. Two versus two’s don’t happen that often unless you’re in solo queue. Usually it is a passive botlane unless you do a four or five man play with your team. But it’s not even just bot lane at that point. I don’t think it affects that much in the bot lane. I know botlanes can play aggressive, it’s good, but sometimes it is just too risky so you just end up farming.

So you don’t want to gamble?

Apollo: Yes, especially in competitive play. You’ll notice that in scrims, although nobody gets to see scrims, you can see more aggressive play but when you’re on stage people play really passive and they are waiting for their team to help do something instead of making a two versus two gamble play.

Has the marksman role itself has been giving the right tools to do what it needs to in order to be a really good presence on a team. Are all the different changes to those champions are for the better?

Apollo: It feels the same. The changes didn’t change that much expect for Miss Fortune. That’s actually not even a change because it’s mainly just a champion buff. Basically what they did was, they tried to hike up all these new items and make a lot of new kits. But it really feels like they just changed some champions and made their kits slightly stronger, but the AD Carry role still feels the same. You’re still a supportive threat. You’re not trying to make a play unless you’re Kalista, maybe.  You’re mainly just a backline threat and try to do as much damage as possible. But you’re not controlling the pace of game. You’re still working with your teammates to do objective gameplay.

Transitioning more over to the sight aspect of the game, with the removal of the Sight Ward and changing up the Trinkets a little bit. What can you say about that and how it has changed the competitive meta?

Apollo: I think the Trinkets are a really big change, just because you have a lot more vision in the early game. Your jungler can easily get two  wards in the jungle, or your support can also move into the jungle to get (invasive) wards down. The Trinkets as well as the Vision ward you have to buy on every single person and constantly think about how you’re going to use it: Defensively , aggressively or even just neutral wards. It’s different but it’s something teams will get used to, it’s just a matter of knowing how to use them.

There has been some talk on Reddit about champions such as Twitch, Vayne, maybe even Evelynn. Do you think the vision changes will affect them at all?

Apollo: I think it is kind of annoying not being able to use your upgraded Red Trinket to see Rengar, Twitch, Evelynn, Vayne, stuff like that. But it’s not that big of a deal, pink wards are going to be just as effective in that case.

You had some time with the guys. How has it been back in Cologne, (in) scrims and in general in the house. How do you think you guys are going to do this split?

Apollo: I think we will do well, everyone is going to say that [Laughs]. But everyone in the house is nice. It’s different from last season. Last season we had non-English speakers or people only capable of speaking very broken English. It’s more fun talking with English speakers and getting along with everyone. It’s really good!

Do you have any personal goals you’d like to accomplish this season, or this split in particular? Obviously there is Worlds, but anything specific?

Apollo: I don’t think so. It’s more of a team thing, doing well with my team.

And do you have any shoutouts at the end of the interview? Anyone you would like to thank?

Apollo: Shoutout to my fans that support me and the fans of Team Dignitas that support us and shoutout to all our sponsors. Thanks to all of you!

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