KiWiKiD signs as the Team Dignitas Support



Fri 24th Oct 2014 - 7:20pm

Yesterday we announced Crumbzz as the first confirmed player of our 2015 lineup and we are aware that many of you are very eager to hear about the rest of our lineup. We are happy to announce that Alan 'KiWiKiD' Nguyen is also returning to our team and will once again take the Support role.

Even though KiWiKiD will not be laning with Imaqtpie anymore, who recently announced that he is stepping down, we are confident that KiWiKid is a strong player who brings a lot to the team. As for who will be his AD Carry, we will announce more on that soon.

KiWiKiD said: "Even though this may not be the most popular nor hyped of re-signings, I am extremely proud and grateful to be able to sign with Team Dignitas again. I'm aware I have problems tapering off at the end of splits, and for that, I apologize--I will become a lot more focused in not only that aspect, but the game and my play as a whole.

It has been a pleasure playing for Dig and I believe next season I will able to lead the team to worlds. If not, well, my condolences and perhaps it's back to the blackboard for me. The thought that we could have gone to worlds with an extra ounce of work last split is gut-wrenching but it drives me with fervor.

I will become the best North American support and I'm asking you—friend or foe—to watch over me the next split. For Qtpie."

Welcome back KiWiKiD!