Team Dignitas’ HGC Preview: Phase 2 - Week 1



Sun 1st Jul 2018 - 4:11pm

With the Mid-Season Brawl concluded and the winners celebrated, it’s time to get back into regular HGC League play again. HGC EU is as stacked as ever, and it’s time for new rosters to prove their worth and try to qualify for this year’s second Western Clash. Team Dignitas is back from their trip to Sweden where they narrowly lost out in the Grand Final to Korea’s Gen.G.

They are ready to, yet again, assume their place as the best team in Europe by battling it out with the seven other teams throughout the next five weeks. For this first week, Team Dignitas will face Leftovers.

Team Dignitas vs Leftovers - Sunday July 1st, 6pm CEST / 9am PST

Team Dignitas and Leftovers, two teams we usually see in different ends of the standings. But, don’t underestimate Leftovers! In their match against Zealots earlier this weekend they surprised the whole world when they took the series against the Western Clash runner-ups from Phase 1. We know from experience that Team Dignitas can be a bit of a slow starter, so maybe, Leftovers might surprise again.

For this matchup we are going to keep our eyes on the two Tank players. JayPL and Mopsio are both veterans in the HGC scene, and they seem to have a similar taste in Tank heroes at the moment. We will likely see one of these players on Diablo for the hard engage, and the other on Muradin for tanky defense and invade potential. What we know for sure is that these two players are going to be an important part of the winning team’s success in the end, with their aggressive playstyles and nerves of steel. We are sure to get an entertaining series no matter what!

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