Post-Season Interview with DIG LoL Froggen



Sat 26th Sep 2020 - 4:01pm

The 2020 LCS is over, and while we won't get to see our favourite teams in action together for another few months, there is still plenty going on in the world of professional League of Legends. To keep you up to date with the team, we'll be having a chat with your favourite players throughout the entire off-season so you'll never miss a moment of the action. This time, we caught up once more with Froggen to discuss the past year from his perspective, his take on Worlds 2020, how he'll be spending his offseason, and more! 

It's fantastic to talk to you again Froggen! Tell me, what's something you get to enjoy a little more now that the 2020 regular season is over? 

Froggen: I’m actually not sure what I get to enjoy more, since I’m mostly just staying inside… I guess I get to spend more time with my online friends now at least! 

With games between the North American LCS and Academy, what are your thoughts on this last year of your professional career?

Froggen: I feel like it’s been pretty stressful, actually. A lot of it has to do with COVID from being around and its impact; I really haven’t liked 2020 so far for the most part unfortunately.

Since playing in DIG's Academy roster, it's fair to say you've played a prolific role in the roster; how would you describe your level of comfort in this team?

Froggen: I’m pretty comfortable; I have a lot of fun playing with those guys and we all get along, the coach is really great, and we’ve been spending a lot of time working together to get things right. 

In the small time you've spent outside of the LCS, what would you note are the biggest differences between the two leagues in your opinion? 

Froggen: I think some of the top teams in the LCS are way above all the other teams, across both Academy and the LCS in general. But for the most part, I’d honestly say that the Academy teams are on the same levels as a lot of the LCS teams; obviously, there’s no competition to prove or disprove that, but that’s really how it felt! 

Being one of the older players on the roster, do you feel as though you're still being challenged to learn more by the young guns of both your team and the league in general?

Froggen: The way that League of Legends works is that Riot is constantly changing things about the game, so it ultimately doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing for a long time or playing for a short time. It’s just about being able to figure things out with your team, how to play with them, and your style. I think I have a lot of general knowledge having seen lots of the previous metas and stuff like that, but it doesn’t matter as much as being able to adapt. 

This last year for Dignitas has been a turbulent one to say the least, but where do you see yourself a year from now? 

Froggen: Honestly, I’m not sure where I see myself a year from now. I want to keep playing and competing, and I definitely still think I can do that, but whether that’s the best choice for me or not will depend on how things go. 

Of all the teammates you've played with in DIG colours, which one would you say you've developed the greatest chemistry with thus far? 

Froggen: I actually don’t think there is anyone in particular I’ve developed with more individually, I’ve had a bigger focus on team chemistry and I’ve grown with everyone pretty evenly! 

Looking forward to the future, both near and far, what is one thing you're hoping to see at Worlds this year, and what are your predictions for NA against their global competition? 

Froggen: I think NA is one of the weaker regions going into Worlds, especially compared to Korea, China and Europe. Each time Worlds comes around, though, there are always upsets and anything can happen in the end, so it’s ultimately pretty hard to say. I just want to see good competition - everyone seems to be saying that China will just smash everyone but I’m hoping for exciting storylines more than anything else.   

The offseason opens up a lot of opportunity for development and relaxation in equal measure, but do you plan on spending more time on the grind or kicking back?

Froggen: Kind of both. I feel like the most important thing is realising when it’s time to grind and when it’s time to relax, and obviously Riot is going to change a whole lot after Worlds as they usually do, so grinding beforehand and burning yourself out seems pretty counter-intuitive, haha.

Alright Froggen let's end with a slightly different question. With the next season of League of Legends well in development, what's one big pre-season change that YOU would make if you could?

Froggen: To be honest, people like talking about changes that they would make if they could, but I’ve never been one to think of changes in that way. One change that I might make could result in a whole lot of consequences that I’d never have been able to guess, you know?

Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions! Is there anyone you'd like to give a shoutout to? 

Froggen: Yeah, shoutout to everyone who has supported both myself and Dignitas through this super turbulent year. We appreciate you guys a lot! 

We'd like to extend our thanks to Froggen for taking the time to talk with us, and remind you that you can stay up to date with him @Froggen on Twitter while we don't get to see him in action on the main stage. Stay tuned for part 2 of our interview, where we worked on a long anticipated guide for one of Froggen's signature picks!