Interview with Froggen on LCS progress and preparation



Sat 22nd Feb 2020 - 12:32pm

One of the most exciting signings of the 2020 NA LCS preseason was none other than Henrik "Froggen" Hansen, who came to Dignitas as our starting Mid Laner. Over the years, Froggen has proven himself as one of the greatest in the game, playing for teams all over the international scene and becoming known as one of the best Anivia players in the world.

Now, he hopes to extend his legacy by leading DIG to victory across both national and international stages as part of our star-studded roster. I was fortunate enough to sit down with him and discuss the season so far, what's going on right now and the future for Froggen and DIG LoL! 

So Froggen, how have you felt about your time on the team so far and what are your thoughts on the current roster?

Froggen: It’s pretty straightforward; I really like everyone, except for Johnsun.

Jonhsun: *in the background* Bro what did I do?!

Froggen: Nah I’m messing around, he’s an interesting guy- he’s been doing really well, he knows his role and what he’s doing for sure.


What are your thoughts on the Academy roster and the huge success they’re finding in their league? 

Froggen: I think it’s great. Obviously they’re experienced players that have been around the League for a while, it’s not like trying to get new talent in, and they’re proving that they’re still good at the game. They’re showing that they want to be given a chance in the LCS eventually by just dominating Academy, so that’s really good for them.


Let’s talk LCS- you were awarded Player of the Week for Week 1 for your commanding performances, how does that affect your confidence and comfort in this Split? 

Froggen: I’m just really honoured that I got that- I’m really happy about it, but it is a team thing. It requires everyone to play well together for anyone to get it in the first place, so shoutout to the team for helping me achieve that! 


Do you have any personal goals for this Split or any goals for the team that you hope to achieve?

Froggen: To be honest I haven’t thought much about small goals, but I want to be able to play a lot of different styles with the team, because when you get into playoffs it’s going to be a big advantage if you can play around with different strategies for those best of 5’s. 

For the team, our obvious goal is to make it to playoffs and eventually go beyond playoffs and try our best to win; but this is all preparation for the Summer Split and eventually making it into Worlds. We’re trying a lot of different things in scrims to see what’s working and what’s not working, there’s definitely room for more experimental stuff but it’s still early in the Split. 


The lineups in the current Split are being hailed as some of the strongest the LCS has ever seen, how do you feel about that as a player? 

Froggen: To be honest, I have a hard time saying that teams this Split are stronger than before, I don’t necessarily think teams are too different from other seasons. I do think that Spring is going to be weaker than Summer though, as teams are going to iron out their issues by then.


After going 3-0 in the opening games of the Split, DIG is currently equal 4th at 4 wins and 4 losses, how do you feel about the team’s performances so far? 

Froggen: Obviously the start was very good, it gave us the freedom to make some mistakes without getting punished too hard. After the first 3-0, I would definitely have expected to be better than 4-4, you never expect to lose 3 out of 4 games; overall I think 4-4 is not terrible, but not super great either. 


We’ve already seen you lock in Orianna more times in 8 games than in the entirety of the LCS last year, would you say you’re playing in your element at the moment or are you experimenting with new drafts?

Froggen: It kind of just depends on what’s needed. We’ve looked really strong with Orianna games, we know how to play with it and it’s pretty straightforward. I think there can be other picks similar to Orianna that are just as good, but I mean obviously I’ve played a lot of Orianna over the years so I’m pretty comfortable on the Champion. 


Speaking of Champion selection, is there any chance we might get to see a cheeky Anivia pick any time soon? 

Froggen: Honestly I don’t really know… she’s alright, she’s not awesome and she’s not the worst and I might have picked it over Orianna, but Aphro likes to hover it so probably at some point. 


Obviously a lot has changed across Summoner’s Rift for Season 10, and in an interview I had with Aphromoo before the Split started he said that the changes were “really healthy and provide a lot more competitive action”, how has it felt so far to play in such a dynamic environment?

Froggen: I mean I’m okay with the new changes this season, I don’t think it’s too bad compared to other seasons. It’s been less hectic and more straightforward, and honestly I think it’s been pretty enjoyable.


So your next game coming up will be against 2nd placed Immortals, how are you preparing for the encounter and do you have any predictions for the match? 

Froggen: We’re doing our usual prep, draft preparation, and I don’t think we’re treating teams differently no matter what rank they’re at. So we’re going to go in and try to do what we’ve agreed on, hopefully execute on it and get away with the win. 


To end on a fun question- if you had to go pro in any game other in League of Legends, which would it be? 

Froggen: I think Counter Strike… Maybe I can convince Astralis to let me join or something like that! 


Well Froggen thank you for your time! Is there anyone you’d like to give a shout out to before we go? 

Froggen: Yeah for sure, shout out to my fans for always sticking with me over the years- I’ll always appreciate it!


We'd like to wish Froggen and the team the best of luck for their games ahead in the NA LCS, and you can stay up to date with Froggen on Twitter @Froggen for all the latest news. You can catch Froggen and the team in action this week against Immortals and Team Liquid as they fight to climb the ladder and secure their spot towards the top of the Spring Split!