Announcing The Team Dignitas LoL Roster



Wed 18th Nov 2015 - 9:29pm

We're happy to announce that we have agreed to terms with five League of Legends players to represent us as our North American lineup. Although we are still awaiting approval from Riot Games to completely finalize our LCS roster, this is the lineup we hope to move forward with in the future and we're thrilled to introduce them to you.

First of all we want to welcome back both KiWiKiD and Shiphtur to the lineup as both players remain a part of our roster. Both our management and LoL support staff believe that these players will do whatever it takes to reach the top and have shown a great amount of improvement last split which we want to continue building on.

Next we welcome two players from the European Challenger scene, smittyj and Kirei. Smittyj transfered to us from gamers2 for an undisclosed fee while Kirei was playing for Denial Esports in the EU Challenger Series last season. Both players made it onto the radar of our support staff during the last seasons and we believe that they are underrated players who can flourish to top players given the right environment. We're excited to work with young talent and help them reach their full potential.

Last but not least we welcome Apollo, a former LCS players in the North American scene and also a former teammate of Shiphtur. His experience and hunger will definitely help our lineup develop as a team and perform better than we did last season.

This season we're focusing on communication with no language barriers. We're confident that we can climb to the top of the NA scene this season and we're aiming for a spot in the playoffs in 2016. Thanks to all the fans for being patient with us so far and we can't wait to show off our lineup.

Vote here to send our lineup to IEM Cologne in December!

The Team Dignitas LoL Lineup is:

Lennart 'smittyj' Warkus - Top
Thomas 'Kirei' Yuen - Jungle
Danny 'Shiphtur' Le - Mid
Apollo Price - AD Carry
Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen - Support

Ram  'Brokenshard' Djemal - Head Coach
Joseph 'InnerFlame' El Ouassi - Team Manager
Barento 'Raz' Mohammed - Analyst



Team Manager Joseph 'InnerFlame' El Ouassi explains his reasoning behind the new additions:

"I'm really happy that we are finally able to announce our new additions to the roster for this upcoming season. I'm sure that you'll all be asking questions about the players we've picked up but I can assure everyone that alot of thought and filtering options has gone in to building this roster.

Smitty is someone I have worked with across multiple teams and I genuinely believe that he is going to be one of the best players in his role in LCS. He is hard working, smart and he has the hunger to keep improving.

Kirei is a player that I have been in close contact with since the start of his competitive career. He has been very problematic to play against in numerous teams I have had and he communicates really well in game. I feel he is more than ready to make the jump into LCS and play at the top level.

With the influx of Rookies coming into the team, it is important to balance it out with players who have experiece and also have alot of hunger and drive. I am delighted that Apollo has signed with us and I feel that he can really push himself as a player and bring out all of his potential. We have also resigned Shiphtur and KiWiKid because they have shown nothing but hunger and I feel that they can flourish in an environment where they can communicate efficiently.

I genuinely believe that we can perform at the highest level with this roster and I am excited to see what lies ahead for this team. We have a brillant organisation and support staff so I feel we can maximise the potential of this team. Please keep in mind that with the amount of changes this is a brand new team and it is best to keep an open mind. We will do everything in our power to meet and exceed expectations."