Team Dignitas’ HGC Preview: Week 5



Wed 15th Feb 2017 - 12:44pm

Last week Team Dignitas was able to secure their spot to go to the Western Clash in Katowice, Poland. In their first series last week they won against Playing Ducks, 3-1, and their second series against Fnatic was a nail biter, with epic core throws and peculiar drafting from both teams. While Fnatic ended up winning game 5 and securing the win for the series, every game was intensely fought and it’s absolutely worth watching the VODs.

Team Dignitas vs. beGenius - Friday, February 18th @ 9:00am PST / 6pm CET

It’s finally here, the final week of Phase 1 for HGC! This week Team Dignitas only has one series, against beGenius. Though their ticket to Katowice is secured, this is an important series to improve Team Dignitas’ seeding going into the Western Clash if they manage a win. As with any series, both teams will be fighting it out to their fullest ability.


In this matchup we will likely see a fight for the meta mages between Team Dignitas’ Thomas “Mene” Cailleux and Thibault “Kirwa“ Le Priol of beGenius. Both players are known for their mage play, often favouring mage picks over other ranged assassins. For Team Dignitas, Jaina has been a huge part of their wombo-combo style, and she will likely see play from either team, or even a ban. Depending on the map, Mene may play Guldan, as he offers extremely high damage and excellent wave clear. For Kirwa, Li-Ming will be a large priority, which is also a Hero Mene likes to pick in some situations. She fits well in a stun burst type composition, usually with a Varian to engage with a stun, other stuns to follow up, and finish with a Li-Ming combo of Magic Missiles and an Arcane Orb. Other Hero options for both of these players is Falstad and possibly Chromie, as she has seen a rise in the meta with other teams. It will be interesting to see if either Team Dignitas or beGenius will employ her high damage and annoyingly long ranged abilities.

With this being the final series for Team Dignitas until the Clash in March, be sure to watch live and show your support in chat! 

Tune in this Friday on the BlizzHeroes stream!


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