Announcing The Team Dignitas LCS 2016 Subs



Tue 5th Jan 2016 - 3:59pm

Today we're glad to announce the substitute players of the Team Dignitas League of Legends squad. Although this decision is pending Riot approval, we intend for them to be on stand-by to play in the NA LCS matches and may be called to action at any time during the season. Without further ado we'd like to introduce Rami 'Inori' Charagh and Billy 'BillyBoss' Yu.

Rami 'Inori' Charagh is mostly known from his time in Enemy eSports, a team which almost managed to qualify for LCS but didn't win their decisive match in the Expansion Tournament despite being the crowd favorite. He mains Jungle but also enjoys playing Support at high elo and therefore could be used for both roles. We feel confident having such a strong player ready for action whenever needed.

Our second sub, Billy 'BillyBoss' Yu, is also active in the NA Challenger Series as Top Laner for Vortex. In the last season he was a sub for TSM and we're glad that this season he's backing up Team Dignitas as Top Lane sub.

Don't forget that LCS is starting next week with CLG and NRG as our first opponents. See you on stream or in the studio!