Shiphtur signs with Team Dignitas as Mid Laner



Mon 27th Oct 2014 - 9:44pm

Yesterday we announced that applications for the top lane and AD Carry position for Team Dignitas' League of Legends squad are open. Some of you may have noticed how we haven't announced anything about our mid lane yet but those questions are about to be answered.

After signing back Crumbz and KiWiKiD we're happy to announce that Danny 'Shiphtur' Le has also decided to sign with Team Dignitas again. Although Shiphtur has only been with us for one split, he already won the heart of many fans with his awesome plays and even a Pentakill during the first week of LCS with Team Dignitas.


Danny 'Shiphtur' Le

"I'm happy to be a part of Team Dignitas again. I feel like I can play a stronger game plan to practice very hard between now and January. Thank you for the welcome and to everyone who supports me, I'll work hard to bring you great play this split."

Welcome back Shiphtur!